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My last name is Ikeda and my first name is Kazuko.

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Salt is used to season food.


We're trying to work.

The woman has a fever.

This doesn't happen very often.

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It's a very big difference.


We need to clean the camp site before we leave.

Jayesh was standing at the end of the line.

Keep your cigarettes dry.


What did you buy from them?


My suggestion is that you not give Dion any kind of gift.

He turned his back on the old traditions.

I can't tell you more than that.

Raj is currently living in Boston.

I'm so glad you've come.


Don't leave the TV on.

They just stared at him.

His behavior was anything but polite.


I've got something.

He's a grumpy old man.

Due to bad weather, the plane was late.

I think it's time for me to come clean.

Come on, guys, this shouldn't be that hard.

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They pay him well.


Such skills could be put to many practical uses.


Jan may not be as busy as he seems.

I like the short hairstyle.

Why didn't you get here sooner?

Brett loved me.

I was confused by her expression.


Is there any food?

He was run over by a car.

Where is the receipt?


Patricio punched Rob repeatedly.

The first minutes after a heart attack are crucial.

You can't say that word in my country!


To the porch, came flying a golden carriage drawn by six splendid white horses.

Let's just hope she won't evaluate the grammar.

I didn't know what had happened.

But, I don't eat even a little bit of meat.

I don't want to do anything that might be dangerous.

I know that he keeps his promise.

You should think of it too.

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It's not good for anybody.

I don't have a bedtime.

Jaime died the following night.

She was dumb with fear.

Why did he fail in business?

I'm sorry to bother you again.

We have to figure out a way to get this job finished by Monday.

Knut can't go with us tomorrow.

As soon as he caught sight of a policeman, he ran away.

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When will the law go into force?


No one will see us.

Today is just another typical busy day.

That's where Tuan lives.

I don't blame you for doing that.

Owen is a pretty good fellow when you get to know him.

Her journey was delayed because of the train.

Jinchao is considering several possibilities.

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I wish to become a superhero.

Jelske likes all vegetables except cabbage.

Alex called to say that he'd be late.

The earth is just a sphere suspended in space.

He has been intent on learning French.

She was the most beautiful woman that I had ever laid my eyes on.

She married someone who studies fish.

I guess I could get a job there.

Would you mind letting me see your passport?


Did anybody see them leave?

There are people who seldom speak unless they're spoken to.

Ian doesn't have to do this anymore.


Relax. It's supposed to be fun.

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Now that I've had sex with a girl, I no longer think about him as often.

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Let's play a game of Tute!


I'm having an extremely hard time trusting you.


Give me one good reason to stay.

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I thought you wanted to eat at that Chinese restaurant on Park Street.

I didn't put as much salt in the soup as usual. I wonder if Horst will notice the difference.

Here are a few good rules on how to preserve food.

Tammy can swim faster than anyone else in his swimming class.

The restrooms are here.

Nobody ever calls me anymore.

Carlos went away and came back with the book.

If this plan doesn't work, we'll have to try something else.

Hope you had a good birthday.

Krzysztof doesn't think that will ever happen.

The teacher demonstrated many experiments in physics.

I didn't know that Ramon smoked.

Joanne sat down on one of the stools.

I will willingly go away with thee, but I do not know how to get down. Bring with thee a skein of silk every time that thou comest, and I will weave a ladder with it, and when that is ready I will descend, and thou wilt take me on thy horse.

He was happy being a Jew.


The police took Vincenzo to jail.

I saw her just the other day.

If so, you would be off the hook.


Is it easy for me to solve this problem?

The clock is made in Switzerland.

Some things are perhaps not worth translating.

I was having lunch.

These people are prejudiced.

He didn't break my heart. He broke my spirit.

Well, I did a nice job painting the ceiling, if I do say so myself.

I really can't talk about it now.

Adlai didn't think the rain would last so long.


Something bit Leon.

Anybody knows who Florence is?

If my brother hadn't helped me, I would've drowned.

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He drew up to her.

The cars collided head on.

I know very little beyond that.

This microscope magnifies objects by 100 times.

Let's keep our beaches clean.

Teri applied for a scholarship.

Our ancestors arrived in this country 150 years ago.


That's awesome!

How could you let them go?

I've always liked baseball.

I can't deny it. You've got style.

You tie a knot in it and that's it.

Our baby isn't speaking yet.

Jaime walked away in disgust.

It looks like most people give up before realizing their abilities.

I'm sure Nick had something to do with that.

Cathy really wants to be your friend.

I think I can complete this task by myself.

Anthony is looking for a place to live.

The reader will quickly realise that my analysis is precise and that her results are reliable.

It's been three years since my sister got married.

You can't handle another one.

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We can't protect him.


The doctor devoted a great deal of effort and the patient recovered.

I think he's lying.

Lana and Colin are planning to move to Boston.

I must contact Rajiv.

A car in the parking lot is on fire.

I want this computer repaired.

You're supposed to help her.

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You've only got thirty seconds to explain yourself.

We usually call him Toshi.

We talked about cabbages and kings.


Now's your chance.

Conrad said he wanted to go home and eat dinner with his wife.

See that all the items are arranged in a row.


If you left now, it would have disastrous consequences.

That's probably wise.

Rats don't have nephews.


Prince Charles has big ears.

All that has happened before, and will happen again.

Mr. Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.


The important thing is to have your own hobby.

You shouldn't eat just before you go to bed.

It takes Jorge several hours to get ready in the morning.

When children play, they often make believe they are grownup.

Tad was already asleep.


They become nervous.

Where could they have gone?

We are still clinging to the dreams of our youth.

Sanand's life spiraled out of control after he started using drugs.

What is better than sentences to get acquainted?


Thou art God.