This site is a way of showing the results of my attempts to master a big hobby and display the wonderful underwater world. You'll also find some pictures above sea level, just to get a more complete picture of the places and the people.

The Galleries in the menu above have collections of my pictures from trips around the world. Here new albums and pictures will pop up after a trip, workshop or any other camera activity (or should at least =). If you're in a hurry or just want to see my best pictures take a look in Portfolio. If you find some pictures that you like take a look in Shop. Missing some pictures? Just send me a mail, you'll find contact information under Contact in the menu.

All images and text are copyrighted by Erik Tauson. Any use of the content from this site needs prior written authorization. If you want to use or are interested in one of the images on this website please contact me.

Hope you enjoy the images…

Erik Tauson