Carter laid the gun down on the floor.

I'm not teaching anymore.

Stop being so silly!

I'm going to the village tomorrow.


That's the way it was.

Japan is not rich in natural resources.

Creating Tatoeba was a good idea.

I'm in a perfect world.

It's fun to take a trip in an automobile.

We'll be seeing you again before long.

The hospital there is not huge.

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I can't tell you how angry that makes me.

The court ruled that the mayor's decision to use public funds to make a loan to assist a local business, which shortly afterward declared bankruptcy, had been within the scope of the mayor's discretionary powers in the normal discharge of his duties.

Gary is always up to date with the latest fashions.

The boy carved his name in the tree.

Is the warrior burning the house?

We ran past them.

Can you verify that this message came from Shyam?

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Whoever telephones, tell him I'm out.

There's something else in the drawer.

You've misunderstood me.

She is an old acquaintance of mine.

We are intelligent because it's easy for us to make mistakes; nonetheless this is very hard for machines.


This elevator is capable of carrying ten persons.

Pratap rarely goes to Boston.

I'll bet Emily was pretty mad.

It was romantic.

You should get your car fixed.


You've been thinking over the problem all morning, take a break and go have lunch.

The children are beginning to get out of hand.

I'm not going to let Kathryn get to me.

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A critic is a person who boasts himself hard to please because nobody tries to please him.

Eduardo walked over to Jack and whispered in her ear.

This is the cornerstone of creation.

Karl is busy correcting test papers.

I saw the sunrise.

How much does it cost to get to Boston?

I am familiar with the author's name.


Do you want fish?

I wonder if it's worth it.

Brian poured cold water over himself to wake himself up.

It seemed like a reasonable assumption.

She likes to read.

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The baby is sleeping on the bed.

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I'll go no matter what.

I was surprised that he had failed.

Thus I have heard.

So how did it go with Venkata?

It has been three months since he left Japan.

The sunlight gradually decreased.

What will you use it for?

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You think I'm lying, don't you?

Only then did I realize what he meant.

The doctor advised me not to drink too much.

Leslie asked me whether I liked Mikael or not.

I think we'd better sing that English song!

You're supposed to be recovering.

Grisha usually repaired his car in this place.

Tareq won't need it.

Do you know what Bonnie does in his spare time?


I always take what Lester says with a grain of salt.

She advised me to go there.

That's what the government wants.

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My sister got more Christmas presents than me.

Have you heard from Jordan?

I don't want to go shopping alone.

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She refused to admit it.

We're not asking that you betray anyone.

This is a Chinese fan.


Patrick's very fussy.

The lightsaber needs to be green.

I promise you.

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Something's bothering them.

I just wanted to warm you.

Last night, I fell into a panic.

Can you explain the exact meaning of this word?

Niall seems to be having a good time.

She knows her way around the city.

That's a long story.

I want to learn to play the guitar like you.

That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't. And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.

I am talking to my sister.

Why don't you get into the water?

Stephen made Toerless some cookies.

He is not my son, but my nephew.


These clothes are more expensive, but they are made in an eco-friendly and responsible way.


Earle is like family.


You had better not go out in this bad weather.


This weekly comes out once a week.

I want people to see it.

Manavendra didn't know all the facts.

A car is a handy thing to own.

We all live in the same dorms.


They have much snow in Niigata.


The newspaper told of the mother's anguish at the death of her son.

I'm a different person now.

Have we made any progress?


No wonder people drink.

The room was fairly spacious.

Is that so terrible?

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I've located Triantaphyllos.

There are many nudist beaches in East Germany.

When parents are far away from their children, there is nothing they can do about their safety or welfare.

Alfred should be in jail.

Let's not start drinking until Mechael gets here.

I'm sure that this can be fixed.

How did the car accident come about?


You must stand in a line to buy the ticket.

Our school on the hill commands a full view of Mt. Fuji.

He was too busy to notice it.

Whatever we may undertake, diligence is important.

We'll have a great time.


We need to rent a room for our party.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.

My wife left me a surprise.

His speech made a deep impression on the students.

You obviously have other things on your mind.


She saved the puppy.

Anything could happen here.

Doctors advertise the flu shot every year.

Figaro invited us to his wedding, but when we arrived everyone had already left.

Carl is defending human rights.

I must convince her.

Vistlik wanted to look through the telescope.

I fail to see the reason.

My literature course interests me a lot.


Have you seen this video?

The actress seems to have walked through her part.

She happened to have the day off.

If you no longer believe what comes from She-who-must-be-obeyed, what will you believe?

We believe him.

I am ashamed of having been rude to her.

I think I'll go to Boston next weekend.


I admired Lin.

Who writes letters nowadays?

I'm not your maid.


You have a family to think of.


I got a new translation project.

I stared at the ceiling.

You're pretty.

They're running late.

Serving people is his sole purpose in life.

I had never been kissed like that before.

You remind me of your father.

Brendan shouldn't tell Leon anything about his ex-girlfriends.

Men tend to exaggerate their number of sexual partners.

You're not allowed to park here.

Tell us about yourself.


Renu is driven, isn't he?


Kusum put the key in the ignition.


Can I get copies of these?

It may possibly be fine tomorrow.

Steroids sound like an easier solution.

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Skip said he'd rather not go to Boston with us.


My decision to study abroad surprised my parents.

I made motions at him to come here with my hand.

The modern, rational, logical and unprejudiced science has already given us far more secure knowledge and immeasurably more than any religion has ever given us.

I hired someone today.

The Mozilla Foundation released the latest version of its email/news-client software, "Thunderbird" on May 1st.


She escaped with her mother to Canada.

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We accept anybody, irrespective of nationality.

Answer the question!

He cannot play guitar.