Don't talk about work at meal time.

I've never considered that.

Sharan and Jinchao stared at each other for a moment.

This is my first confession and I have every reason to be nervous.

Everyone feels pessimistic.

Life would become bland without you.

Leave me out of this!

In a successful negotiation usually both parties win, and no one acts in a way that damages their own long-term interests, even though there is often a small margin that one can negotiate about.


Let's all have supper.

Ramiro is not at all hungry.

I was bitterly disappointed.

That made him uncomfortable.

Tell us the truth now.

Does he have a big house?

The identity of the lost child was confirmed by its clothes.

The doctor is examining the foot.

Matthias was a difficult child, but she has matured into a beautiful young woman.


Marek couldn't get a job.


Adrian started to walk away, but Wilmer stopped him.


That story about an apple falling on Newton's head is most probably apocryphal.

I like this one.

Oh, my God!


A pencil is sticking out of your pocket.

Ned deserved better than that.

Things are looking up.


Do you sell formal wear?


Was all of that true?


I wonder who has come.

Very few fat men have long noses.

I'd like to buy menu of the day.

She hardly ate anything.

Why did you come here, then?


I felt pretty alone.


Valentin got a call from someone named Rebecca.

Fletcher is already standing.

You guys looked mad.

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I bought some new wife-beaters at the mall today.

I hope that I'll see her.

Cole may have been the one who did this.


Could you change my room for me?

Pandas spend at least 12 hours each day eating bamboo.

Smart people learn from their mistakes.

My family were very fond of my girlfriend.

One of the drivers fell asleep at the wheel, causing the accident.

Kee is unemotional.

I just fired him.

We'd better find it soon.

Poor as a church mouse.

The underyling causes of the problem are widely known.

She failed the examination and I was greatly disappointed.

Do you know how to contact them?

I can't remember now.

I should go home and get some sleep.

You might be wrong.

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Mehrdad was Farouk's older brother.


I didn't aim my remarks at you.

I know what they're doing.

There's a big fly on the ceiling.


Put on your hiking shoes and don't let any time be lost.

Juliane put on his glasses and opened the book.

Karen requires medical care.


Keep the money.


I borrowed Spyros's phone this morning.


Wendell knew why Teriann wanted to borrow thirty dollars.


He has gone fishing.

The streets are empty because a storm is approaching the neighborhood.

I have looked everywhere, but I can not find my wallet.


Can't we just get her to leave?

His rival was discouraged by his triumph.

Please just get out of my way.

The temperature in different places can vary greatly at the same time of year.

It's clear that he has no intention of marrying you.

Tobias has a dual personality.

Major life changes, such as changes in income level or legal and financial issues, can also create mental and physical feelings of stress and anxiety, which can overload the ability to function well.

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That's enough for the time being.


From their enemies, wise men learn many things.


I hate being alone on Valentine's Day.

How's the weather in Iran?

We're here on urgent business.

The smell of dirty socks makes me want to throw up.

Maybe you should call Edgar.

He flatly refused her requests for help.

You're the only person I know who can help me.

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Stu is a designer.


I'm going to go take a look around.

Ants are swarming around the sugar.

You're being a fool.

Barbra has trouble dealing with people like Andrew.

You should set a high value on every man's life.

We should be careful.

How are you? Are your previous movements alright?


How much beer people drink largely depends on the weather.

Are you being truthful?

The worst thing imaginable just happened.

My mother is out.

It's nothing.

It looks like he'll be coming here next month.

I know several Canadians.


I approach my destination.

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Your lips are soft like the surface of a cactus.

Carisa, watch your mouth!

I wonder why Isabelle is so excited.


You don't really want to remain here, do you?

Ted is heavily medicated.

You have until Monday to do that.

It's about a quarter mile from here.

As the weather was snowy, we went skiing.


I'm going to have a shower.


There will be a lot of alcohol at the party.

You can't tempt me.

We had a marvelous meal Saturday night.

There was a deer in the road.

Collin was able to do what the rest of us weren't able to do.

I like writing with a fountain pen.

Stephen is getting dressed in his room.

Rathnakumar could do better.

How much did you have to drink?


It was beautiful.

We pay the kid next door to mow our lawn.

It was morning. There was the smell of coffee and the ground was covered with frost.


The bandits demanded all money in the register.


Let me talk to you a second.

Rodent is in position.

Are you mocking me?

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The Japanese government will take measures to counter depression.


Give me that jar.


He warned us to cease talking.

We are not hiring anymore.

Her eyes shone with tears.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

I don't believe that for a minute.

You should have your son independent of you.

I could use something to drink.


I gotta learn how to write in cursive.

The price tag is still on the shirt Kate is wearing.

You were the only person that was ever nice to me.

I go quickly to Rick.

Leave her alone or you'll regret it.


She found it necessary to accustom her child to getting up early.

I have no choice but to follow those orders.

They ask her many questions.

My client never should've been arrested.

Vincent bleached his hair yesterday.

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If I had known about it, I would have changed my plan.

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Not much has changed.

Who's your favorite heavy metal guitarist?

Dalton isn't very different from anybody else.


The doctor advised him to work less.


Ronni is an ambitious young woman.

She agrees with me.

The accident has caused many deaths.

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No one was punished for the fiasco.


So, what's your name?


I have two tickets to a piano concert. Would you like to go with me?