Read your voicemail in your inbox with Voiceprint. It's the easiest way to save time checking business voicemail.


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Voiceprint has everything you need to get your transcribed voicemail messages sent to your inbox. Quick and simple setup with no additional software needed.
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Service Details


  • Simple, easy to understand invoice
  • $3 per email address per month
  • $.05 per voicemail transcription
  • Provider discounts and whitelabel available

Simple Setup

  • No software to install
  • No 3rd party scripts
  • Completely email based
  • Set your extension to your Voiceprint email address


  • Encryption is standard
  • TLS enabled
  • All network nodes communicate via encrypted links
  • Geographically diverse cluster

All Major Phone Systems Supported

Asterisk, FreePBX, Switchvox, 3CX, FreeSWITCH, Cloud PBX's, Cisco, and others...

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