I'm afraid we are out of stock.

Don't repeat such a careless mistake.


No one is born wise, but many die stupid.

It seems that I'm not lucky today.

I've been hunting with Ahmet.

So, you were the one behind this!

I can see you're frightened.

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I am shaking with cold.

The memory of youth is sweet in the heart of old men.

It never should've happened.

I'm thinking about staying home tomorrow.

Marcos and Sabrina decided to meet there again the following week.

She must be mad at you.

Can you tell me where the zoo is?

On the Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day, we visit our grandparents and do nice things for them.

Why is the helicopter flying across the city?

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Magnus would be impressed.


Do you have a place to stay tonight?

I've asked Hy to help you.

The doctor told me to eat fewer high-calorie snacks.

I'm not going to allow Marc to go to Paola's party.

Would you accept those terms?

Whoever knows him well respects him.

Griff sat in front of his computer just staring at the screen saver.


Tomas spends about an hour a day studying French.


I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.


Budget items that received priority are education, social security and other fields that are closely related to people's lives.


She just had to use her Puss-In-Boots look and I was her devoted servant.

Her death was a great distress to all the family.

The earth is similar to an orange in shape.

It's a pity you don't know how to dance.

His eyes are red.

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A good husband is never the first to go to sleep at night or the last to awake in the morning.

Randell has been thinking.

Are you freaking kidding me?!


I've added my recommendations to improve the situation.

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Things usually take longer than you expect.

They were sure he would always fail.

I would like it if that didn't happen.

Our baby can walk.

Martyn sounds desperate.

Don't tell me he's dead.

The lady dressed in white is a famous actress.

Michael is to be on a TV program tonight.

Krzysztof was wrong to refuse Lorenzo's help.

Claude will help Roy.

Was he, in fact, guilty of wrongdoing?


Gold isn't cheap.


That's not what I had intended to say.


He's going to join our club.


She looks bad-tempered, but she is kind at heart.

Roland's very different from what I expected.

Thanks for coming, guys! I'll see you next class!

How does Kyle's suggestion strike you?

He once knew her, but they are no longer friends.

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The two left.


I think the reason that he killed his wife is still a mystery.

I confessed my sin.

A purple boat was arriving, drifting in the gulf.

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My Spanish friend is called Enrique.

Shut your eyes.

I'm not in a rush.

Saumya picked a flower and smelled it.

I'll be gone for a while.


He's likely to pass the entrance examination.


I saw your cousin Len just a few days ago.


He attached great importance to the event.

I can't fake it.

The accident happened while I was skiing at Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Jesus Christ is my Savior.

We should try to think of something new to do.

I helped her do some chores.

It looks like Todd is getting tired.


I haven't seen her for two months.

Mr. Suzuki is a great scientist.

That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Hotta was totally into you.

I will have been to Paris five times when I go there again.

Shatter didn't do it again, did he?

That's what I like to see.

Could you spare a few hours?

That makes a good deal of sense.


Who started Disneyland?

I hope you enjoyed yourself at the party.

There was a sunshade over the sidewalk.

This puppy is crying, because it is homesick for its mother.

I want to make sure that I don't catch the flu.

A friend of Jianyun's had his identity stolen.

I'm a fan of Tatoeba.

Did you question them?

She was late as a result of the heavy snow.

You can believe me.

Regrettably, that didn't happen.


She won an Academy Award for her performance in the film.

My father bought me the book.

The plane is ready.


I was in the bath.

You're quite right.

I won't be in time for the meeting.

Maureen eats, sleeps and breathes music.

We will grant you a special discount of 5% provided that you could guarantee placing regular orders.


I still enjoy that.


Ray was shot.

I got it in the mail today.

Manuel doesn't go to work on Sunday.

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Roland rolled her eyes.

Could you call her?

Why on earth did you take him to the station?


What happened to Ravi and Panzer?

There were many things that No wanted to do before he died.

Sjaak walked quickly down the street.

Lewis is going to call you a taxi.

Can you meet me later?

It sounded like a dream job.

We saw the traces of a bear in the snow.

I'll give you a lift home.

I will carry out my aim at any expense.

We ought to be more interested in environmental issues.

Boston is a big city.

You won't feel me.

You're hurting Vicky.

What are you sitting around for?

It may sound strange, but it is true.


Why haven't you told me yet?

It is no use quarreling with grown-ups.

Why don't you give me a call?

The big change is the proximity to death.

It's Monday.

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Their baby has just started to crawl.

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Both of Karl's parents were teachers.

I am your father.

He studied hard and passed the test.

Did you know her well?

Sam doesn't know all the rules.

Both of my parents are still living.

I would like to invite you to dinner.

It was time to leave.

Emily is afraid of spiders.

Hsi is wearing clothes.

Rajiv's grandmother is toothless.

I hate my roommate.

I've got a feeling.

Niels payed me.

It is essential that any sample is as representative as possible of the population from which it is drawn.

They know us.

He's a man we can trust.


He referred to his past experience in his speech.

It's okay for a man to cry.

We'll have to go back.


Sloths are nocturnal and slow-moving.


He lay at full length on the floor.

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I would love to see my old flame again.

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Ronni and I used to visit each other every weekend.


Are they speaking French?

Supplementary information includes adverbs and things that function as adverbs.

Look at this old coin you have here.


Rajeev can't afford both.

Would you please tell me how to spell that word?

I bought this guitar for just thirty dollars.

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Social media have made us more densely networked than ever. Yet new research suggests that we have never been lonelier and that this loneliness is making us mentally and physically ill.