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What is Safeplan?

Safeplan is secure and fully managed onsite and offsite backup of data for businesses.

The benefits of being a Safeplan customer are shown below.

Business continuity

Safeplan's continuous backup of your business critical data protects you against the daily corruption or loss of data which a computer malfunction or human error can cause.

Disaster recovery

In the event of flooding or other damage to your premises, your business critical data remains available to you in Safeplan's offsite backup.

Mitigation of cyber attacks

Cryptolocker/ransomeware attacks lock your data to extort a ransom. Safeplan mitigates this with an intact copy of your data before the attack.


With Safeplan, no unencrypted data ever leaves your office. All data backed up offsite is encrypted with strong AES-256 encryption.


No one but you ever gets access to your data in Safeplan. Even our sysadmins and network staff have no possibility to access your data.

Audit trail

Safeplan provides a complete, daily, tamperproof snapshot of your data for up to 30 years - a potentially invaluable data audit trail for your business.

Onsite & offsite

Safeplan provides you with the double assurance of onsite backup for quick recovery for business continuity purposes and offsite backup for effective disaster recovery.

Regulatory compliance

All data stays in Austria within the fully secured Safeplan managed network environment, compliant with Austrian and European data protection standards.

Fully monitored

Safeplan monitors the operations of your backup 24/7 and keeps you informed about the status of your data backups. Receive real-time SMS alerts if your Safeplan backup is not up to date for any reason.

Uncomplicated & affordable

Safeplan does all this without requiring any IT skills or effort on your part. Our technicians will install the Safeplan appliance in your office and configure automated backups for you.

Peace of mind

You have enough to worry about. Knowing you always have an up to date onsite and offsite backup of all your business-critical data allows you to focus on your business.


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How does Safeplan work?

A Safeplan technician first installs a Safeplan backup appliance in your office and configures backup of all your computers and data to the appliance.

Each night, the Safeplan appliance additionally archives your data over an encrypted network connection to our Safeplan data-center in Vienna.

Safeplan uses start-of-the-art compression and de-duplication algorithms to minimize network traffic.

The status of your Safeplan backups is continuously monitored by our operations team.

What do I need to use Safeplan?

All you need is an internet connection with flat-rate data plan and sufficient capacity to backup daily changes to your data during the night. When you order Safeplan, a Safeplan technician will take care of all the details for you.

Safeplan products


30-year data retention

Support for Windows and Mac workstations, Windows Server, VMWare servers

Complies with legal-specific regulatory requirements

From EUR 990 (onetime) and EUR 95 monthly (1 TB backup volume)


10-year data retention

Support for Windows and Mac workstations, Windows Server, VMWare servers

From EUR 990 (onetime) and EUR 85 monthly (1 TB backup volume)

Download the Safeplan-Law white paper

Download the Safeplan-Business white paper

Download the Safeplan pre-installation questionnaire


The following additional services are available from Safeplan

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

Safeplan consultants can help you create and maintain a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your business.

Special projects

Safeplan consultants can assist with special projects such as providing controlled access to data for partners who are leaving a practice.

Compliance & certification

Safeplan consultants can assist your company with certification for compliance with the most important data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery standards such as GDPR/DSGVO 2018, ISO 22301, ISO 27031 etc.

Additional onsite support

Safeplan support staff are available onsite when you need them for help with specific hardware or software issues. Whether you need help with network security, setting up a voIP telephone system or an alarm or surveillance system, Safeplan has experts to advise and assist you.

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