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Happy Story

Susana & Jon

"Thank you,
for making it possible"

It's so hard meeting new people in a big city. Everyone is so busy, always late, always rushing somewhere. And honestly if you are really serious about a committed relationship meeting someone at a crowded party or a bar, is really not going to cut it. Thank you for making it possible for people to get to know each other!

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Daren & Marie

"Thank you,
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We realized that we lived in the same neighborhood, but probably would have never even known about each others existence if it wasn't for Online Dating. In a big city you pass hundreds of people daily, so many faces, it is really hard to really connect. Thank you for bringing us together!

Online Dating

Eric & Jessica

"Two years into our
happy marriage"

Never thought that I would find my wife on a dating website, but here I am, happily married for two years now. Jessica and I want to say thank you for bringing us together! You never know who you are going to meet, and boy are we happy we gave it a try!

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