Malcolm has been awake since 2:30.

I don't like telling you the truth.

Jiro told me which book I should buy.

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"And where is the boss?" - "At dinner".

Stone was used to build their houses.

My mother must be angry.

Everyone recognized him as a brilliant pianist.

Who wants this?

He's attracted to Asian women.

Alex offered Joachim and John some potato chips.

We have a son.

Kate is very ambitious.


What are you doing for New Years?

Sidney's parents were devastated.

To study English is important for today's young people.


Jerrie can't seem to avoid Emil.

Dimetry must've been tired.

Let's see what's in there.

Don't get rough with him.

How long did you speak with Anton?

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You had dealings with a crook.

Roland is in mourning.

Ann doesn't understand the difference between a cathode and an anode.

Matsushita commands respect from its competitors.

I grew up in this neighborhood.

I'd like to ask you about him.

Take a moment to imagine what the polar bear's environment is like.

That's the cause of his failure.

I didn't stay until the end of the concert.

Anita and Lance chatted about the weather.

It's already cleared up.

I heard you talked to her.

He's eager to speak to you.

Lar got in a burning car and burned.

I followed my lessons diligently.

We still have worse problems than this one.

I wish Lynnette would depend on me more.

They exchanged seats with each other.

Can Scott afford that?


Jitendra was the one who told me about Lanny's accident.


Len eats a lot despite appearances.


Does Bjorne have blue eyes?

I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of the story of the United States. The first nation to recognize my country was Morocco.

No, I won't say anything.

Even in paradise it is not good to be alone.

I don't think I've ever heard this song before.

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I'm sure that he is clever.


He went far in business.


We can't accept this.


Do you have a bowl for soup?

After swimming, a glass of orange juice really fills the bill.

I'm looking for my friends.

Just after putting away the dishes, Joan heard the doorbell ring.

It's the cops!


Gypsy assumed it was free.

We don't have any other choice.

I would like to read some books about Lincoln.

Call me as soon as you find Leif.

I have a weak bladder.

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That red dress becomes her.

The mosquitoes are really bad here. I'm getting eaten alive.

I kept telling Pieter to calm down.


Billie had to make do with a glass of water with his food because he had no beer at home.


What's the meaning of that word?

I begged Hank not to go.

I'll see him tomorrow morning.


Both my grandfather and grandmother are dead.


Daniel couldn't get what you requested.


I'll let Tuna know when we'll arrive.

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He returns from Boston tomorrow.

I want it with plenty of ice.

Jeanne enjoys movies.

He spun both drumsticks very fast in his hands.

I wish I had my own studio.

Don't be fooled by his good looks.

Anthony thought he'd found the perfect hiding place.

The German government mustn't help them.

Nowadays coffee is scarce.

She need not have paid the money.

I talk to the manager almost every day.

There's nothing more to discuss.

Will you be home this evening?

I'm sorry, boss, but I believe you owe me a weekend's worth. That's about 150 dollars.

Only yesterday did I know the fact.

Please come again.

His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.

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They both looked back at us.

He will never break his promise.

What are ye doing?

You do fine work.

Jack yawned and rubbed his eyes.

I'm just as scared as you are.

Father and his companion will sow corn on the next hill.

My dream is to become a pilot.

Do you ever feel guilty?

Jennifer was the first paramedic on the scene of the accident.

Learn to let go when the time is right.


Marcos thought he was going to die.


I just sold my car to her.

I think that he is from France.

I would have gladly gone abroad during high school, but my parents didn't want me to.


Monday's protests were mostly peaceful.


Your hair smells wonderful.

You really are quite a skillful investigator.

Why do you want to see him?

When he thinks, he scratches his head.

She deserves a better life.

He's a man you can rely on.

The dog is beautiful.

Answer Jeannette.

Erick whispered his darkest secret to Konstantinos.

I need to save money.

Pictures of coffins covered with flags went all over the papers.


This is the first time I've ever peeled potatoes.

I've known him all my life.

It is astonishing to witness that the Iranians, onto whom the Arabs imposed Islam through military defeat, have become its most zealous followers to the point of oppressing those of Zoroastrianism, though it is the religion of their own fathers. A kind of Stockholm syndrome on the national scale.


I sure hope you'll come again.

She slammed on the brakes.

A lot of students around the world are studying English.

The finish of the table was perfect.

Sanjib, what's wrong with you tonight?

What is a good life?

We're leaving.

Would you like to come to my parents' house?

I'm sorry I lost my temper.


It's too bad but we got pummeled at the soccer match.

Put all the rubbish in the barrel.

I hate this rug.

You're so very serious.

Each time the comet passes close to the Sun, it loses some of its material. Over time, it will break up and disappear completely.

Since we insulated the house we've saved a lot on heating oil.

Jackye looks pretty busy.


Eddie has yet to be found.

I found this on the way to the supermarket.

He said it was important.


He reached for the book.

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I'd like to book a bedroom.


It is not till we lose our health that we realize its true value.


I ran into a tree.

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Which Spanish-English dictionary would you recommend for beginners?


I wonder what Marnix is up to?


Syed has something in his right hand.

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How many people have you slept with?

I can feel everything you feel.

That morning Deirdre went round the whole village.

Please look in on me when you're in town.

You're unenthusiastic.

I'll get there on my own.

The human hand has five fingers with nails.

I need a key to open a box.

My mother grows flowers in her garden.

I need your car keys.

Cathryn tore Kyung's letter in half.

I'm waiting for Mechael to leave.

How much rent do you pay?

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I wish Hitoshi would stop screaming all the time.

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Modern Russia has many problems.

Maybe you should talk to them.

Barney has huge tits.

Uh..., where's the post office?

She is used to traveling.