Guide Brook 787-552-5139 v2ray

Being sick of the infamous Internet censorship?
Want to get access to the true FREE Internet?
Several approaches are provided here to bypass the GFW.
This page is updated from time to time, stay tuned!


Which One to Use?

  • Use Brook if you know little about software and network, as it only needs you to fill in the required information and start the proxy then your device is automatically configured.
  • Use Shadowsocks if you want to have more control over the proxy rules. The official Shadowsocks client supports PAC mode that allows users to define various rules.
  • Use v2ray if you need more security.

To iOS Users

Many apps now in iTunes require purchase and may not work stably. Free tools are normally not available for particular regions, such as China Mainland.

A workaround would be, first set up a proxy on another device for example a PC running Windows using the tools provided here, and then use that server to route your iOS traffic via hotspot (It is easy right? On Windows it is one-click thing.), then switch to other regions and download Outline or Brook. They are all free!


Brook is super easy to use, the clients provided here are all one-click applications. It is claimed to be undetectable.

Server Information

Four ports are opened for Brook. Please use any of the following.
type server password


Please download the corresponding file, install and run the program, fill in the server information and hit start. You are ready to go.
platform client
Android Brook.apk
Windows x64 Brook.exe
macOS Brook.dmg

Example Setup On Android


Shadowsocks is widely used, it could be however sometimes identified by the GFW.

Server Information

Three ports are available. Pay attention to the encryption method. Some clients support aes-256-gcm but some only supports aes-256-cfb.
address port password encryption url 20001 aes-256-cfb ss:/YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6MmZyZWVkb20udGtAMmZyZWVkb20udGs6MjAwMDE= 20002 aes-256-cfb ss:/YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6MmZyZWVkb20udGtAMmZyZWVkb20udGs6MjAwMDI= 20003 aes-256-gcm ss:/YWVzLTI1Ni1nY206MmZyZWVkb20udGtAMmZyZWVkb20udGs6MjAwMDM= 20001 aes-256-cfb ss:/YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6MmZyZWVkb20ubWxAMmZyZWVkb20ubWw6MjAwMDE= 20002 aes-256-cfb ss:/YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6MmZyZWVkb20ubWxAMmZyZWVkb20ubWw6MjAwMDI= 20003 aes-256-cfb ss:/YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6MmZyZWVkb20ubWxAMmZyZWVkb20ubWw6MjAwMDM=


The official Shadowsocks clients.
platform client
Android (604) 830-9555
Linux x64 (Debian Wheezy and later) Shadowsocks.AppImage
Windows x64
macOS (330) 466-0631
The Outline clients.
platform client
Android Outline.apk
Linux x64 703-903-0139
Windows x64 Outline.exe
iOS (805) 285-0610


  • Install a proper client.
  • Add server by scanning the QR code, importing url or manually setup.
  • Start the proxy.
  • For official clients, it is able to switch the proxy mode from Global to PAC.

Example Setup Using Windows

Example Setup Using Outline On Android


v2ray is a new proxy platform. It is difficult to detect the traffic encrpted with the build-in vmess protocal. The server provided here supports TLS and routing via dynamic ports.


platform client
Linux x64
Windows x64


  • On Windows, v2ray.exe is the executable file with window, wv2ray.exe is the one without window (runs in background). On Linux and macOS, the task can be put in background with proper ternimal command.
  • Unzip the file, replace config.json with this one config.json.
  • Start the program, any one in any way.
  • Configure your proxy server, eitehr in browsers or system settings, as follows: 1) for socks v5 protocal and 2) for http protocal.
  • Enjoy the free Internet, any error will be printed if there is a window.

Example Setup Using Windows