This place is disgusting.

I tried to help Israel.

Bradley was an English astronomer.

I can't imagine ever getting a divorce.

I have to submit sales projections twice a quarter.

The strong wind knocked our garbage bin over.

He's a classic case that the more ignorant people are the more sure they are that they are correct.

We just wanted to win.

We just cleaned the toilet.

I'm sorry, but that brand of cigarettes is out of stock.


Tell me what is depressing you so much.

Hohn is from Harvard.

In Arles I saw a bullfight.

You didn't need to tell me that.

When were you there?

The lake abounds with fish.

There were teenagers in the park showing off on their skateboards.

Dan looked out the window and saw Linda coming.

He gave me a lift in his cart.

Let's just get out of Ricardo's way.

I would have done it at that time.

She tore a photograph.

Is this for real?

I recognize him.

Did they ever find her?

When asked what wine he liked to drink, he replied, "That which belongs to another."

She made believe that she had not heard him.

Why don't you just sit down here?

One day I added a sentence in Esperanto and someone told me it wasn't what a native speaker would say.

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Are you avoiding me?

Teruyuki is good at singing.

Robin didn't want to jump into the cold water.

Margie gave Heinz permission to drive his car.

Rajarshi and I became very good friends.

Let's hope Patrice didn't do what you think he did.

It's not anything serious.

He will take over the business when his father retires.

Tharen doesn't think Michel is saying what she really thinks.


An iron curtain has descended across the Continent.

He was looking for something in the dark.

A big party will be thrown to celebrate the happy event.


Young people tend to take things too far.

Dan didn't even remove the sticker.

How do you feel now?


We still have things we can do.

We've got a lot to offer.

Were you with my father today?

Don't fail to return the book tomorrow.

Hughes should definitely start worrying about losing his job.

Your dog was born this year.

The dentist would like you not to eat any sweets.

Most boys like video games.

C++0x will admit template functions that take an arbitrary number of arguments.

If you don't write me back, I'll start thinking you don't want to know me.

All things die in time.

I must fix it.

Did Winnie make this for you?


These green leaves turn red or yellow in autumn.

I knew you wouldn't be able to learn enough French in just three weeks.

He has come a long way.

Hold on to the rail while going down these stairs.

Stop picking on us.

Government spending is getting a little out of hand.

Joubert is not a very good dancer.

These are heavy.

Do you have any idea where Stu might be waiting?

There's definitely something else.

I didn't wait for Heinrich.

He said such awful things to me.

Van didn't have to say a lot.

Are you from Boston?

Vassos shivered.

Could you please speak more quietly? I feel hungover.

How is Randall different?

Do you walk to school every day?

Mountain bike racing has caught on with young Japanese in the past few years.

I went out for a walk to get some fresh air.

Many workers were laid off at that plant.


There are some bags in the room.


Srikanth is going to be very angry.


You'll see her.

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It sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.

They defend their errors as if they were defending their inheritance.

The burglar burst into his house.

Who's Trevor going to listen to?

The woman spends a lot on shoes.

Ernest didn't even know I was here.

Manjeri has been to Boston many times.

That's all I've been able to find out so far.

There was nothing I could do to change it.


I am learning Japanese to play mahjong in Japan.

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What are you going to do with that knife?


He's very angry with her.

I found the lost ball in the park.

Believe what you wish.

It cannot have rained during the night.

Can somebody walk me to my car?

"Did Lord really tell you that he was breaking up with Grant?" "Not in so many words."

We must concentrate on that.


Aaron has always been scrupulously honest in his dealings with us.

I met her three summers ago.

It's cold in the winter, warm in the summer.

Where I live, I enjoy spring the most, because the winter is too cold, the summer is too hot, and the autumn is too wet.

Even if I was interested, I don't have the time.

I have a few friends.

I wish him a good night.

A woman like you doesn't deserve a man like me.

What happened that day?


We have a complete set of the recordings of Beethoven's symphonies.

How was the weather yesterday?

You said that to me last week.

Sedovic is kind of needy.

He worships the ground she treads on.

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I don't believe I can do that.


They went into the woods.

I celebrated Bastille day with a baguette, Roquefort and a glass of mediocre French red.

Inertia is an important governing law.

Sergiu asked me to do him a favor. However, I couldn't do what he asked.

What're those things you're carrying there?

I can't believe I'm here.

Excuse me, does this train go to Washington Square?

If the opposition were to win, it would not entail a radical departure from current policies.

It's not good to wake a sleeping snake.

That is a matter of degrees.

We had to postpone the gathering because of rain.

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I love that shirt.

A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory.

Are you at home?

Sofia said he heard three gunshots that night.

Don't worry so much.

Some people want to amend the constitution.

He told me I was pretty.


You're a reporter.


You know what's about to happen, right?

I call Brett almost every day.

Did I interrupt anything?

Without Esperanto you miss something.

I'm going home. I've had enough of Loren.

Andre makes more money than all of the rest of us combined.

I don't want to get up.

You should be brief.

Isabelle heard everything we said.


I thought maybe I could help.

You never said what you did.

Sjouke doesn't agree with Bruce on that point.

Siegurd gave Metin plenty of time.

I'm sure everything will be OK now.

The boy isn't as bad as he seemed.

That would be advisable.


Beckie can't seem to understand what Dirk is trying to say.

It seems that he is telling a lie.

Written too quickly, the letter had many mistakes.


Marvin didn't know anything about what was happening.

My mother did nothing but weep.

We failed due to a lack of preparation.

When we entered the room, we took up our talk.

I'm going to check in on them.

Israel felt dizzy from the heat.

I thought you had homework.

She advised us that it would rain all day.

Nici knocked three times on the door.

They will be safe with him.

I work in Boston.

Without electricity we can't live a good life today.

It is easier to sympathize with sorrow than to sympathize with joy.


Where's the guy who beat her?


He was an athlete in high school.

I got a farewell present from everyone.

I think Real looks better with a beard.

Both planes were flying at the same altitude.

I've won three dresses, one white and two green.

It's an old picture.

They don't know me there.

Suresh prefers patients who can't talk.

The neck of the bottle was broken.