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  • Accepted at TFL and MasterCard enabled POS.
  • Cashback and Airmiles, VAT refund.
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About Roamm

Stylopay 'Roamm' eWallet comes with a contactless pre-paid card or wearable. The payment instrument is issued by IDTFS with MasterCard as network and Thames card as the fulfilment house.

Download the app on your Android or apple smartphone, register your card and you're good to go. The inbuilt chatbot 'Rommio' will guide on places of interest, their open timings and tickets, best time and mode to visit and will answer your queries. All these in any one of four major European languages.

You can load the wearable or card from your existing card in any major currency. You may use it to pay anywhere a MasterCard® sign is displayed, be it a merchant, online, TFL or cab service. You also receive cash backs and loyalty points.