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Back when state legislation banned gambling on land, ingenious people found a way to generate revenue from gambling by setting and operating casinos on board paddlewheel boats, as these were cruising international waters and could thus circumvent local limitations forced

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Gambling is nowadays more accessible than ever before, so there is no wonder more and more people take to playing games of chance as a recreational activity. Betting is one of the most popular gambling types and is seen by


Machine Learning

People in the 21st century rely on all kinds of machines and computers in their everyday lives. In fact, you are using one type of a machine right now in order to read this. Machines have gotten more advanced over


Gorgeous Gambling Gardens

No one is denying that the inside of a casino holds most of its charms. There are bright lights, amazing games, beautiful music and friendly staff waiting on you. There is very little that could tempt someone to go outside…

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