Amedeo was killed with a fireplace poker.

I'd never ask such a childish question.

Nobody can stop him.

I like this song. It has a nice rhythm and is danceable.


Do you know how many people died when the Titanic sank?


We're contented.

Herman might not know that we're here.

The new law should take a bite out of organized crime.


Jeffie is the best chess player in our class.

I know I'm innocent.

That place is always crowded, but I reserved a table today, so we don't have to worry.


That girl resembles her mother.

That was when I was in the first year at high school, so 17 years have passed since then.

We skied down to Chamonix.

It was ironic.

He'd prefer to come tomorrow.

They asked me what my name was, where I came from, and why I had come.

Jennie didn't wake up early this morning.

Let's treat everybody fairly.

Real majored in electronics.

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We can trust him.

Never say that.

Why is Karl special?

Brett has practiced medicine here for thirty years.

I'm not ruining my clothing.

I'm pretty sure Mahmoud likes you.

Elijah was carrying a duffel bag.

To drive a car, you need a license.

Did Elijah see it?

That's where I met her.

I would like to live in France.

He just barely made the last train.

How soon will the meeting begin?


Why not let us help you?


We can still talk to her.


You should just leave.


I'm meeting Lori for breakfast.

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Who killed the spy?

I just think it's wrong.

A powerful downdraft sent the plane plunging.

If anything, my new job is harder than my old one.

How will you pay for that?

Have any of you guys been to Rudy's house?

What do you guys think of us?

I always make it a point to paint things as they are.

Tickets are available at the school office.


Terri doesn't doubt but that Spudboy will come to the party.


Piercarlo has been declared brain dead.


Only a male intellect clouded by the sexual drive could call the stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped and short-legged sex the fair sex.

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A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Horses are distinct from donkeys.

We must get together for a drink some time.

Can I have a dance with you?

Changes of leadership have a great effect on the international political economy.


Vassos is a nice guy.

I am going to have something to eat.

It's going to be good.

I wish it were true.

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard?


Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man.

Quitting one's job in a big way is cathartic but is it the right thing to do?

He's very knowledgeable.

This has only happened to me once before.

Malloy will do it when he comes in.

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I guess you think you're pretty special, don't you?

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The scandal was an obstacle to his promotion.

You gave it to me.

You have to abide by the laws.

I didn't say I believed it.

Melanie works as a translator.


That seemed to go well.

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This is the reality and we must accept it.

It's a deadly poison.

I need to have a serious talk with Nikolai Alekseyevich.

They dared not look me in the face.

Are you willing to help me?

Return to your work.

Speak up, Grant.

I'm really worried that I haven't got enough time.

Today was so hard I think I'll sleep well tonight.

We're ready when you're ready.

I see you reading.

Vladimir and Christophe are giving a party on Friday night.

Looks aren't everything.


I could not persuade the Titans.


May the firmament not fall upon him.


Is this a date?


We'll begin tomorrow morning.

Ian should be fired, too.

Get your ass over here, you idiot!

A positron is a small particle similar to an electron, but with a positive electric charge.

I'm scared of killing animals.


They were delayed due to heavy snowfall.


Tell us more.

Thad was eating popcorn out of a large bowl.

Your Honor, I shall have to dismiss the entire panel.

He said I was his archenemy. How did we arrive at a situation like this?

I'm going to visit a friend.

It's difficult to tell which is which for burnable and non-burnable rubbish as well, isn't it?

Such employments as warfare, politics, public worship, and public merrymaking, are felt, in the popular apprehension, to differ intrinsically from the labour that has to do with elaborating the material means of life.


Swamy and Carole bought an old farm.

Tommy didn't get any further.

It's only been three days.

Nobody's suggesting you do that.

Gabriel handed the note to Robert.


We must read this book again and again.

I stayed in bed one more day just to be on the safe side.

You're not the only one with a car.


I don't know as much as I should.

You were supposed to be there by 2:30.

Don't stare at me like that.

He promised to meet him at the coffee shop.

All places are distant from heaven alike.

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You can't buy this.

He never came.

We have to follow their instructions.

Her financial support is indispensable to this project of ours.

I never see this picture without thinking of my father.

Nothing else mattered to me.

She is old.

How long did Craig say he was in Boston?

Teriann didn't listen.

Dwight sat down on the desk.

Maximum length: 200 words.


The guards rotated in making their rounds every hour.


I don't know yet, but I'll find out soon enough.

Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, oxygen, sulfur and selenium are nonmetals.

He has less money than his brother has.

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You can see the roof of the house from there.

He believed in getting up early in the morning.

Losses on both sides were extremely high.

Someone should've been able to come up with a better title than that.

My bicycle has a punctured tire.


What do you want to do for our next holiday?

Gerald and Joel went to church together.

Did your husband have many enemies?


Ask her her name.

Why didn't you get one before we left?

That'll do nicely.


Could you lend me some sugar?


The number of stars in the sky is infinite.

Matthieu fooled all of us.

It's about time we did away with this outdated law.

I'm sorry, but Mr Rooney is tied up at the moment.

Don't expose your skin to the sun for too long.

Right now, we've got bigger problems.

She washed the dishes and she dried them.

Intoxication is what happens when the brain is affected by certain stimulants.

This is inappropriate.

You're very angry.

She can speak and write in French.

Use acrylic paint.

It must've been fun.


He doesn't know the meaning of life.

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Molly should be in a hospital.

You remember her, don't you?

Manholes are round because that way they won't accidentally fall through the hole.

I'm not a good beachcomber. I only pick up pieces of broken glass where others collect coins and things.

Listen to me very carefully Paula.

Either of the two has to leave.

Many of our customers are in Australia.