You look very dignified.

Marcos is usually very emotional.

The suspension bridge is miles above.

Let's get in touch in another day or two.

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I am occupied with my own affairs.

I am fortunate compared with him.

The CIA runs a thorough background check on all new employees.

It seems like just yesterday that you were here.

What would be the difference?


The sentence does not win a prize for beauty, in my opinion.


Because of Linda's outstanding grades last semester, I have arranged for her to visit Europe.

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On his way home, Ron met a man who he thought was an American.

I'll never ever forget him.

Anita helped his dad shovel the driveway.

Bjorne is very cunning.

The students laughed under their breath when they saw that the teacher had put on his sweater backwards.


Who is the greatest poet in England?

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He promised me to come by five at the latest.

Vance stared intently.

After an hour, I parted with them and came back.


There must be some hope.

Serdar can run very fast.

Jerrie asked Jennifer where she had been.

I know that wasn't the right thing to do.

I've got some good news and some bad news.

I am in the same class as my brother.

Jerry's alibi checked out.

The text is deemed as fluent in the target language.

I'd like to see what Kathy can do.

I just want a little more coffee.

I still don't have enough money for the trip.

Arnold didn't give Greg any advice.

It is certain that prices will go up.

Don't misbehave.

A car went by.

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I was wondering if you might be able to help.

The sound of the violin is very sweet.

Do you, by any chance, speak French?

What payment options are available?

Just stand there, please.

Why are you being so kind?

The village is now different from what it used to be.

Sassan is a fakir.

You're better than you think.

We'll eat on the way.

She was uncommonly witty and charming.


When Carter entered the room, Jack suddenly stopped talking.

It's brass monkeys here!

I enjoy the wisdom of Socrates, which was the basis for Plato.

I appreciate your conviction.

At this second shock, I began to cry.

The bullet cut through an artery.

Dan posted missing person fliers everywhere in the town.

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We have to get Jess's temperature down.

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We're disorganized.

In this time of the year the roadsides are in full bloom. You can find there, for example, a lot of cow parsley, rapeseed, and dandelions.

I'm totally over Gordon.

I've always been lucky with things like this.

Marsha is upset about this.


They don't look happy to see me.


I've rewritten the sentence just for you.

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All was silent throughout the castle.


Now you've got all three.

"Do you live in Rome now?" "Yes, we've been living there since July."

I want to see your driver's license.

Both you and I are men.

Did I hear you talking to someone?


Alpha, beta and gamma are Greek letters.


I'm going to wait here for her.

There may have been a misunderstanding.

I want to find Molly as badly as you do.

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Sergiu said he was interested in buying a farm.

The pomegranate originated in the region of modern-day Iran, and is now widely cultivated across the globe.

He whipped out his sword.

We cannot meet your demands.

She had long blond hair.

Lars and Elias seem to be flirting with each other.

There was a multiple collision on the highway.


We should hold some of food in reserve.

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Tricia stopped at a convenience store to get a drink.

I think I may know what this is all about.

I thought Bruce would want this one.

Hey, I thought you were leaving.

You don't have to stand on ceremony with me.

We're making breakfast.

I was at my wit's end after having failed to contact her.

Jamaica's an English colony.

Shankar had to go by himself.

I should've warned them.

I'll go to Kyoto.

My parents usually speak to each other in French, even though my mother is a native English speaker.

Bobbie and I both agreed.

For whom have you brought the bone?

Is there a park near your house?

You can borrow a copy from any public library.

This morning he said that he is leaving for Nara tomorrow.

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We saw Tai last night.

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I think that you have my umbrella.

Nothing has been burned yet.

What a cute girl!


He lost his temper with me.


Alison didn't see the accident.

There is no pleasure without pain.

They are the coolest of the cool.


Magnus picked up his stuff and walked out the door.

The same thing happened three years ago in Boston.

Instead of her, her sister went with them.

Often the fear of one evil leads us into a worse.

I'm not interested in hearing any more of your theories.

I don't want to go to the hospital.

The sea came into sight.

I prefer hardwood floors to carpet.

We had to call off the game because of the rain.

Didn't you wear that yesterday?

We want to hear from you.

You can always change it.

She was happy that she passed the exam.


I thought the little boy who was staring and pointing at the foreigner was very rude.

I said such dreadful things to her.

Just pretend I'm not here.

His coworker pulled the rug out from under him.

Jared has a wine cellar in his basement.

I couldn't tell what color his shirt was because it was too dark outside.

I'm going back to the synagogue.

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I barely know him.

Mike car-pools with friends to save on parking fees in the city.

The primary object of an efficient police is the prevention of crime: the next that of detection and punishment of offenders if crime is committed. To these ends all the efforts of police must be directed. The protection of life and property, the preservation of public tranquillity, and the absence of crime, will alone prove whether those efforts have been successful and whether the objects for which the police were appointed have been attained.

Mickey shined his shoes.

Caleb has a pretty good memory.


Anyway, it's not applicable to you

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You can hire a bicycle by the hour at this shop.

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Revolutionary movements attract those who are not good enough for established institutions as well as those who are too good for them.

In order to get some information about Japanese economic problems, you'll find this book very useful.

You were wrong.

That would be my guess.

Prices went to amazingly low levels.

Your cut wound doesn't hurt as much as before, right?

That was what you said, Irving.

Her whole house is filled with tchotchkes and old photographs.

I haven't been there yet.

Billy is in the park.

Wes seldom puts sugar in his coffee.


It's becoming really, really popular.

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No, I'm not angry with you.

She is old enough to know better.

A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up and down.


It's an Indian dish.

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I left a message for him.

I recognized the name.

All who knew him admired him.


Don't let him take pictures.


There have been hitches.

We are overfishing the world's oceans.

I should just tell Maurice the truth.

I thought I saw a light on.

Did she have Parkinson's disease?


Why didn't you try calling him?

Come out here.

Stewart doesn't want to speak about his private life.

In baseball, the pitcher is the player who throws the ball.

The number of students who travel abroad for vacation is increasing.


I no longer want to visit Boston.