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Of modest size but huge in ambition and ability. That is a phrase that describes both Portland, Oregon and Schulte Anderson. In over 100 years in the City of Roses, our firm has grown and matured with the town we call home. From a pioneer town known for lumber and agriculture in the 1800s to a high tech hub and a leader in sustainability in the 2000s, Portland has consistently reinvented herself so to remain relevant and vital. Schulte Anderson follows that Oregon born spirit and has itself grown and changed over the years moving from the banking and real estate law focus at its founding in 1909 to the litigation focused firm it is today. Like the city we call home we have grown and we have changed over the years, and like Portland has stayed true to the pioneer spirit she was founded under, we have stayed true to the principles of our founders namely of providing value and service to the client.

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Family law is not just divorces and child support, it also includes custody, visitation, and domestic partnerships. Our attorneys are some of the top in Oregon. That is the representation you want.

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Disagreements cannot be resolved without assistance. Our litigation team handles everything from personal injury cases to catastrophic landslides. Whether a business deal, neighbor dispute, or an accident, we can help.

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Many legal decisions can affect tax liabilities and how businesses run. Real estate purchases involve complexities in zoning, covenants and financing. We can help you negotiate terms and make good decisions.

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Estate planning involves more that just having a Will. It is a planning process intended to alleviate the financial and legal impact of your death on those you leave behind.

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