You're tired. I'm also tired.

My grandmother used to tell me pleasant fairy tales.

See that the knife doesn't slip.


Will I miss out on anything if I don't read this book?

She is attractive.

People prefer losing their ways to changing their ways.

Not in there.

I'll pick you up at your office at 2:30.

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Andries was talking to Leora while John talked to everybody else.


I'll do a quick check.

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There is more than enough room for improvement.

Ozawa had been demobilized from overseas and had just arrived this night into his hometown, Osaka, but he had heard rumors on the train about bandits roaming in the postwar cities and suburbs.

The French like to eat frog legs.


Christopher Columbus once decided to burn absolutely everything in an entire village after one of the natives stole his parrot. He was disappointed that he couldn't burn their water. So he invented fluorine.


We'd like to talk to them.

The area the center of which is here was bombed.

Nigel will live.


Sue certainly seems to enjoy reading Mark Twain.

People are speaking at the same time.

It's one of those.


Haven't you had your dinner?

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Jones and I study French together.

I'm not leaving you.

It's a poor workman who blames his tools.

Let go of me, please.

He hates his life.

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Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid.


Vaughn handed a baseball bat to Petr.

You didn't buy that story, did you?

What kind of music?

The astronauts also planted an American flag in the lunar soil and left a plaque commerating man's landing on the Moon.

Susanne didn't frighten me.

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We've been working on that all week.

I know you're upset. We all are.

The picture was priced at 200,000 yen.

The car is green.

She went either to London or to Paris.

I wanted to show Diane how good I was at skating.

He opened like this.

Eduardo and Hy got into an argument.

Elijah dropped the ball.

Ramneek did his duty.

I wanted to be with her all the time.

There's no need for concern.

Your idea is a good one.

Patrice knew that Loren wasn't willing to help.

We've been matched up with some strong teams this year.

He has a lot of ideas about running foreign workers.

I don't like your smile.


Why has Thales been so withdrawn lately?

I have a different opinion on that subject.

I don't study as much as my parents tell me I should.


We have a serious problem.


At this stage there is still not a clear energy policy for bringing decentralised power to rural areas.

Maybe Patricia feels the same way.

I'm not smart.

Don't worry. I'll look it up for you.

I'll do as you wish.

I don't like what you're saying.

We are tired of the professor's old joke.


I don't understand that myself.

Stefan was very vivacious and easy to talk to.

That's super cute!

Les noticed Moore the moment she entered the room.

Jean looked a bit shaken.

You didn't buy bread.

Who do you think helped them?


To believe that an unexpected big fortune will come your way is to build a castle in Spain.

Every type of socialization requires a lie.

If only I had studied harder for the exam.

Close all the doors and windows!

Can I interest you in a cup of coffee?

That boy hit her child on purpose.

Did you guys quit making music?


His secretary seems to know the truth.

The kids will be happy to see you

Who is Emily?

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My computer is very slow.

Stephen and The hugged.

I don't think this movie is interesting.

He's a fishing guide.

This implies the needed ability to nag native speakers to create example sentences using the phrases WE find difficult.

Good cannot fight good.

This song is beautiful and sad.

On the whole, my company is doing well now.

That's a great look.

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My advice would be to get some sleep now and finish this tomorrow.

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What is going on there now?

One is red and the other is white.

I wanted to cry.


We have achieved a lot.

I wrote it down.

You're being discharged.

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There was an extra problem: the car wasn't his.

Did you kiss him?

Do you know whether or not Lynnette plans to go to Boston next weekend?

His lecture was very instructive as usual.

How many kids does she have?

I squeezed one.

I always place a high value on knowledge.

Oh, please, stop that noise!

Mario will get married to Molly next week.

He made a bad decision.

Donne was involuntarily conscripted into the military.

Don't leave me out in the cold, come on.

Marty will never willingly go there by himself.

Kazuhiro wants to make sure that that doesn't happen again.

The doctor said that he would be well if he took his medicine.


I am not qualified for this internship.

Sport is good for your health.

Poor as she was, she gave him what little money she had.

Jamie fell ill and within a month he was dead.

Kristi got married.

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He swallowed a piece of toast because he was starving.


I have not finished my homework yet.


Don't forget to brush your teeth before going to bed.

Get the hell out of my room.

When should we tell Mahesh?

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We sail for San Francisco on Monday.

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Norm was quite inexperienced with girls before he met Murph.


I have to find the perfect place.

You must be working all the hours of the day.

This bridge is the longest bridge.


He is said to have been the best football player.

You worked more than I did.

You're not alone.

Watch how I do it.

Can I go, too?


I wonder how much we'll have to pay.

Tracey has no idea what he's talking about.

Lynn couldn't remember how to get to Mayo's house.

What did you learn today?

He blackmailed me.


Do you still love Meeks?

Do you want a second opinion? I can get another doctor to come here right away.

How many brothers do you have? How many sisters do you have?

He reads a great deal.

The Japanese are often criticized for being inward looking and insufficiently international in their outlook.


That scientist is looking for dinosaur bones in the valley.


Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. It is the one thing we are interested in here.


The birds used to sing in the trees.

I'm doing it for her.

Grace doesn't want to give the wrong impression.


I'll be there.


I get along with my younger brother.

He got up in the morning.

He is a highly paid man.

I'll choose this one.

She was scared at the sight of the dead body.


I thought you were probably insane.

Duane was tired and discouraged.

Go tell those fibs to someone else.

"What does U.F.O. stand for?" "It means Unidentified Flying Object, I guess."

You nailed it!

Dan pretended to have come to see Linda off.

However, your wedding, it is yours and made from your own choices.

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You haven't changed one bit.


Curtis picked up the phone.