About The Show

The American Garage is a show born out of the inspiration to return to a pioneering American spirit. It is not just how to make or restore different items, but about doing projects that will make the individual more self sufficient and self reliant. The projects will have an element of supporting basic life needs. We will often restore old American made machinery, when we find that the best tool is an old one. But machinery will not be the only projects. We will do woodworking projects, mechanical projects, focusing on the crafts, skills and trades. We will also have projects that will highlight agriculture- growing, harvesting, and preserving food.

In today's world, we are so technologically advanced that the average person lacks the skills to provide the most basic needs. During hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, power outages and other disasters, we really need these skills. click here to see Season 1, the David Bradley Project In many cases even in normal life, the best technology may not be a new technology- the best way may be an old way. So together, let's relearn some of the skills that made this nation great. Let's find ways to make the old and proven ways part of our advanced life today. After all, if we are so dependent on systems and networks to bring us what we need, then are we really all that advanced?

We want to know what you would like to do. Want to learn woodworking? Mechanics? Something else? Let us know!Click this link to send us a message. The American Garage is not just a show to be watched and copy what is being done- it is a show to get involved with. We will select people and projects submitted to us to highlight on the show. So, don't just watch- participate! Become part of The American Garage's team. announcement