Why would Rolf want me to help?

The bird with the beard drinks a beer with the bear with the beard.

You're a life saver.

There's probably very little I can do.


Jerome showed Price his tattoo.

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Marc probably bought it with the money his father gave him.

Jones has something to tell you.

I may be homeless, but I'm not stupid.


Indeed, computers are detrimental.

He brought me back in his car.

We need more food.

Nobody lives with me.

Put the box down.

The disease is still in the primary stage.

Ole sat under a tree, reading a book.


Favoring one gender over another won't win you any friends here.


Francois said he wasn't concerned.


He refused to talk to me.

Luck plays an important part in your life.

It has never been done before.

Wherever I may go, I will get lost.

Glenn accused John of falsifying the results.

A square has four angles.

She gave fifteen interviews to Brazilian media, and seven to foreign media.

This debate won't get us anywhere.

Suzan, Lenny already has a boyfriend.

Can you recommend anything?

I will come if I have time.

I've been here the longest.

I need to change the baby's diaper.

If you can't fix the pipe, we'll have to call a plumber.

Jacques drew a happy face on the cover of his notebook.

You might want to bring a camera with you.

We really did do that.


Is it a social problem?

That's his private website.

Kyung killed the spider.

"That's not the problem." "Then what's wrong?"

Did they tell you who I was?


I don't think Cris will ever come back here again.

Niger is the largest country in Western Africa.

I have to get something of mine.


Turkeer is on the heavy side.

It's way too dangerous.

You can park on either side of the street.


I have a first aid kit in the bathroom.

Have you seen my coffer?

The Venice Biennale is a contemporary art exhibition that takes place every two years.


Donal can't paint.

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Jose has two brothers. One lives in Boston and the other lives in Chicago.

The meeting broke up at eight.

Mysore doesn't usually walk to the gym.

I dislike to translate Mr Smith's letters. I can't even understand his French.

Did you call the doctor?

You put things well.

When do you shop?

Some people traveled by train, and others by road.

You can tell from the jargon alone that these instructions were written for experienced builders and not the average consumer.

Can Kevan complete his mission?

I'd like to be able to tell Knapper that he has nothing to worry about.

What else could one do but remove it?

Raanan just wants power.

Why did Graham say that?

The store raised all the prices.

I'd be nervous, too.

So this is New York.

Detailed maps for this area have not been drawn.

What's the average temperature here?

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Newsweek had a big picture of the ex-movie star entering the police station.

Are you all completely crazy?

What's the name of the girl we saw at the festival that day?


We have corresponded with each other.


She has not a few friends in America.


Charlie might know what Ray wants.

Who was driving the hearse?

No one has seen him for years.

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They may be poor, but rich in spirit.

Because of the miscalculation they lost a valuable time.

Everybody called Dalton "the Sphinx", because she always spoke in riddles.

Vincenzo wore gloves.

He grows vegetables in his garden.

I put the documents you requested on your desk.

Jochen is just watching television.

I finished that end-of-term essay all in a night's work!

I value our friendship a great deal.

The price doesn't matter.

She's worried for his safety.

Luck smiled on us then.

It always takes time to get used to a new place.


This solves a lot of our problems.

You need to pay extra for the batteries.

Who's going to be here?

I don't have many friends.

She had her hair cut short.

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I vowed that I would never speak to her again.

We have to find it before Caroline does.

Bad weather upset our plans to go on a hike.


We can deal with that.

It's been three years since Elias has been to visit us.

She got into hot water when her boyfriend called her at work.

I saw Julie off at the airport.

It's obvious that Vickie knows what he's doing.


Don't scrape your chair on the floor.


I take the book because I see it.


The downstairs was rented to a bookseller.

Sort of defeats its own purpose.

He has had a crush on her.


Liyuan wants to see us right away.

Oleg has many powerful friends in Washington.

Swearing relieves the pain.

I don't think Juri would agree.

It's done.

Did you go to your high school prom?

Micah didn't realize he was in any danger.

You'll need money.

I should've thought of that.


Studying French is a lot of fun.


I hear you just got married.

The moon is waning.

I don't know if I can trust Leila.

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How often do you eat fish?

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Is that enough?

When you die, you will begin to see more.

Let's go outside and sit in the garden.

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I have an announcement.

You only have 24 hours left to decide.

Miriamne made it very clear that he didn't want to fight.

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This should be enough.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your friendship and support.

Rajesh did very well.

Money is the only god of the new world order.

Damon is looking at us.

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People with amputated limbs continue to feel them as if they were still there.


I want to do it for you.


June is really ambitious.

You can't help but like him.

Algeria is a country in North Africa.

We haven't seen him since that time.

I was born the year my grandfather died.

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How can we best support learners to become balanced bilinguals?

Here you can make good bargains.

Chance is a nickname for Providence.

I think we still have plenty of time.

The game ended in a victory for B school, which was quite contrary to predictions.

Have mercy, my God, for the sake of my tears!

We'll wait.

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They arrived in Osaka at the beginning of May.

I'd be happy to tell Dan.

He fell in love with a beautiful princess.


You worked hard.

The poet wrote many poems.

Harold can't write French without making mistakes.

Darrell hid the money in his underwear drawer.

Having studied Japanese, Jenny had no trouble in Japan.

Why did you do that to him?

Venkata often goes fishing.

He's smarter than me.

Colin drove faster.

I was shocked when I heard Ron's explanation for his action.

How much farther is it?

You were exaggerating, weren't you?

Once upon a time there was a chicken, that had a crispbread.


Which do you speak more often, French or English?