• We're moving in together!
    Introducing Webafrica & Gridhost
    Better products, better everything

What's moving where?

Some services will be moving to Webafrica while others will move to Gridhost

Hosting & Email
Services are moving to Gridhost
Services are moving to Gridhost
Internet Connectivity
Services are moving to Webafrica
Voice over IP
Services are moving to Webafrica

Why the move?

We've reached a pivot point and to do what we do best, we needed to make some changes.

The Highest Quality Products and Services

Our vision has always been to provide our clients with the best service and experience, and to make that vision a reality moving forward, we’ve decided to join forces with Webafrica & Gridhost, who both share the same vision.

SA's Largest Independent ISP

Webafrica is SA's largest independant ISP and we've worked alongside them for many years. They may be the biggest but they haven't forgotten to provide service & support excellence - in this case, bigger is better!

In November 2017, Webafrica split up their Internet Access and Hosting sides of the business which allows for a more focused approach to their customers and industries. Gridhost is handling all Hosting services (Shared Hosting, VPS) and Internet Access (Fibre, LTE-A, ADSL, VOIP and Fax) is staying with Webafrica.

We're following suite, though we're not just migrating our web hosting to Gridhost, we're also going to migrate our connectivity services to Webafrica too. So Nexus will be absorbed into these two brands, but don't worry we're not ditching you, the Nexus team is also moving to the new providers.

Got questions?

We thought you might, so we've put a list together answering some of them

  • Why the change?

    In order for us to continue to provide you with quality support and service, we have decided to join forces with two of the best service providers in the country. We chose Webafrica and Gridhost because they have a stellar track record, and we have been building up trusted relationships with them for several years, and we feel confident that they are the perfect fit for our customers. They are able to migrate all your services seamlessly into their platforms, with virtually no disruptions.

  • Who do I contact for support?


    Please contact Webafrica.

    Billing inquiries: (604) 816-7108
    Support Requests: support@webafica.com
    New Products: sales@webafica.com

    Or you can simply give Webafrica a call on 086 000 9500

    Webafrica also have a handy knowledge base catholicist packed with useful information, hints and tips.


    Please contact gridhost.

    For any queries you may have please contact gridhost via the following.

    Email: support@gridhost.co.za
    Phone: 086 000 9584

  • When is the Migration Happening?

    The Migration will take place between the 1st and 7th of February, 2018. You will receive a notification when your account has been successfully migrated, along with all the other information you may need.

  • Who are Webafrica and Gridhost?

    Webafrica is the largest independent internet service provider in South Africa, with over 20 years of service in the ISP and hosting spaces. In November 2017, Webafrica split up their Internet Access and Hosting (Gridhost) sides of the business which allows for a more focused approach to their individual customers and industries.

    Gridhost is responsible for hosting services (domains, web and email hosting, VPS and FreePBX) and website development.

    Webafrica handles all Internet Access services (Fibre, LTE-A, ADSL, VOIP and Fax).

  • Will my services change?

    No. Absolutely nothing will change on your connectivity services such as DSL, Fibre or LTE-A.

    You will receive new login details for your web hosting panel from Gridhost soon but your website and email will continue to operate as always, without any downtime.

    We have some exciting changes to introduce regarding our VoIP service which will make it truly awesome, Webafrica will send these details to our VoIP customers soon.

  • Can I still top-up my account and view usage?

    Absolutely, until the migration has been completed you can still login to the Nexus customer portal to top-up and view your usage, etc.