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Terri has very short hair.

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It's the first step that counts.

Tait and Marie's kids like strawberries.

Saying which, I did the opposite.

I ate a papad.

We simply have no choice.

The exchange rates are posted daily outside the cashier's office.

He caught her hand.


There is a fly buzzing in front of the fish shop.

Where is there a bakery?

I followed the bus.

Thank the Lord.

He made a close analysis of the situation.

How many people are currently working for you?

At the time, you were outside.

Give Sundaresan his change.

Luke is a popular teacher.

Kate and Izzy apologized to each other.

Walt has origins from Poland.


I was moved to tears.

Niall says he can't give me what I need.

He admitted his defeat.


Pierette is going to be very happy to see you.

Douglas looks interested.

Nobody volunteered.

I'm not going to be that much help.

My wife is chaste and pious.


Bring me my cane.

I was angry and confused.

Let me make plain what I mean.


Butler is making progress.

It's not like I really want to go to Boston.

He told me that, without me, this life had nothing of interest for him.


Linda was Dan's new love interest.


Paul made me swear not to tell Keith.

His uncle worked as a pipe fitter for 36 years, exposing him to lead, exotic gases, and other interesting chemicals.

The last thing Alex needs is someone else stalking him.

I'd like to make more money.

Don't call her now.


Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula.


I'll call for you at 7 tomorrow morning.

At first, he sounded very sincere.

I intended to have been a teacher.

I thought Nicholas would take Kuldip to the aquarium.

I want to be ready.

Thirteen percent were undecided.

At first they try to ignore you, then they start to laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.


Jill has been on the phone with friends for more than two hours!

Seenu denied that anything had happened.

I want to speak with her.

Why don't you ask Alexander to go with you?

There's a large gingko tree that's said to be 800 years old inside the grounds of a nearby shrine.

This is never going to happen.

Could you tell me how to adjust the volume?


Hotta admitted he forged the check.

The house survived the landslide intact.

I'll call Jiri and tell him we won't be coming.

I haven't heard from her for a long time.

Do you advertise in the Yellow Pages?

I asked Earl out.

They are there.


If it had not been for your help, I should have drowned.

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The company should give back something in return for this service.

I have been lucky until now.

What will you give her?


I've always wondered what it'd be like to have siblings.


Let me handle that problem.

She wants to engage in teaching.

My mother speaks slowly.

Cristina asked me out on a date.

You'll never have my psychedelic pencil!


Hazel slowly drew back.

Cleopatra was Julius Caesar's lover and they had a child called Caesarion, or "little Caesar".

Terri sifted the warm sand through his fingers.

The president is fully aware of the situation.

There's someone with her.

I might see some friends in town.

Vince can speak French as well as English.

Marnix is good with kids.

I knew it was Jerrie.

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We work for Tovah.

My father is contemptuous of drunkards.

I'm going to go get them.

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Oliver hates raw onions.

Gregge probably will be here by 2:30.

A blind person's hearing is often very acute.


She touched my hand.

I want to know if he'll come here.

I checked the time on the clock.

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Read this passage and translate it into Japanese.

I put off answering the letter for a week.

She walked with her head down like an old woman.


Bob and Hank are duking it out in the alley behind the bar.


You remind me of your mother.

I don't intend to explain anything.

He finished his work without sleep or rest.

Did Earnie have to sign this agreement with Matthieu.

She hugs trees.


I quit after a week.


Man is destined to suffer.

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The two boys began to blame each other.

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I thought Knute would go to the bank and get some cash.


Don't fire him.


Suresh is near death.

He has gone to Paris on official business.

I have a high opinion of Juri.


Look through these papers.

Is there some way to check for ovulation?

You think you're so tough. You wouldn't last a minute in my neighborhood.

Noemi tells me you've been to Boston.

Kanako commutes from Chiba to Tokyo.

Jim is short for James.

The table is in the living room.

I'm not scared of terrorists.

That's a mistaken belief.

I'd like to lose some weight.

I think they sold you a bad article if ask me.

I would like to see it.

I'm working on it.

I haven't eaten there in a long time.

I had my watch mended.

You're like me.

Chicken pox outbreaks have inspired many children's parties.


Strong commitment to the environment is not compatible with large investments in oil and gas.


I can't carry all that baggage.

I'm very worried about you.

Grace worked hard to get the work done on time.

The fortune was divided among the three brothers.

Take the garbage out.

Is this about Steve?

You're going to look like a lobster if you don't put on some sunscreen.


Adlai didn't speak to me.

I care a great deal for you.

Hitoshi always says the best way to ruin a good cup of coffee is to put cream and sugar in it.


That's sweet of you to say.

Turks are a very friendly nation.

Maarten knew that Old was innocent.

Was my software updated?

Maybe I could have a word with Frederic.

I email my pen pal every Saturday.

Pitawas is busy, and so am I.

You won't like me.

I was starting to worry about you.

Is that a cat?

She sat next to him.

Ricky is being unreasonable.

Be careful not to wake them up.

I'm going to have you read the letter to me, Cristina.

Your answer almost amounts to a threat.

Comparisons aplenty are being made.

What language are you speaking?

Why did it have to be you?

She couldn't take it any longer.


The one person I know here is Helen.

Wash your legs.

Is there anybody here?


What's the minimum salary in Italy?

You'll find something that interests you.

Did you feed the dog this morning?


Not only was Brandi a star athlete, but she also had top grades.


She's waking up.