No one was in the swimming pool.

It is getting colder day by day.

Many kiss the hand they wish to cut off.

Would you like to stay here?

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Money is not everything.


Are you generous?

Do you drink iced water?

Granville was pretty close with his parents.

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Alfred scored a goal.

Saiid's unstable.

They say that animals aren't able to hate.

They conceived a plan to surprise the enemy.

Why did Vijay change his mind?

I have no one to leave my money to.

Vincenzo's a very bad guy.


He looked up.

A dictatorship means muzzles all round and consequently stultification. Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.

Ann is second to none in tennis.

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What do you think might be causing the problem?

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Her mother is not aware of her illness.

I needed to justify why I was earning such a large salary.

The cherry blossom is to Japan what the rose is to England.


Hillary and Alison agreed to postpone the party for a week.

He was laughing all the way to the bank.

They might take you seriously.

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Have you seen her?

Nobody is doing anything.

How many people do you know who can do this?

What do you do for the government?

I'm not your angel anymore.

It's been raining since last night.

Wow, you look really beautiful.

His mother and sister were sick.

I got my meter repaired.

I saw Bud with Skef yesterday.

I don't want to play with Winnie.

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He comes here twice a week.

I'm not a quitter.

Get Carlo's attention.


There's no doubt that Sharon is capable.


You will be allowed to go out soon.

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I wonder where he has gone.

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We have work for them.

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Cathrin thought Galen was hiding something from him.

She bought flour and oil in quantity.

Let's look at each step in more detail.


What reason did Tim give for doing that?

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He is managing the business for his father.

Either is acceptable.

I like the works of Picasso.


Am I ever going to see Major again?


Did anyone hear the gun shot?

This couldn't have happened here.

I had a horrible childhood.


You couldn't have picked a better time.

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Which club do you want to join?


I'm on your side, Brad.

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Socorrito doesn't know us very well.


Everyone's watching.

Ramanan will probably never go to Boston again.

Jones is not the first speaker.

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I was determined not to give in to temptation.

The climber stayed alert while climbing the precipice.

This water is good to drink.


Put Plastic to work.

I was frightened by the sight.

She ate only lean meat.


Welcome to my life.

Nikolai stayed outside.

How fast were you going?

He happened to be there.

Dwight should have said yes.

You almost stepped on the dog's tail.

No, just the one.

The water was supplied from outside.

I'll be back by seven, I promise.

Wolves won't usually attack people.

He showered abuse on me.

In case of fire, do not use the lift.

I am a bit crazy.


We will keep the room warm.

I can't help you, Alex.

Is there water there?

It's too sunny to stay inside.

This is a major concern.


I wouldn't leave without you.

Women are a decorative sex. They never have anything to say, but they say it charmingly.

Eliminating the deficit will be a very difficult job.


Kirsten doesn't like summer. He says it's too hot.


We're restless.

The bathroom is empty.

They stopped it.

What time do you get off work?

Good times alternate with bad.

You're a huge fan of trains.

You are singing now.

The frescoes of the cathedral are very interesting.

My telephone plan does not cover collect calls.

Stacey likes ham and eggs.

When push comes to shove, a family will close ranks to protect one of their own.

That remains a major problem.

Have you seen them today?

I just kept going.

I'd be happy if you could come with us.

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How long have Rajiv and Marie been going out with each other?

The increase of the population is a serious problem.

However, the duty of a student is to study. So if you neglect the end of term test, that's a "no!".

The submarine sank, never to rise again.

Someone is knocking loudly at the door.

She gave me a hand to set the table.

I was wondering if I could use your computer for a while.

There is no hurry about returning the book to me.

I knew what they did to her.

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Harold has some things to talk to you about.

The Earth is not perfectly round. It bulges around the equator by about 0.3% because it rotates around its axis.

The project is behind schedule and over budget.

My phone's stopped working.

I could manage to earn my living.

Computer files and folders aren't like children. You seem to want a big family.

Dan has been living in London since 1978.


A three-handed monster came out of the wardrobe.

I'll see Kaj tonight.

Is she looking?

Don't make noises when you eat soup.

It's unlikely Alexis will help us.

Mr. Wang usually has a nap in the meeting room.

I think we have a gas leak.

Do you know the answer?

Dawson doesn't like watching violent movies.

Charlene sometimes goes to Boston.

You need to get on your way as quickly as possible.

I hate it when people tell me what to do.

It was great to see you again.

My parents would never allow me to go to Boston with you.

I'll take my chances right here and now.

I have had to stay in bed for two days.

Who told you the news?

He asked me if he could hold my hand.

Fear fell upon her.

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I have three options for you.

She had the kindness to show me around the city.

Now I'll call my lawyer!

Charleen wants to become famous.

He is bent on becoming a doctor.

Which hat do you want to give to Johnnie?

I am not used to drinking coffee without sugar.

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He considered himself lucky.

It's natural that she should get angry.

I don't believe we need that.

The beautiful woman tore her red dress.

We visited Yokohama on business.

Will you pay off the damages in full on the dot?

I'm just listening.

Tricia is expecting Hector to come.

It is pointless to argue this topic with him.

May I leave my belongings on the bus?

Here we are again.

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Stick to jackets that aren't too gaudy.

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Don't come near me. I have a cold.

The piano was invented in the 18th century by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

It's a popular idea.

Get the boy away from the fire!

We've endured for long enough.