In his science fiction story, everyone in China speaks Esperanto at least as a second language.

I just said what everyone else was thinking.

I have to return this book to the library.

What's the promotion?

There's a cockfight in the courtyard.

Can you justify your claim?

Insurance makes us remember that the world we live in isn't completely safe; we might fall ill, face danger or encounter the unexpected.

Isidore had the last laugh.

Welsh is an official language in Wales and Chubut.

Is it true that you weren't here yesterday?

To obey the law is everyone's duty.

The Bible is the great best seller of all times.


What matters the most to you and why

It's more productive to concede a point of pedantry than to spend all day arguing about it.

As a star, the sun is a so-called yellow dwarf.

If it looks like a war, if it sounds like a war and if it kills like a war, then it actually is a war.

My father's little library consisted chiefly of books on polemic divinity, most of which I read.

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She likes oranges.

Money lenders are enjoying a profitable period.

There should be an harmonious relation between student and teacher.

We left Delbert and Marvin by themselves.

The actress greeted her fans from the stage.

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How long do butterflies live?

I saw that you were still sleeping when I went off to work.

Micky is wearing a yellow dress.

Anthony has a scar from when she tried to commit suicide.

The lion must've drug it down here.


Can't you see it?

This is quite contrary to what I want.

Let's begin, then.

Part seems to be a good guitarist.

Open the door. They are ringing the bell.

The newly promoted junior manager, drunk with power, lorded it over his former co-workers.

What advances have been made in medicine recently?

After years of focus on words, dictionary writers finally turned to sentences.

Where could they have gone?

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Mick isn't Len's friend.

I'll not make that mistake again.

I translated this sentence twice.

I don't know how much time we have.

Matthew couldn't think of anything else to try.

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The police quickly got on the track of the murderer.

With that act you could join the circus!

Amigo is, one might say, a professional criminal.

This is carcinogenic.

Jeffrey was hoping that Donnie would kiss him.

That town has many tall buildings.

The students bothered the teacher with silly questions.

It is ten minutes before eleven.

Guy did it very carefully.

Jeanne gave me a pamphlet.

That should've been enough.

After you take the medicine, your stomachache will be much relieved.

We didn't click.

This car is in good condition.

That's foolish.

I don't always approve of his methods.

No, it can't be! He can't be dead!


I couldn't look at it any longer.


Don't bother to deny it.

How much do you think I can get for my kidney?

Oh, I was disconnected.

I just met the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Alberto might be a little upset.

I did read your book.

I knew I had to stop.

They aren't related.

He had to sell the farm for debts.


I'm leaving today.

This is the hotel at which we stayed at that time.

Pioneer men and women had a hard life, and so did their children.

The Bounty sank near Cape Hatteras.

If the universe is a cosmic egg, who laid it?

I want to go to see a movie.

Curtis had fifty dollars in his pocket at the time.

Act, instead of talking.

I know where to find Vladislav.

I'll tell you when I get back.

The question is who's going to do it.


I hope you'll have a great year.

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I think that this image is relevant to our discussion from yesterday.

He plays World of Warcraft.

We'll be waiting for you in the lobby.

Please call me at your earliest convenience.

When does Alastair go to the market?

Indra is stunned.

She has to keep her powers hidden from her family.

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Jean-Pierre is as talkative as ever.

Our class consists of 40 boys.

Now let's go.

I'd like to see her again.

An orator is made, but a poet is born.


They're being shot.


Do you think Eliot would help us?

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She was nowhere to be found.

We're doing everything possible to find Mechael.

He is filthy rich.

Harvard is a wonderful university.

Father is busy, so I will go instead.

I really must go to bed.

Learning foreign languages is boring.


Get me a slice of pie, too.

I'm not sure I want that.

Love isn't blind, but it's often stupid.

Can you picture it?

Nicolette tried to persuade Sundaresan to do something she knew she shouldn't do.


I've got some things I want to do right now.

Her daughter has a stomachache.

We've known each other for thirty years.

The situation was very tense.

I'm not your plaything.

She didn't show up at the party yesterday.

I don't like the bad boy.

Not all men are wise.

I met this guy in one of my college classes and we became friends.

If I could, I would read all the time.

What good is a boat going to do us now?

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Barton gave the rope a tug.


All in all, I thought it was a good book.

I don't have an office, nor do I need one.

Van doesn't belong here.

Daniel got into bed.

She's busy with her work.

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That's what I did today.

Sharan paid cash.

I try to take few medicines, if possible.


Is Mr Fujiwara at home now?


I'm immune.


This is good for us.

You don't get to decide that.

You're motivated.

The armored truck delivered the money to the bank.

A cool autumn is coming.

I agree with them that we should try again.

Russia Today is a 24/7 English news channel.

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You just don't understand me!


Janos looks pale. Is anything the matter with him?


I never thought Ruth might not want to go.

I can't imagine going out in this weather.

Elliot was afraid to tell his parents.

Have you called Lucy yet?

We can't all be like her.

Everyone's asking for you.

Can we talk to her now?

Donn closed the door when he left the room.

She went to the cinema with him.

In fact, the man got angry.

Some people don't like dogs.

Let's not split hairs.

Do you really have enough money to buy such a valuable watch?

No one can go in there.

What a lousy camera!

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You're always around.


I want you to call home now.

I didn't plan to hit him.

Cats have seven lives.


Paste these labels on the jars.

We've decided to remain silent.

Bill is two years older than I.


That was three months ago.

When did you last hear from Lenora?

Louiqa isn't going to understand.


Steen was just a kid at that time.

By pooling their money, they were able to afford a new computer for the office.

I'm pretty sure Moore used to live in Boston.


How much more suffering can they endure?

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He hurried back from England.