He doesn't know when to shut up.

I walked past the construction site on my way here.

Let her leave.

Avalanches are a danger for climbers.

Mike ran very fast yesterday.

I love snow.

Is it getting worse?

Jussi's very highly strung and easily offended.

Brian was offended by what Roxane said.

For the job to proceed normally, I need your values and experience.

Why would John come back now?

Gretchen's father is a famous artist.

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Is there any place around here where I can rent a bicycle?

The room was in complete darkness.

Someone turned them in.

There were no fewer than five women standing outside, claiming to be his wife.

It rained that day.

I think it is cruel to trap animals for fur coats.

I spoke French to Jin.

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Are you telling me you don't know where Claudia lives?

Why was Page invited?

Too bad I can't paint like that.

Please choose a stronger password.

Lucullo had many golden cups.

It is not money but time that I want.

Take what you need.

Sometimes I get out of line.

He took care of the children while his wife was shopping.

I was injured.

A democracy is a form of government in which the people often vote for someone different but seldom if ever get something different.

I intended to go with him.

His aunt lives in Austria.

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He cut down a tree in his garden.

Is there anything you're prepared to do today?

The bakery is around the corner.


Space was totally confused.


We took advantage of the sunny weather to go on a picnic.

I saw Kurt go into the store across the street.

The possession of wisdom leads to true happiness.

I'm very glad that I did that.

Jimmy is willing to testify.

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Jill was one of my students.

This is dangerous territory.

I walked softly for fear of waking the baby.

Our husbands are Polish.

I'm getting sent to Boston again.

Trucks made it easy for goods to be transported.

I need someone to look after my son while he is outdoors.

More than a million old people are sick in bed.

Excuse me, how much is this?

Rajarshi will up sticks at his aunt's house; he thinks he may be a burden to her.

We're not speaking.

Who is the man at the other side of the table?

You've never slept with a woman?

The users of Tatoeba don't want Piet to die.

I wouldn't want to live with Masanao.


In 1981, the United States launched the Space Shuttle Columbia, the first reusable manned spacecraft. It was piloted by Robert Crippen and commanded by John Young.

It would be a lie if I say that I miss her.

I thought you came to see her.

Stanley removed his gun from his holster.

Could you teach me some French phrases that I might need?

The Grand Canyon is a well-known tourist destination.

I know what the three of you want.

I'm working right now.

How can I help you?


It's not my choice.

He enjoys eating ice cream.

I told it to my friends.

Keep them quiet.

Eric is all alone with no one to talk to.

It seems like he knows the secret.

This is the man for you to speak to.


Jim told me that he doesn't have a problem with that.

I come back home at 6:30.

Maybe I shouldn't be so suspicious.

They all thought of her as a bright girl.

People change.


I need to know more about him.


I will be waiting for you at baggage claim.

Are you aware of any problems?

No problem. Come again soon.

Do you want to come sit by me?

As I told you, Leung is dying.

Will the defendant please rise?

I just came back to get my umbrella.

Elsa washes his hair every day.

He slid the money into my pocket.


This book is written in simple English, so it should be easy to for you to read.

The song of the bird is pleasant.

Did you get a good look?

I can read without glasses.

Judge asked Kit what he should bring to the party.

Tommy usually goes to bed just before midnight.

The trouble is that my watch gains three minutes a day.

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These words were spoken by someone who shall be nameless.

Greenwich Village is a place which especially attracts the young.

You have until Monday to finish that report.

Why did the newly married Japanese man say something bad about his wife?

Miss Green taught me English.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


I'll buy what I need tomorrow.


The crowd is young.

What took you so long?

My friend is eating fish.

We all have to contribute.

Why's everyone whispering?


It will have taken inspiration from that animated cartoon.

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He says racial reconciliation and nation building will be the aims of his government.


Let everything be forgotten!

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The police can't arrest him.

Can you force them to do that?

It would be stupid to go on my own.


I asked Diana what time he was planning on leaving.

I'd never let that happen.

We help you, not to help you, but to help you help us.

What's the difference between a superstition and an urban myth?

Kati Wolf is a good singer.

I moved to Boston three weeks ago.

Be careful not to wake them up.

We've got to go and help them.

Why should I be scared?

I measured the board in inches.

The line is busy again.

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Peggy jumped from the boat.

None of them said anything.

Do you think I'm right?

This is my dream job.

Rich foods don't agree with my health.

Kenton is the cuter of the two.

What was the use?

Can you see my father?

At what time did you go to bed yesterday?

I will bite just a little bit.

Rafael came close to being killed by a stray arrow.

He held her close.

The bullet just shaved his cheek.

I don't know what you want to do.

No one lets me have fun anymore.

Senator Cathryn Jackson was put under house arrest.

This is Robbin.

There were some unsavory rumors about him.

It's said that the Portuguese called the Philippines "Ilhas do Oriente".

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Do you want some hot chocolate?


They all looked busy.

He said to me, "Children are like small animals."

It turns out that the child has disappeared.

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I got on the plane.

It was striking to the children that the grandfather sometimes picked his nose.

I must write.

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I have almost finished War and Peace.

I hesitated to go to the movie with him.

Talk to him.

We'll leave in half an hour or so.

It wasn't always this way.

We ran into each other at the station.

We would like to ask your help in clearing up our financial problems with your company.

We went to high school together.

This ball is that boy's treasure.


We should see each other more often.

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I just wanted to talk to you.

Panzer was elated.

Is there a washing machine in the house?

She hard-boiled the eggs.

The pie was delicious.


She was uncommonly witty and charming.


Are you still a virgin?

Is there a free spot?

She was noted for her good looks at school.


That's what Brodie always does.