I have nothing else to add to that.

He eats like a pig.

He took advantage of the good weather to do some gardening.

I find it difficult to understand French when it's spoken quickly.

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The red skirt is new.

This bag is both good and inexpensive.

Bjorne left a large tip on the table.


Does Shane like it there?

They adore him.

She left the building at about 6 p.m.

Brandon is a Canadian who lives in Australia.

You have a beautiful apartment.

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Etsy is responsible for Imogen of the Internet's entire economic viability.

I was at Kyoto once.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.


I've asked Gregory to help us.

May I run with you?

I don't think I like you.

In a dictatorship laughing can be an indictable offense.

My father will not let me marry him.

The rain is beating against the window.

Why do you want to hurt us?

I want to see you as soon as possible.

Who invented this strange machine?

I can have dinner ready by 10 o'clock.

You seem like a nice guy.

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She went about the household chores.


Is there anything in particular you want me to do?

It's neither here nor there.

Just let me talk to him.

The powerful rip current carried George far away from the shore.

That's not clear.

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Pay more attention to your work.

John has to do without a stereo for the time being.

I quickly emailed him back.

A ship's captain must remain observant that a reliable buoy be attached to each anchor by a sturdy rope, so that one could find and raise the anchor if its anchor-cable were to be shorn apart, were to fall into the sea or were to be hewn apart.

This new model of car is so popular that they have had to open a new factory to meet the demand.

Gail breakfasted alone.

Has Moran done enough?

Lucius has caught a cold.

Giovanni is double-jointed.

The hat does not fit you well. Is too small.

The cat is licking itself.

Sweden has generous parental leave and child care policies.

They all congratulated Rick.

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Can Nathan drive himself home?

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There are many animals to see there.

The parents succeeded in calming him down.

He is fluent in English.

Happy birthday to a man who runs a love and laughter and beer.

We all have children.

I approve his suggestion.

Jonathan knows how to talk to customers.

Sometimes, things are more beautiful when you look at them from a different angle.

You've let me down.

In youth we may have an absolutely new experience, subjective or objective, every hour of the day. Apprehension is vivid, retentiveness strong, and our recollections of that time, like those in a time spent in rapid and interesting travel, are of something intricate, multitudinous, and long-drawn-out. But as each passing year converts some of this experience into automatic routine which we hardly note at all, the days and the weeks smooth themselves out in recollection to a contentless unit, and the years grow hollow and collapse.

I love him all the more for his faults.

I think you'll find it very interesting.

I don't suppose you happen to know where Hans lives?

He is too proud to give up.

I can't sing in front of people.

He always twists my words.

That's the only hope we have left.

Isn't this what we're supposed to be doing.

The Waterfront project will help to keep Edinburgh up-to-date and bring more people to Scotland's capital city.

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You're naughty.

We thought that would be enough.

Henry never comes here.

What could've caused this?

I thought we weren't supposed to talk about Pratt.

Oh! Show it to me please.

The castle shone in the rising sun as if it were on fire.

He had no idea why his wife left him.

I won't try to persuade him.

The weather's been strange for the last few years.

I love you, Swamy.

I just wanted to make you happy.

I wanna find something like that.


Vladimir wanted me to tell you he's busy.

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I've got this under control.

Hire a minivan by the hour.

Our town is facing a wave of student protest.


Opinions vary on this point.

Do you think Vickie helped Ahmed, too?

Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.

I think we have a good team.

The news spread all over the town.


My son has gotten quite good at conjuring up excuses for not going to school.

He writhes like a worm.

Your share is twenty dollars.

Steven said he didn't know.

All of them say so, but I believe none of them.

Danny stifled a grin.

Ask Lanny how Joyce is.

They called for an end to the fighting.

All books may be divided into two classes.

That's Donna's father.

Before long, the moon began to appear.


Don't erase the sample sentence.

Klaus is struggling with this concept.

She accused him of having stolen the bike.

Do you think this looks like Miki's handwriting?

He always takes sides with her.


What could you teach me?

You're still vulnerable.

Could you give me a little help?

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Is he free on Friday afternoon?

They aren't here yet.

I told you that you'd like it.

Work is in progress.

He will struggle to graduate if he does not make progress.

I'll give you three dollars for it.

Len has been through chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

I enjoyed my time with Dwight.

Do they sell books?

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I had never been kissed before.

How would you feel if someone did that to you?

June says he had a very good time.

Send him in.

What does Van think of your music?

He answered with a look of annoyance.

My bike was stolen last week.


It is careless of you to say such things.


I'm not as rich as I'd like to be.

The whole mountain turns red in autumn.

Wow, it's pretty cold today.


I might know somebody that could help you.

Betty isn't sure this is a good plan.

They are much better than Western baths.


This effectively makes our enemies helpless.

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I don't speak any Esperanto at all.

We don't have the means to do that.

The UN has set eight milennium development goals to improve living standards for the world's poorest people.


He postponed leaving for Hokkaido until next month.

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I'll tell her, if I don't forget.


The method of scientific investigation is nothing but the expression of the necessary mode of working of the human mind; it is simply the mode by which all phenomena are reasoned and given precise and exact explanation.

The immigrants dream of having a new, better life.

I am going to send my son to college.


I wish Bea would hurry.

It is one thing to know and another to teach.

It's not legal for people under 20 to drink in Canada.

Would you tell them for me?

Have you considered therapy?

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The romance is gone.

I like to make the students work.

Narendra will never stop loving Reinhard.

How did you get tickets for the concert?

I'm sure Sal is aware of what happened.

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Take care not to catch a cold.

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The building is a hideous pile.

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I was having fun.

Corey is staying there.

Many native speakers of Japanese have trouble hearing the difference between B and V.

A few days after his thirteenth birthday, Tony left school, too.

I was admonished against being late.

Please be specific.

Is there anything I can do to help?


How did you like the food you tasted?

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I can hardly hear you.

I think that I was a princess in a past life.

It won't be long before we can travel to Mars.

I had my decayed tooth removed.

A great treasure was discovered in a sunken ship.

My boss told me it's hard to approach me.

A man drew near.

I told Caleb the reason I didn't want to do it was that I didn't think it was a good idea.

Jin said that he didn't want to live alone.