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Van walked up to the third floor.

I went to a public high school.

I'll guarantee that you'll enjoy this movie.

I think this one is good.

I feel like doing something different today.

Mwa looks pretty far gone.

Have you lost your marbles, wearing those bellbottoms?


I don't mind doing it.


Well, let's get started.


I just threw it away.

Miltos never returned.

I don't think my boyfriend and I will ever make up.


Honzo asked where Lorien lived.

I admire the view of the entire city atop the Ferris wheel.

There's someone I've got to see.

You can't keep people from talking.

I keep this baseball bat in the trunk of my car.

Mehrdad took half of the cookies and put them on his plate.

Amanda headed a guerrilla insurgency against French colonial rule.


I require advice.

He was bursting to go home.

The market never reaches stable equilibrium.

What time does school start in the morning?

Don't love using words or language, but love by actions and truth.


We don't get along.

We closed the office early today.

I wish King the best.


I'm happy, cause I'm learning some Dutch.

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We've got to buy some time.


Ask him where he parked his car.

Are you going to help me find it?

Death is preferable to dishonor.

Don't worry. Everything is under control.

I only speak Italian.


Come at least at six.

The previous tenant took excellent care of her apartment.

Everything was simpler then.

I don't like being treated this way.

The cat is on the roof.


How many hours a day does Laura swim?

Show him what you can do.

Edith is sickened.

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He came close to losing an eye.

Brender told me all the details.

I was betrayed and treated barbarically.

That's what happens when you don't read the instructions.

The engine is making a funny noise.

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I wanted to save this for a special occasion.


This place was sanctified.

Bob told me he'd be back.

You must be polite.


Connie corroborated Travis's story.

Our plane was about thirty minutes late.

Don't you think this has gone far enough?

I can't believe I'm sitting next to Tollefsen.

I think that it's good and bad that throughout my life I will not be able to forget that event.


Rub two sticks together to get the fire started.

I entered the restaurant and had lunch.

The end of the world is very near!

The constitution of the country is very democratic.

Carl and Venkata are having a dinner party Friday evening.

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I've always loved Egyptian culture

You are a wife to your husband.

I must speak with Shatter.

Maybe I was wrong.

Sheep are feeding in the meadow.

I thought Kyu would know when the time was right.

An apple is sitting on the table.

That's what we're working towards.

That's what I'd like to know.

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"What do you think of Syd?" "His voice is cool isn't it" "Just his voice?" "Don't you think his face is just normal?" "Uh- I think it's cool though."

Everyone already knows anyway.

I would like a chance to answer you, because the essence of democracy is that you have to listen to other people, as well as you have the right to speak yourself.

Joe had not suspected that the young farmer liked her; she loved him as a brother.

I have some work to do this evening.

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Founding your life on illusions is like building a house on a swamp.

This fish has a bad smell.

It's a do-or-die situation.


Not all of them are busy.

There's nothing I wish for more than this.

Turkeer didn't seem to notice any problems.

Blayne was harboring a fugitive.

She's really vain about her look.

We need lumber to build a barn.

After receiving a hefty blow to the head, the man spoke only gibberish.

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She's my type.

Come and sit by me.

People used to think the sun revolved around the earth.

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About 20 people were injured.

I met her three summers ago.

Where's Indra today?

This is a fairly primitive website.

It's a very gloomy day.

Have you discussed this problem with Cristopher?

I'll drive Earl there myself.

Maybe Novorolsky was trying to warn us about something.

Shell the eggs carefully so you don't get burned.

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Sad to see you go.

I love Tatoeba and all the people that contribute on this website.

It's time to take a bath.


Devon closed the door as quietly as he could.


Kusum took her by the arm and led her out on the dance floor.

Yeah, sometimes they do.

Why do you want me to have it?


The fan is over my head.


I want to talk to you about tomorrow.

Can you envisage Jem's working in a garage?

Terri must've known the truth.

I had sooner sleep than eat.

Ahmet has a small car.

The wind picked up.

George has made his position clear.

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Sridharan lives on welfare.

He will take on the responsibility for his friends.

This surprised many people.

During the summer all of the roses bloom.

Sir sometimes chews with his mouth open.

This is working great.

I don't see anything suspicious.


Sometimes in life you have to take the rough with the smooth.

There is a place for everyone in the world.

I'm going to see what I can do.

It's not because you have a title, that you're a noble. There are people who have a natural nobility and are fine nobles. People like us who only have nobility titles are not nobles, we're more like peasants.

Loukas tasted the stew and frowned.

Are you insane?

How's it going?

The older a town is, the more garbage it produces.

You don't have to talk so loud.

What are your kids doing?

You can always count on us.

Look at the price tag.

His toupee looks like a dead cat.

It doesn't matter whether you have money or not. I love you just the same.

It's very fortunate that this is not a traffic jam.

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A tiger will attack people when it is hungry.

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy.

Somehow, I knew you would make it.


You may be correct.


We don't know anything yet.

Starbuck always loses his umbrellas.

That's for me to decide.

It wasn't easy to convince her.

Brr, it's cold.

She fell in love with him at first sight.

Blake always orders the cheapest item on the menu.

Glenn has three ex-wives.

The water is flowing.

A good friend of mine wanted to write a poem dedicated to stoats, but gave up after realising he could never hope to create anything so beautiful that it would deserve to bask in the stoat glory.

The money was divided among the three.

He stayed behind in view of possible danger.

What a crazy way to run a business!

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What did I do with my umbrella?

I meet people like you every day.

He availed himself of the rain.


Is this your first time here?

He will explain it to you when he comes back.

Forgetfulness and laziness are siblings.

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Michael is reading a book.

I'm out of breath.

She spent most of her senior year in high school strung out on drugs.


I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Kitty pretended not to know what to do.

To my way of thinking, that was his mistake.