My favourite genre of music is pop.

I thought I'd save you the trouble.

The girl is reading with her grandfather.

I only speak Italian.

Did you call?

I got that from them.

We will agree only under that condition.

Stanley won the science fair last year.

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As a result of the storm, he didn't arrive.

The baby is screaming.

Tell us exactly where you're heading to.

I think I'm gonna stay here.

I had the same problem myself.

Kristin died three years ago.

Turn off the light.

Blake was sitting in the dugout with his teammates.

The picture was taken by him.


What a lot of books! Do they belong to the university library?

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Ilya looks young for his age.

We expected that we should have a warm January, but we hear that this winter is the coldest in twenty years.

We hope to see you there.

My wife is trying to sleep.

The medicine worked marvels.


She met him only recently.

It's a disgrace.

Sonja seems excited.

They discussed the plans for the party.

She is a whore.

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We shouldn't judge people by how they look.


Let him try it.

Every student is supposed to know the school regulations.

The police don't have a suspect.


I have to get home before it gets dark.

If Joshua said it, it's probably true.

Help me learn how to drive.

When I made my move she slapped me and told me to take a cold shower.

I bet she is younger than me.


Maybe I shouldn't have told Jones my phone number.

Why don't you let us help you?

You would be safe there.

There must be something heavy in it.

Shouldn't we turn off the heaters?

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My grandfather got seriously injured by a bomber during the war.

Now let us talk about serious matters!

We chose Henry captain of our team.

Annard and I were very worried.

Didn't you say you had some pull with Jeffrey?

One of the windows was broken.

Christina pried open the door with a crowbar.

Don't waste your money by buying things you don't need.

I've decided not to go to Boston.

In the attic is my grandfather's old first-aid kit from World War II.

From unpromising beginnings, he went on to become a respected leader.

I went with them so that I could guide them around Nagasaki.

The leaves of the tree became red.

They say whatever will get them the most votes.

I'd like to visit Boston before I die.

They obeyed orders.

What kind of reaction did you have when he came looking for you?


There were a number of cars on the street.

I told her not to go.

Do you want to go for a swim?

Your brother is asking for help.

Gregg is a pretty sophisticated guy.

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I thought it was strange that Audrey didn't say anything about that.

If the difference between order and chaos or preservation and ruin were the same as that between high mountains and deep valleys, or between white clay and black lacquer, then wisdom would have had no place: stupidity would also have been alright.

We run the store jointly.

I left Tarmi in charge.

We have to figure out a way to make some money.


Vidhyanath did the work himself.

At least I know Tigger is safe right now.

He set out for Paris last month.

I was too surprised to speak.

I don't think that's likely to happen.

Try another door.

Who's going to help me?

The more you study, the more you learn.

I'm supposed to be helping her right now.

To us!

Do you want to ask me a question?

I don't plan to swim.

This shouldn't be hard.

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Mr Davis looks very tired.

He gave me not less than five thousand yen.

He took a cold bath even in winter until recently.

That book is really old.

You must not make noises in the classroom.

She looked askance at him.

A boy and a girl came in. I spoke to the boy, who seemed to be older than the girl.

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The burglar broke in through the window.

Upstairs there were four made beds, but on three nobody ever slept.

I've been hunting with her.

I stayed at home and watched TV by myself.

We really want to impress Lui.

They're all children.

You know how the system works.

They always mock others.

That's why children love you.

You can count on us.

"Who here has a panda at home?" "I do!"


Divorce rates might reach a plateau soon.

He took Teri on a fishing trip.

I know Stacey appreciates it.

He is generous to his friends.

It was more and more hard to live in the village.

Brandi woke with a start.

You met each other at the airport.

What're you doing with those things?

Do you mind my smoking here?


The boat can still be seen.

She married him at the age of 20.

Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.

The exhibition was a product of his imagination.

Don't forget to let me know when it's time.

She heard him cry in the middle of the night.

I have to attend this class.

They'll find us.

Hunter works illegally in the U.S.

Ralf asked Murray to perform one of his magic tricks.

Wake up at seven, please.

The ship approached the shore by degrees.

Sorry, I've got to go.

I will not attend the party.

You are unbelievably naive.

I think I will take a vacation this week.

Carolyn is quite knowledgeable about modern popular music.

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They probably didn't hear you.

You even said that yourself.

I once lived in Rome.


I'll stand by you no matter what happens.

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He had made enemies during his early political life.


She uncrossed her legs.

Communism was the political system in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but that stopped in 1993.

She does not have much money.

Warren lives in the southern part of Boston.

Svante heard that Jon had bought a new computer.


That ticket is good until April 29th.

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Bernard was wearing a red skirt.


These will be very useful.

It was five years ago that I graduated from college.

I always listen to you.

Let's go the other way.

I guess you have changed a lot. I imagine what kind of beautiful young lady you've become...

We all felt that the country was in danger.

Do you usually turn on the TV as soon as you get home?

It was foggy, so it was hard to make out the figures of people walking.

She called her daughter on the phone.

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We went in search of an apartment.


Christmas is only two weeks off.

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You seem to enjoy watching me suffer.


Do you know what's wrong with them?

I ate quickly.

The children soon fell asleep.

He sang with his voice strained.

Before graduation, I went to visit my teacher to express my gratitude for everything he'd done for me.


Let me see if I can do anything.

If I were more creative, I'd have finished hours ago.

Something outside the window caught Samir's attention.

The girl looked embarrassed at his rude question.

She came hurrying to his bedside.


No man is an island.

Short hair looks better on her.

What are you guys doing up so late?

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You speak Esperanto, don't you?

I'm sorry I hurt you.

A man's happiness depends on what he is rather than on what he has.

I think Daryl isn't a very good singer.

So, you want her back now?

He lives in a farmhouse remote from the world.

Andre isn't wearing a jacket.