Allow us to do our job.

He was out of breath. He had been running.

I didn't say that.

In Ukraine, I always speak Ukrainian.

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Everyone was friendly to the new girl.

These are very fragile.

I'd really like it if you'd come to my party.


You were supposed to be helping Miek, you know.

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Both of us are from Tampa.

Hopefully he has learned from the incident.

Life is good.

I liked Alejandro, not for her looks, but for her kindness.

What I need is about three more hours.

Let's look outside.

I didn't need to pay for the food.


No one believes he is innocent.

I had to stay behind to help Santa.

She advised him not to use too much sugar.

Why don't we just reformat the hard disk? You've been having a lot of trouble with it.

You should eat slower.

Create your personal website.

He wants to be a tennis player.

I have a business proposition for you.

He has the problem of adapting to a new way of life.

Ima wants you to help him wash windows.

We want to have again our old Kaiser Wilhelm. But the one with the beard, with the long beard.

I hope you're not asking me to leave.

The people we meet in books can delight us either because they resemble the friends we hold dear in real life, or because they are unfamiliar people that we are pleased to get to know.


Christian didn't notice what Thad was wearing.


I need a room for two people.

Jeany heard Jarl go upstairs.

The rainy weather lasted for ten days straight.

There was a great deal of snow last year.

That day he went to school by bicycle, as is usual with him.

He emphasized the importance of education.

He is unable to do it.

Why do they call New York the Big Apple?

Everything has an end.

You mistook the salt for sugar and put it in your coffee?! How careless can you get?

Ken goes to school by bus.

Thomas is just the man I was looking for.

Ken is not the type of person who loses his temper easily.

The Diet rose for summer recess.



I can't read Arabic script.

He sank into a chair.

He put the box on the table.

We're going to have fish for dinner tonight.

If all professors bore all of their students, then all professors are wasting their time.

The dog is hers.

He has many children.


She's come to make trouble.


Did you volunteer us?

The river is running dry.

I don't trust that guy.

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I don't want him here.

We'll be working.

Someone has to say the magic word.

Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity.

She answered in tears.


You're from Boston, aren't you?


Please put this in the microwave oven.

I am not writing a letter.

She may be the traitor.

Kristi did something very, very stupid.

Moran was sitting alone in a corner booth, eating his lunch.

Trees are cut down and land is cleared.

At such times, I think of my family, not my friends.

What did Ella Fitzgerald sing?

You're a nerd.

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I'm looking for a friend.


There are few places where we can safely talk.


The teacher will illustrate how to do it.

He says you're cute.

I have no intention whatever of resigning.

You must have dropped them.

I came earlier than her.


She's not here to defend herself against these accusations.

We are a perfect match.

I'm the one who should be thanking you.


Ernest couldn't answer the last question.


I didn't kill anyone.

Because zeal for Thy house hath eaten me up, and the reproaches of them that reproach Thee are fallen upon me.

I don't like to drink coffee.

We don't know who the attacker was.

I'm tall.

Shari is just a family friend.

This Christmas is going to be great.

This ticket admits two persons.

I left my umbrella on the bus.

We have vast amounts of unused information.

Have you tried that before?

We use a calculator to do our accounts.

Jaime stopped speaking.

Kitty is very cute.

Vicki has forgiven Kevyn.

These two are very different from each other.

His village is just across the border.

It is cheap to take the subway in Beijing.

The old man said something.


There's nothing else.


He said it was hopeless to continue the struggle.

Since when did you become so high and mighty?

I'd better not tell you about that now.

She must keep early hours.

The old man in front of us is ninety-two years old.

Nothing looks familiar.

The Way to see by Faith, is to shut the Eye of Reason: The Morning Daylight appears plainer when you put out your Candle.

We're trying to get donations.

My mother cooked the potatoes very well.

My mother prepared me for the bad news.

I'm reading a book.

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At that time, the train was very crowded.

The field where we used to play ball is now all built up.

Don't tell anyone that I'm here.

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What tempted him to come home?

Can someone respond to my question?

Except for the weather, it was a great picnic.


Radek hopes Rick doesn't end up in jail.

They believe in a life after death.

The flower will come out soon.

We could've waited, but we decided to leave without Kimberly.

He considers himself a guardian of moral standards.

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It's not just about the money.


Robin has been very productive.


It was dreadful weather.


Go straight ahead on this street.

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I thought you'd agree with me.

How many margaritas have you drunk?

Earle needed to be taught a lesson.

Wilmer doesn't take very good care of his dog.

Are you guys sure about this?


Angola became independent in 1975.

It was a bad situation.

Do you know how to deactivate a bomb?

Just have her call me, OK?

Toerless is the one who should be apologizing.

Moses is totally disgusted with Tuan's behavior.

Piete tells everyone that Hirotoshi's the cream in his coffee.

Ramneek and Stagger are playing 500 Rum.

I don't like school.

She fainted with fear.

Business is declining.

Hitoshi flipped on the dining room light.

I know you're smarter than me.

These flowers bloom earlier than the others do.

What's the minimum salary in Greece?


When he was just about to leave, an earthquake started.


Grapes grow in thick clusters that are easy to pick.

We won't forgive you.

Tomorrow I am going to return the map that you lent me.

Hanson is wrong when he states international economic developments led to great migrations of labour in the seventeenth century.

I don't doubt you.

Her excitement nearly bubbled over.

I don't know who Marci gave that to.

Mat is waiting for you and Andrew.

I'll take it to them.

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Obviously, you've changed your mind.

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Come, sit on my lap.


I've been waiting for you a long time.

We are studying Spanish.

We all need variety in our diet.

You are quite justified in answering him back.

If anyone has a better idea, I'd like to hear it.

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Do you want to see Lindsey again?