The allotment is inadequate.

He met with a tragic death in an ambush.

I'll take care of these.

We shouldn't do this.

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I can't survive without air conditioning in the summer.

They don't trust Alison.

I don't like you any more than you like me.

Loyd won't go alone.

Phiroze insists on seeing you alone.

I could swim faster when I was young.

Your parents must be so proud of you.

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It seems to be working.

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This isn't French.

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I read both of those books in tandem several years ago and I can't remember which one the scene you're describing was in.

Israel and Orville need to take a break from one another.

I prefer to write short sentences.

It is impossible to substitute machines for people.

Jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

I'm going to call for help.

She doesn't say hello to her neighbours.

It's a snap.

He's not sick.

At the end of the year in Japan, concerts of Beethoven's Ninth are held in various regions as if it's an annual event.

This flower is a kind of rose.


I've got to take my library books back before January 25th.

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Wait. I will pay for this.

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I could hear sirens in the distance.

The teacher put a comment on each paper.

I don't have any friends to talk to.

Fay seems so lonely.

We think that he will come.

"What're you doing?" "The household books. Our finances are pretty tight so we have to do things properly."

His gutted reaction just added to the confusion.


I see something moving.

She was kicking up her heels with delight.

just for kick

I couldn't ask him for money.

Please stay where you are.

I've got a hunch.

He remained dumb.

She forgave her husband.

I'm just saying it's a possibility.

Can we just get this over with, please?

Yang doesn't like my friend.

Lend me a tool set please.

I've gotten wary of the gleam in your eye that shows when you've developed a new obsession.

She's materialistic and vain.

I feel very sorry for Alexis.

Francisco thanked Henry for her time.

I let him buy it for me.

Armored though it was, the window did not resist the bullet, which hit the driver's head.

You're very sick.

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If he'd taken his doctor's advice, he might not have died.

Oh kiddo, I'm sorry for overlooking your message. So what's wrong with that part?

We certainly are.

I mistook you for your sister when I first saw you.

I told you I was doing that.

I want to watch you suffer.

He failed in his business and now is a total wreck.

Do you know what Jacobson's favorite food is?

The main selling point of Esperanto is that it puts everybody on an equal playing field.

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I bet I can do better than him.


Who could've broken the fishbowl?

But if I have committed a crime, every circumstance of the case is changed.

"What's wrong, Norm?" "I don't know."

I know that downloading music from the internet without paying is wrong, but I do it anyway.

Yes, I'm coming immediately.

Kate listened to the radio all day.

It's a fact.

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You must teach it to me.


I'm trying to help Craig, but he won't let me.

"Take all the land you want. There will be always enough land for both white and Native American people," said the Indian chief. "Really? So we want all the land from the Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic Ocean," said the general.

It hurts when I urinate.

It isn't expensive.

I have breakfast at 7:30.

I think you know what we have to do.

Our love will burn forever.


No, I didn't see anyone.

I bought a T-shirt.

The user you to want to send this message to does not exist. Please try with another username.


I know what Marlena was trying to do.

If somebody is in trouble, many ones will do harm to him.

His life was full of ups and downs.

I'm so glad Vernon was able to get his driver's license.

I was born on March 18th 1994.

Ole said he could handle it.

I see my rose.

The story reminded me of my father.

I want this room cleaned.

Sometimes the first symptom of cardiovascular disease is death.

Kevin bought it.

I left some stuff I need in the car.

Insurance fraud is a crime without a victim.

If you want freedom, you'll have to face your parents.

I'm well aware of the situation.


I'll go see how much longer we'll have to wait.


Can Teruyuki afford that?


This is the first time I've gotten a real vibe off you.

It is said that there will be an election soon.

You know that your English is good when people stop complimenting you on how good your English is.

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We find comfort in traveling.


You are a feast for my eyes.

Suppose we go to the movies tonight instead of tomorrow?

Those who lived in that country could not speak out against their leaders.

The letter is inside the envelope.

Ariel doesn't often take vacations.

It is not clear whether he is wise or not.

Joseph must be dead.


You need to tell us where we can find Jong.


I saw him last weekend.

Equality is guaranteed by the Constitution.

He came back after two hours.

They talked about love.

It isn't cheap enough for me to buy.

That boy is his brother.

We have to wait often.

A drop in the bucket.

She suddenly fell silent.

Will he be able to catch the train?

I don't really know what to say.

After an hour of waiting, the launch of the rocket was cancelled.

The teacher told Torsten to hold her tongue.

They were left alone together.

Noemi went to the Australian embassy to get a visa.

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You are too kind to me.


Jim's uncle is due to retire next year.


Only Niels didn't want to go.

Stagger is wearing a new suit today.

Sometimes on a winter's night the Snow Queen flies through the streets of the town, and breathes with her frosty breath upon the windows, and then they are covered with strange and beautiful forms, like trees and flowers.

I saw them die.

There will be inevitable consequences.

He looked surprised at the news.

Hey, handsome.


Shankar was sitting alone in the dark waiting for Robbin.

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He brushes his teeth after his meals.

I stepped on a nail.

You may as well do the task now.


Robert said he wasn't tired.


Is that a yes or a no?

We were with family that night.

She is habitually late.

I want my own house, even if it's a shack.

Japan is one of the greatest economic powers in the world.

The people of Sydney ought to be afraid of the sharks, but for some reason they do not seem to be.

Do you speak Marathi?

Ramadoss doesn't hate Renu.

You can rely on her.

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The opposite sides of a rectangle are parallel.


I don't think it's worth the price they're asking.

That was a 'cutting the Gordian knot' type of solution.

The question is who's going to do it.


What did the experimental set-up look like? What was connected to what and how?

My god is greater!

The sun rose above the horizon in the distance.

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I go to school every morning.

Abdominal pain is a common problem.

Harvard is a wonderful university.

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Who do you think you're fooling?

I think Caroline will return soon.

Please, take a look at my first post and let me know what you think about it.

Without Malloy's advice, Piete would have failed.

The children built a sand castle on the beach.

If I were healthy, I would be happy.

The first course is soup.

It would be unfortunate if it fails.

I need to talk to you about an urgent matter.