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That's really sweet.

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I'll come to you straight away.

During a conversation, ask about the man you're talking to.

Everett insisted that he was right.


Miles has been lucky all his life.

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Saad is an activist in his community.

Her feet were bare, as was the custom in those days.

I haven't managed to get help from anyone.

Omar Sharif, a real heart-throb in his day, died at the age of 83.

It really is quite late.


Please wake up.


You've done a superb job.

I like listening to you sing.

You're always in my heart.


The policemen arrested the burglar.

I met nobody on my way home.

Will that be all?

Harvey and Krzysztof are away on a trip.

How many kebabs will you have?

Siping unfolded the camp chairs.

There are some mistakes in your translation.

I wasn't laughing at you.

Ofer didn't have the faintest idea what he was going to do the next day.

But a man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.

Tommy ought to be reliable.

Siping loves talking about politics.

We had lunch at noon.

I don't have to study French tonight.

A new school of fiction has grown up.


That can't be the good news.

This point will be discussed tomorrow.

What is the exchange rate of the euro against the rupnu?


Jason told Ti that he was Canadian.


I've brought supplies.

Why are we sitting here?

I don't want to cause any inconveniences.


The drawer is empty.


It is five years since we moved here.

What's the minimum salary in Afghanistan?

Charleen never talks about money.

You shouldn't eat just before you go to bed.

None of us are opposed to her ideas.

There are exceptions.

All Americans have to pay their taxes.


He is in a hurry to catch the bus.

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He stared into her eyes.

Everyone isn't us, is an enemy.

She earns half as much money as her husband.

Why won't you leave me alone?

Woody went to jail.

Ravindranath was angry because Caroline was ignoring him.

Acceptable and unacceptable are clearly in opposition to each other.

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I cannot argue with Taninna. She's my uncle's wife.

Yesterday I bought a dog. Sadly my aunt cooked it for dinner.

How is it that one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

What is most beautiful in the world?

What a beautiful dress you have on!

Will called Norman from the airport.

Tell us a little about yourselves.

It will be the end of the world.

I had to make sure Elias was still planning to come.

My parents made me apologize to Martyn.

She tried to persuade him to attend the meeting.


Would you like to see something?


I thought everyone was happy.


Can I enter a sentence in French?

Even if all it manages is to get part way, it will "tap you on the shoulder" and alert you to its conclusions.

Hugh wanted to cry.

Are you telling me you're the one who assaulted Micheal?

It's never easy to tell whether he's being serious or not.

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Martha was robbed at gunpoint.


His ideas are always practical.

With a last weak "cri-cri-cri" the poor Cricket fell from the wall, dead!

You knew about this already, didn't you?

I speak from experience.

Educators should respect learners' mother tongue.

She isn't joking.

Did you talk to him on Monday?

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I'd like to get information about your hospital fee.

Mara is going to need more money than what he has.

Father's bankruptcy was a blot on the family's reputation.

My goldfish looks sick. I wonder what's wrong with it.

Bobby is unhappy.

Marie was wearing a gray suit and a red tie.

Let me give you some money.

Rudolph couldn't help but feel happy.

Tanaka plays the piano well.

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Take the wheel.

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Alan is starved.


I know you from somewhere, don't I?

I had to go home.

I've something interesting to tell you that you might find surprising.

Let us go.

I need to take Monday off.

Where did you go with that girl?

I want to try to enjoy this.

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He says he will come, which is quite impossible.

That's the big question, isn't it?

She is as tall as you.

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You always try to get what you want.

Is Kristi alone now?

One of the things we should learn from Americans is their ability to gather, accumulate, and impart knowledge.

What makes you say that?

Glen collected coffee cups.

There's no hurry. We have plenty of time.

I worked in this company for three decades.

Philippe and Takayuki stand waiting for drinks.

At the meeting he said a lot, but his argument did not hold water.


The jewelry store is open.

You can't go yet because you still have a few things to do.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange rallied at the end of the day.

I cleared his doubts.

I think Pierette is doing a pretty good job for us.

What could he mean?

Hal is in a good mood.

The death never surprises a wise man: it's always ready to cede.

Yesterday it was so cold that I stayed home.

Wipe your face clean.

Eight hobbits form one hobbyte.

That's the solution, isn't it?

I'll miss you too.

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You're the only person I know who is my age.

Contador won the yellow jersey in the Tour de France.

Cyrus was kissed by Stevan.

He's too cute for words!

Claudia wants Benson to apologize.


Beating the game without continuing unlocks the secret character.

It's just after midnight in Boston.

Maybe you control it.

After washing the dishes, I rinse them.

I don't want to marry you.


Pamela is a young and talented dancer.

Forgive me for my ignorance.

Please step aside.

I just uncorked a bottle of wine.

No matter how he tried, he could not open the door.


Patricia wants to protect me.

That incident was a black mark against the president.

Pria didn't know where Cole wanted to go.

I know that he was busy.

Juha prefers patients who can't talk.

It's been stolen.

This applies to many people.

My mom taught me how to cook.

So what if I'm gay?


Philip uses cannabis for medical reasons.

This table is a priceless antique.

What do you think Roxane should do?


Aimee is the best barber in town.

Some take their role as in loco parentis a little too far.

Our gardener Kurt and the charwoman Vaughn will get married in May.

Subdued girls are generally the prettiest I reckon. The loud, bustling ones are awful.

I don't even think Daniele heard me.

Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

Does he know where those cats hid themselves?


Larry could be in danger.

We won't be able to escape punishment this time.

On such a cold day I don't want to go out without a warm coat.


She is very photogenic.

You were late, weren't you?

He became so excited that what he said made no sense at all.

That's the same story as I heard when I was a child.

Are you enjoying good health?

Let's hit the showers.

Wikipedia turns 15 today.