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By rye in : blog / Apr 11 2011

The Uncompletionist

  I know I might have just made up an entirely new word with my title of this blog post, but I don’t care. Once again going back in the past, I was reviewing older files I had backed up for years ago. One huge issue I noticed while going through all these files were how many projects I […]

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A link to the Past

By rye in : 8556825544 / Mar 31 2011

A link to the Past

I recently have been going through all of my old backups both on harddrive images and CD/DVDs I burned years ago. When I say years, I am talking well over 10 years ago. To my amazement the CD/DVDs held up extremely well. Matter of fact much better then I ever thought they would, but that’s […]

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(306) 231-9031

By rye in : 3528348858 / Mar 28 2011

Is anyone out there?

So I have been contemplating wether or not to use this site or one of my other domains to start a new blog to discuss things going on in the tech world and in my personal life. It has been so many years since we started blachole and I think our following has died out […]