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I updated my software.

I think Jon and Meehan are too young to get married.

We got our roof blown off in the gale.

Marcel has a pain in his big toe on his right foot.

He is rather optimistic.

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What do we know about them?

Hans doesn't seem to be very busy.

We spent our holiday exploring rural France.

I'll call.

She got carried away watching the boxing match.


It was meant as a compliment, so I didn't want to tell him that he had missed the point.


English is a language abounding in idiomatic expressions.

Olivier shouldn't have done that.

Please teach me how to play this game.

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Why wasn't I notified?

What quantity of paper do you need?

This is a quiz that tells you which US presidential candidate is compatible with you.

Danielle invited us to his summer cottage.

I was just looking for you guys.

Banks will try to lend you an umbrella on a sunny day, but they will turn their backs on a rainy day.

I'm glad that you want to support this project.

How many suitcases are you taking on your trip?

Can you please help me for just a minute?


I want us to be friends.


Both companies were sold.


The lion began to roar as we approached.

I excited her.

Christie crossed the road without looking both ways.

Who knows when Hu Jintao was born?

Were it not for your help, I should fail.

A single person produces more meat than I expected.

I had to show Jagath something.


I'm sure he'll pass the next exam.

He's not afraid of snakes at all.

When my mother was young, she was very beautiful.

What's the minimum salary in Denmark?

Boys often imitate their sports heroes.

She never saw her.

Can I have a moment?

I forgot to tell you something.

I knew you'd enjoy that.


What's better?

It was not until he was forty that he started to paint pictures.

What are you doing to change things?

After years of success he has come down in the world.

Just tell her what you need.


I ate while I studied.

Saify hasn't been all that successful.

I felt an uncomfortable tightness in my chest.

You're always staring.

Jun wanted to buy June an expensive gift.

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She tried not to cry.

I've been here all afternoon.

What is the purpose of this essay?

Everything is perfect.

Brendan is not my friend anymore.

I cannot account for this strange happening.

My father gave me a computer as a gift.


He's returning to the place that you came from.

I rushed to Grannie's house and it wasn't locked, so I went inside.

I would die before I live on in shame.

Last night was exceptionally cold.

He was raised in an artistic family.


Have you ever tried skateboarding?

The ballboys and ballgirls all come from local schools.

Lynn's friend asked him to come to his house after school. Shai was very excited and he ran home to ask his mother's permission.


My hobby is to cook.

How fast is too fast?

Michel said he didn't feel hot.

He usually goes to work at 8 a.m.

I've seen that picture before.

We have to find out why they want us to do this.

Vicki lived for thirty years.

How long have you been here in Boston?

Thomas never received the money Kimmo sent him.

Tell Myrick I said goodbye.

The horse trotted down the road.

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If you need money, I can lend you some.


Carelessness can lead to a serious accident.


We all know how you feel.

I'd like to know why you're here.

Bjorne is a terrorist.

I know what you must be going through.

I can't believe this.

I wish I was going to Boston with you.

Panzer couldn't have done it without you.

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Do they own a computer?

The cat is watching the one fish.

Clara isn't here anymore.

There were a good many candidates for the position.

The kids are running wild.

Klaus loved teaching.

In Canada we sleep in a bed, not on the floor.

Those animals can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere.

He made sure nobody could see her.

Can you tell me when the next bus will arrive?

I think Harv didn't want to leave so early.

"Is he a good kisser?" "Lex does everything well."

Paula was afraid people might laugh at him.


Do you know how Dawn obtained the information?

The two countries will negotiate a settlement to the crisis.

Have you given it any more thought?

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Will you leave a message?

Kit thought Trent would know where John was.

I'd like Herb's opinion on this matter.

I bought a pen like yours yesterday.

Thomas still believes that will happen.

Oh, you almost hit it.

I live at 517, das Torres Street, Madrid, Spain.

We had to drive slowly all the way.

It snowed as was forecast.


Frogs eat insects.


The truly wise people usually lack the obsession.

Which do you like best, apples, oranges or grapes?

Edwin got Marshall to polish his shoes.

Let me explain it to you.

They need real help.

Something's happened to Lila.

Snow reflects ultraviolet light.

Malus took another bite of his sandwich.

I don't even want to think about it.

Am I doing something wrong?

I wish there were no examination.

Did you get a haircut?

She'll be available around four o'clock.

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He always turns to drink to get away from his troubles.

Niels wasn't ready to talk about it.

Recently, they have not been giving her her paycheck on time.

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I thought I'd never find them.

Vic motioned Dalton to sit down.

We're real excited about that.

I went around Hokkaido by bike this summer.

Nici spent three months in jail.

Miss Sato is in charge of my class.

Some companies are still debating whether to get Internet access.


If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.


The sun is sinking below the horizon.


I went fishing in the river.

I hate him.

Your soul can be outside your body; don't assume that it's inside.

What puzzles me most is why Manavendra even bothered to go see Norm.

"Let us begin today's lesson by opening our books to page 156," said the teacher.


We all know it won't work.

You did not learn about people from Star Trek.

You'll have to stay in the garage.

I cannot finish reading such a thick book in a week.

I'm dancing.

She was then more beautiful than she is now.

That was not very romantic.

Wilson clearly had the best chance to win.

The laborers are murmuring against their working conditions.

She must have worked very hard.

My purse was stolen.

I have no idea what I should be doing.

The concert was a big disappointment.

Their job is to mop the office.

Spacious apartments in Tokyo are hard to come by.


Time passes quickly when we are doing something we like.


According to what I heard, they have broken up.


I pulled the trigger.


Even though Murray used to be my best friend, I'm beginning to hate him.

I'm a bit pressed for time.

I want to sort this out once and for all.

All French wear berets.

Could we start immediately?

He is far from perfect.

Bill was by far the brightest student in his class and he breezed through every exam with top marks.