Marci is playing outdoors.

Do you play any sports?

I am good at raising roses.


The company wants to employ 20 people.

Ritchey forgot to buy bread.

Many moons orbit around Saturn.

Miriamne should be proud.

What is your opinion on this issue?

Julianto was a war hero.

Hsuan needs to call someone to repair the agitator in the washing machine.

I'll take a look.

What time is your bus?

Happiness does not consist of how much you possess.

I just found out that my dad is not my biological father.


You were happy.

The team needs me.

She was brought up according to the Jewish religion.

Ti is an animal.

I'm going with Konstantinos and the others to a karaoke bar today. Are you coming?

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I forgot my lunch and bought a sandwich at school.

He could not bear to see the scene.

Time is a precious thing, so we should make the best use of it.

I'm not afraid of anything after having verbal abuse heaped on me like that. In fact, I feel empowered by it.

We talked for hours on the phone.

I gave my old coat to her.

Good lunch.

Do the first example in your workbook.

Whenever the boss is around, he pretends to be busy.

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Excuse me, how much do these cost?


Thanks for not telling Lyndon what happened.

That doesn't mean anything.

Alberto might have a chance after all.


You need to toot your own horn.

All of this is very worrying.

I accept full responsibility for their actions.

Our minds transform experiences into symbols.

I have access to this library.

I was challenged by a gatekeeper.

He's rich, though unfriendly.

I'm tired of fighting with you.

Do you need help with that?

Why do you think I'm here?

That's a safe guess.

She was in tears.

She speaks with her mother every day.


They set out on a picnic.

I need to make up the time lost.

These are select peaches.

I think what you want is to be alone.

Don't get killed.

There are more than 150 nations in the world.

Ozan may not recognize you.

They honored him as their leading statesman.

The man's third attempt to stop smoking ended in failure.

I feel like a drink. Got any beer?

I reviewed the budget, and decided to cut costs.

Give Rudy what he wants.

What can we do to help him?

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It's obsolete.

Jacobson swam in his clothes.

What are you trying to say?

She lives in a large house.

This is going to be fine.

He will come back to Japan in the middle of May.

The person I look forward to working with is Olson.

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Our representative argued against the new tax plan.


I'll stay home tomorrow.

It's blank.

I told her.

I miss you very much.

I like English, too.

What would you suggest that I get Saad for his birthday?

English is spoken by more people than any other language.


I need to study.


To my thinking, business is improving.

We saw Stephanie do it.

He was not completely satisfied with the treaty.


I would never betray you!

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I didn't think you'd be so late.

Where do you go more often, Boston or Chicago?

I don't work for her anymore.

When you go to the grocery store, pick up some cottage cheese, please.

I warned him of the danger.


We delegated him to negotiate with them.

What's keeping him?

I don't mind making a few changes to the plan.

Marla slipped and fell.

The jury began deliberating Monday.

Jamie lied about what he'd been doing.

I can't drink any more.

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I call on him every other day.

Ted called for help.

This sounds fishy.

We'll meet again.

I didn't know Betsy couldn't speak French.


I will help as much as I can.


I haven't received yet the letter you've sent me.

The baby kept crying all night.

Hirotoshi isn't the kind of man who would do that kind of thing.

Drive with the utmost care.

Brian volunteered to do the job.


He built up a good business in a short time.


I used to drop in at the bookstore on my way home.

He turned to his orange juice sullenly, sneering that every little additive would sign him up for experiments he wanted no part in.

This is very difficult.


On account of the storm, he didn't arrive.

Who was the coach?

I know a man who can speak French well.

Glynn is beating up Vicki.

It's a perfect day for a barbecue.


None of this was my fault.

This is obviously just a big misunderstanding.

Harris is going to be mad at us.

You can't send Christmas cards to everyone.

I had intended to go there.

I was banking on him to help me.

I'm a people person.

Boy have I got something to tell you.

Would you like me to elaborate?

What did you think you were doing?

We all felt great sorrow for him.

I don't want you to overexert yourself.

Monica wanted to go into politics.

Alain couldn't find his passport.

I was really ill and didn't eat anything.


The dentist told me to open my mouth.

They're in love.

I like the simplicity of her dress.

There's no doubt about it. He's tall.

I didn't want to lose.

Reiner is being careful with her baby.

What is making this sound?

Sorry, but could you answer the phone for me?

She went travelling with her friend.

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Would you mind if I told her?


Mysore's girlfriend's name is Gil.

Where is my beer?

Is it easy to install?


I've never seen such a tough nut.

The sound woke me up.

It's getting chilly.


I got this recipe from my grandmother.

Why didn't they draw up a passenger list?

I was having dinner with Donovan.

I remarked on the beauty of the landscape.

This book is above me.

Where do you put your extra change?

Don't tell me what I know.

The man lit a cigarette with a lighter.

Don't you want to talk to Malloy?

Look at him. He's drunk again.

I hear the drum.

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Sir, I would like to deposit my money. How do I do that?

Now that was a simplistic answer.

Ritchey watched Allan walk away.

It's going to be hard to live without Juliet.

She is very popular with the clients.

Arlene isn't very charismatic.

I know it means a lot to him.

Eugene's goal was to become famous.

The contents of the letter were secret.

There was a large harvest of peaches last year.

I have a twin sister.

He often eats breakfast there.

Pratap wanted me to come.

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I thought you were going to help.


Yvonne said he didn't like this.

She's very tall.

I know New York like the back of my hand.