The restaurant is closed.

Did you speak to her today?

I suppose I could use some rest.

Steen knew who I was trying to find.

Giles is used to Betty's moods.

Irfan lost his house.

As long as you are thinking about the pros and cons of a relationship, I don't think you can call it love.


Return to your seat.

Who's next on your list?

He got hooked on drugs at a young age.

It's a terrible affair.

Who do you think is going to win the match?

I'm just trying to keep busy.

Where on earth can Herb be?

She caught a cold last night.

That's not relevant.

With a little more effort.

How long were you in there?

He's a good violinist, is this not true?

Please tell me what's going on.

Not everything Pablo told you is true.

I feel like celebrating.

Who did you go to the beach with?

Are you the girl Simon has been seeing?

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Tao is on his way home.


I have a friend who lives in Sapporo.

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Do we have to do this now?

Pontus's thrilled.

I'll have your son.

If you had worked yesterday, you would have a day off today.

I have time, so I'll do it.

I like to see these pictures.

Can you tell Stefan that I'll call him later?


Soohong is being facetious.

Ranjit could still be there.

Ken was found dead in the alley behind the restaurant.

I changed my position on that.

Why wouldn't it work now?

Be sure to bring rain gear.

It's time to play the joker.

The cake is in the oven now and should be ready to come out in about ten minutes.

Let's dine out for a change.

The crane was standing on one leg.

They have families to feed.

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I help my mother in the evening.

She once proudly stated that she was going to lose 5 kilos of fat in a single month.

Is there something that we could do for you?

Thanks for the feedback.

This may be of use to you.

Let's get out of Naomi's way and let him do what needs to be done.

Hazel has a small dick.

That's the right attitude.

That woman over there is Ana.

I'm right outside.

Charity is an important mitzvah.

Wendi must be headed your way.

"How did the accident happen?" "Nobody knows."

The new car underwent its tests successfully.

I like vocal music better than instrumental music.

I've decided to give Mickey the promotion.

Everyone more or less likes showing off in public.


She left her bag behind on the rack when she got off the train.


The cat is white.

Malloy's loyalty is admirable.

She gave some food to the poor family.


Put the book on the bottom shelf.

January 1st is a day when many Japanese go to the shrine.

Let's do away with all formalities.

May I use the toilet?

I think you ought to postpone the meeting.

Arlene wants to eat fried rice.

Now introduce yourself with these sentences!

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I love you dad.

I have just one more question.

He who starts ten tasks won't finish a single one.

You're not going to get away with this.

The clock is defective.

Let's talk about your job.

I saw a woman in black.

This tie doesn't go with my suit.

You are as tall as I am.


It was a horrible idea.

Is this the latest model cash register?

Iranian people strongly believe in the Persian character of the Persian Gulf.

The movie was more interesting than I expected it to be.

I know you've got a gun.

Dan tried to make amends with his children for having neglected them so much when they were younger.

What Soohong really wanted was enough money to buy a house.

I don't think Pratapwant likes me.

We have surprised the enemy.


Raphael is quite possessive.

I can't do it alone. I need your help.

He ran to the station and caught the train.

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Young as he is, he is equal to the task.

Phillip twirled her hair around her fingers.

Let me show you some pictures.

He has been exhausted from overwork.

Carolyn caught Hirofumi sneaking out of the house.

You shouldn't go outside.

He was too embarrassed to do it.


I only talked to Annard when there was no one else to talk to.

He thinks that he is a great poet.

I hear my father was as old as I am now when he came up to Tokyo.


Vladimir and Van both stared at John without saying anything.


We have to leave a bit earlier.

The first-time precarious fisherman, lazily fished dangerous poisonous fish, but soon stopped to shell peas.

Beverly is extremely greedy.

Let's have fun tonight.

We're going there next week.

He is above cheating in examinations.

What do we do with it?

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He's not allowed to go there.


I wish you'd quit doing what you're doing.

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He is engaged in medical research.


When she saw Ozawa's face, she became red up to the base of her ears.

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I never learned to speak French very well until Ofer started to help me.

Everyone likes it.

Meg cleared her desk.

He's had a fever for the past few days.

What time of year do you usually like to spend time on the beach?


Peter could tell that she was bored.


Wilson isn't Mahmoud's husband.

Is it necessary for me to answer this letter?

I'm resigning.

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Allen is an athlete with extraordinary strength.

Luis is such a nice boy!

We can't complain.


You were never like her.


That wuss is at home after breaking up with some chick I've never heard of and claims to be trying to think of a way to make things up to this other girl he truly loves and frankly I question if either of these women actually exist.


I wear a suit but wear no tie.

Hon talked with his friends about it.

To the airline office.

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I'm near the train station.

I'm sure you didn't do what people are accusing you of doing.

She fell into a deep sleep.

There's no doubt that Sharon is capable.

It's a bad plan.

He invented the wheel.

I would like you to assist me with my gardening.

In 1983, Guion Bluford became the first black American to enter space.

It's a popular tourist destination.


Would you mind if we spoke French instead?

Have you ever taken a shower in the middle of the night?

Axel and Cristopher are playing darts.

Eddy fell into a deep sleep.

They wore identical dresses.


I paid nothing.

Any car will do, as long as it runs.

I will be very glad to be able to serve you.


I got here a little early.

I think Shane is good-looking.

We need both.

Charleen has been treating you fairly, hasn't he?

I don't know when she will come.

One can buy a toothbrush at the pharmacy.

We cannot distinguish her from her younger sister.

I wanted to spend more time with Bart.

I can carry my own weight.

I was helped to do my homework by my sister.

Please let me sleep.


It's a perfect spot for our picnic.

Eat what you are served, no buts about it.

Douglas told me I didn't look good in blue.

Don't go out because it is cold.

I may have hurt your feelings, but such was not my intention.


Saify did his best to distance himself from Ami.