Dorothy was never happy.

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I admire Barrio's dedication.


Maybe I should check on her.

I have no idea where he has gone.

You're very sharp.

I'm going to France to study painting.

Loukas left a widow and three children.

You were supposed to tell Harvey that.

We are flying above the clouds.

You must read the newspaper so that you may keep up with the times.

Who is in charge of this building?


Helen began to feel uneasy.

A more convenient and detailed reference grammar, I have yet to meet.

It's difficult.


I left my tennis racket at the club.

He was in the right place at the right time.

Can you put up with the way he behaves?

Chris has a lot on his plate.

Can't a woman have a dream?

What classes did you have today?

Antonella really inspired me.

Roderick said he never saw them.

Brender usually eats much less than Delbert does.

Russian is hard to learn, easy to lose, and impossible to forget.

Sanjib is a heavy sleeper.

Want of wit is worse than want of gear.

My older brother is a teacher.

Kinch is living outside the city.

I've never killed anyone.

It wasn't Jerome who talked to me.

I don't want you to think I'm crazy.

If that happens, you'll be the first to be notified.

I am not a bad person nor do I want to be one.


She can't stop us.


We can do nothing.

The ship's captain ordered the radio operator to send a distress signal.

The interpreter provides his personal interpretation.

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I'm not going unless Elizabeth goes.

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I know her since ten years ago.

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Debbie died of old age.


Did you see the end of the movie?


Jiri keeps saying he's innocent.

I switched one off.

He went to Italy for the purpose of studying music.

Now, one and a half billion more human beings can live on the earth's surface, supporting themselves by working for others.

You should take my advice.


The inhabitants rebelled against the ruler.


Rich slumped against the wall, exhausted and miserable.

He had a narrow escape this afternoon.

Would you please repeat what you just said?

We were all a little tired.

Thank you, but I'm not interested.


Toerless was in the hospital for three weeks.

That tie suits you very well.

Make sure you aren't being followed.

My house is close to the school.

Maybe I am like him, or maybe you are. Maybe everyone is.


Give them a second.

I don't know how can you stand that guy.

Nobody's hungry.

Stop running!

The real heroes are us.

I've been feeling a little restless.

Are you coming to the party tomorrow?

A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.

Exploring and populating the newly discovered continent happened over the course of a couple of centuries.

Ron expected Sanjeev to be a little more helpful.

I thought Bob would enjoy the party.

She didn't tell me her secret.

The automobile is of great use in our life.


I've studied French for a few years.

I rinsed one.

I couldn't but buy such lovely dolls.

I asked Jussi not to drive so fast.

I'll give you this if you want it.

David didn't think Eddie heard him.

Charleen seems to be nice.


Floria caught malaria while he was travelling in Africa.

You seem to be hungry.

This one is for us.


They have only one blanket.

Which languages are spoken in Korea?

Carl is starting to look a lot like his father.

Courage grows with growing danger.

Lois wants to talk.


Do either of you know Linda?


Hello, my dear, I made two pictures in photoshop and I want your opinion on them.


Dannie licked his dry lips.

Some of the birds didn't fly.

She is always finding fault with others.

Is it my turn?

I'm friends with the owner.

Nancy has been on good terms with my sister for more than five years.

That is the building where my father works.

Don't forget to see me tomorrow morning.

Roy can't find his bag.

You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world.

Lynne said that he'd make it on time.

Let me look.

Christie showed Arne John's picture.

That is what I want to know.

I can see my house from here.

My uncle has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Vijay decided to turn back.

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She had gone there ten years before.


This dress looks good on you.

Where did you threaten them?

Close your eyes, Felix.


I want to know what's going on here.

He is cranky.

This is why girls love cucumbers.

The Princess of Cleves being at those years, wherein people think a woman is incapable of inciting love after the age of twenty-five, beheld with the utmost astonishment the King's passion for the Duchess, who was a grandmother, and had lately married her granddaughter.

Please open the document I sent; it is at the end of this message.


He was thrown in prison for robbery.


You should apologize to me.

This watch is twice as expensive as that one.

I'm too old for this world.

I'm tired of feeling like I don't belong.

As soon as he arrived at the airport, he phoned his office.

None but little children would believe it.

I have to repeat it.

He didn't believe Ben's words.

Marshall is the man Duncan met the other day.


Let's not talk about it.

I don't think that's right.

Hiroyuki shuffled across the room.


I'm not good at public speaking.

We thought it natural that he should get excited.

You can't let that happen.

You don't know what it's like.

I am very proud of the job I chose myself.


Do you want me to just call Marshall up and tell him that we can't come?

We should've heard something from Lori by now.

I don't know why he quit the company.

Serdar doesn't tend to get emotional.

Now, wait a minute.

His driving was pathetic.

I'm sure Joachim can give you some pointers.

I hope I don't end up like her.

Old friends were invited to the reception.


Why don't you go play with them?

I take it you're our new neighbor.

I would like to thank you for your great job.

I think we should go with you.

I'll come by and pick you up tomorrow morning.


It's beyond my comprehension.

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I've eaten a great deal of food this week.

Why don't you just call Jonathan?

He made the most of his chance to learn.

We shouldn't tell Suu anything.

You can see the differences very easily.

Diane needs to be here.

They just don't trust you.

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They say he was a musician when he was young.

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The US is trying to extradite a drug lord from Mexico.

What does aspirin consist of?

Many women in the world shave their armpits.

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Kathy plays the harmonica well.

Crocodiles are mysterious animals.

There was silence for a moment.


It was raining so hard that we decided to stay home.

Fortunately, the older part of the city was spared from the Allies' bombs.

I want to be invited.