I think he is Mr Brown.

They teased each other.

I grew up in that house.

Where is Liza's classroom?

The dog is afraid of the horse.

He tried to appeal.

Let's go meet him.

I have nowhere else to go.


He didn't kiss me.

I don't have a broken arm.

I made a bad decision.

Leif resumed walking.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet her.

I am very reasonable with my employees.

Get away from it all!

It was almost the perfect crime: we arrived at the scene, opened the trunk, killed the man and cleaned up the prints, but we forgot to hide the body.

I need these shoes in size ten please!

You're so adorable.

I don't know how to handle children.


My father and my older brother work in this factory.

What's this for?

At first their abilities are more limited than those of animals.

In my circle of friends there are two people who are professional singers.

I called my mother.


Wouldn't that be fun?


Tony was a good, strong boy.

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I'm glad you finally made it back.


You're being too picky.


I'm sorry I couldn't help you.


In Tatoeba it makes no sense adding hundreds of sentences if they are not validated by native users.

How do you suggest we settle this problem?

Release him.


Kees never would've left without telling me first.

Julianto is sprawled out on the sofa.

Alex certainly isn't the first person who had that idea.


His loud voice drew my attention.


Damone had his chauffeur drive him to the theater.

Raj should have helped Serdar move the sofa.

I feel like taking a bath now.

I came earlier than usual.

In the end, we got the information.

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I have a message for you from Nichael.

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Keep him out of here.

We are conservative.

If it happened to Jakob, it could happen to you.

I raised the binoculars again and looked at the cemetery.

"It's just a big circle, you get high, you get tricked, you get the money and you just keep going around and going around, and you have to break off all of them to even be doing okay." It is an uphill battle. "I just need the support and to believe in myself that I can make it. It's a funny spot I'm in."

Faithfulness is a virtue.

Is he a good person?

I'd like this done as soon as possible.

Faith which does not doubt is dead faith.


I had completely forgotten about that.

I can but wait.

I feel terrible about ruining your party.

I wish you were a little more like me.

He's a bureaucrat.

I don't like rainy weather.

She is capable of teaching both English and French.


Greece is an European country.

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I'll need my own tools.

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I'm not saying I'm better than Ahmet.

Andrea said you were really good at tennis.

Roger left the farm when he was still very young.

He works a few days a week, and gets a little money.

Do you have a map of Kyoto city?


The enemy warships bombed our warehouses in the harbour.


I was wondering.


I compete in ski races.

Titles and honors mean nothing to me.

Speaking of travel, have you ever been to Australia?

Did something happen on the bus?

You're not needed here.

How do you like your tea?

My opinion really doesn't matter.

When you want cooperation, share over many hands.

I had a really bad nightmare last night.

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The bus stops in front of my house.

The ship was at sea.

We use "present tense" for this kind of case.

There's something strange about Miltos today.

Have you seen it work?


The agreement gave Britain control over Egypt.

Have we met somewhere before?

That sword is fit for a prince.

Did you bring it home?

I was afraid Hirofumi might get hurt.

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Krzysztof filled in the blanks.

This is giving me a headache.

I was stunned.


To be or not to be?


I went straight to bed.


"He wants you specifically; no one else will do, as the Devil's private secretary said when he took Doctor Faustus away," replied Mr. Weller.

I'd like you to look after my dog while I'm gone.

It has stopped working.


Is that fair to you?

Prices are competitive.

I am closing the garage.


Who threw this stone through that window?

You want me to go?

He dresses himself well.

Do you believe in such things?

She is the happiest in her class.

One is judged by one's speech first of all.

Why did Sundar come to Boston?


There's no cure for stupidity.

Compare the two carefully, and you will see the difference.

Things have gotten worse.

Matthieu usually wears blue slippers around the house.

My dad is the best dad in the universe.

I'm going to have to cancel my appointment.

I'm here with a friend.

Many had lost their arms or legs.

He looks down on her.

Talking of music, what kind of music do you like?

Her family considers suicide to be dishonorable and selfish.

The divers didn't make it back.

She had the kindness to show me the way to the hospital.

I didn't know you were going to be here.

Put aside those fears.

We want to know who hacked into our system.

Show us how it's done.


List and Frances got married three years ago, but only stayed married for about three months.

I was curious to see evidence of this.

He left without saying goodbye.


Are you telling me you forgot?

We must think about these plans in terms of what they would cost.

Derek's parents were married in Boston.

The spider is dead.

Yes, I understand. Thank you.

I want to be somebody when I grow up.

Nou's obviously drunk.


Carlo put his arms out.


Randall pretended to be sleepy.

I'm sure that by the time you get here, we'll be ready.

The rubber band broke with a vicious snap.

The center is an ideal.

We didn't see a single house for five miles there.

I'll be flying to Boston.

I can read in Spanish without a problem.

No one speaks with me.

Why would you think like that?

He had the courage to expose the scandal.

Missouri has both mountains and plains.

Can we find anybody that knows this town?

There are few sites in the Tatar language on the Internet.

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We're ruined.

I am quite a stranger here.

Shannon asked Caleb to stop working.


Travis realized it was hopeless.

You have pretty eyes.

I'm taking it slow right now.

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Take me home.

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This movie is frightening to the children.

Alejandro doesn't have to do that right now.

Do you want soup?

I have to correct this article.

The revolt was put down with little trouble.


Don't worry, everything will be OK.

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Let's visit her.


I think it's a great idea.