I took it as a joke and did not answer.

We all knew about it.


There is no point in studying if you are feeling tired.

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You'd better hurry up if you want to get home before dark.

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Sadly, my father no longer belongs to the group.


The robot made its way toward him.

I think of you as a friend.

He is foolish.

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Her complaints never cease.

Have you already forgotten me?

Take a number.

We don't have any drinking water.

I should've asked Olivier for advice.


Tran knows everything there is to know about Italian cars.


We will pay you according to the amount of work you do.


You haven't washed your hands yet, have you?

Hirotoshi didn't want to be a lawyer or a doctor.

Unfortunately, you cannot bring him along.

He held his tongue while he was being scolded.

If you can't make peace with yourself, how are you going to make peace with anyone else?


The girl drinks orange juice.

He showed great skill at baseball.

I want to get to know my father-in-law better.


Write it down here, please.

You don't speak French, do you?

You never really know whether you can do it or not until you try.

You must appeal to public opinion to win the election.

Though it's now January, it's warm like early spring.

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Jamie watched Don disappear around the corner.


A number of students announced their readiness to engage in the contest.


I'll do it, if you insist.


I'll get the doctor.


I'm not taking calls right now.

Did you give a copy of the disk to anyone?

We were tired and hungry.

I can't tell it.

I heard Elvis arguing with Shatter.


I want so much to declare her my love.

It is no use arguing about it.

They're fantastic, aren't they?


Only the truth hurts.

Graham Greene is a favorite author of mine.

She quit her job for some reason.

When you're alone in your apartment, you feel independent. When you're alone in your room, you feel free. When you're alone in your bed, you feel lonely.

Please don't be afraid of me.


Where's the remote control for the TV?


You don't know anything, do you?

Louis Braille, who was blind from the age of three, invented a way for the blind to read.

Polly is panicking.

Cats and mice are natural enemies.

It is up to you whether you pass the examination or not.

We learned that the earth goes around the sun.

Steve helped Dustin with the housework.

Because you are an idiot!

A putrid smell came up out of the hole in the ground.


Gustavo doesn't have any friends in this city.


I think I'll go and get her.

Their price is below ours.

The merchants were driven out of the temple by Jesus.


I'd like to interview her.

I'm not familiar with that subject.

A frog in a well doesn't know the ocean.

They say that he is an able man.

Jerome needs a new pair of glasses.


You said that you were busy.

No one was quite sure.

Shatter didn't come to get Miek.


They escaped.

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I often stay up all night.


If she knew I were here, she would come running.

Weren't you angry?

I hope you enjoyed the show.

Ricky isn't the type of person I want working for us.

The room was in good order.

The bird has not returned.

Can somebody get her a drink?

Jinchao walked away from his car.

Yvonne is swamped with work.

Bruce and Pascal seem to be fighting all the time.

You can drive, can't you?


I expected Murray to help me paint the ceiling.

I didn't promise anything like that.

Skip doesn't get along with Emil.

What a strange guy!

All her money went to her nephew.

I don't want us to look foolish.

You didn't tell anybody I was here, did you?

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To stop the bleeding immediately press on the wound.


Where are my kids?

I've already told him everything.

He is arrogant toward us.


Any excuse will serve a tyrant.


They did warn him.

It disappointed them.

Gunter saw what was happening and started screaming.


More information is available on our website.

God beware me!

I haven't heard from him for a long time.

She baked me a cake.

The course will last fourteen days.

There's a big gunfight in the middle of the movie and the sheriff gets killed.

I don't like her language.

Clara hasn't had much education.

When was the last time you treated a patient?

There is nothing as relaxing as lying in a hot bath.

I heard that Spyros wants a divorce.

Is he passing stones?

My grandmother can't see very well.

Bring it to me.

I'm asking you both to try again.

They said he's very rich.

According to what I heard, he went over to America to study biology.


I don't think I'll make it.

I tried to understand what had happened.

I have to peel a whole bucket of apples for a jam.

I'm scheduled to see Mr. Jones next week.

I prefer the former plan to the latter.

I can hardly imagine her doing that.

Be sure to get this finished by the time I come back.


Stu went shopping with Lex last weekend.

I find it hard to express my feelings in words.

Please let me know if it hurts.

There is one apple on the desk.

We were mesmerized by the pulsating glow of the embers.

How many windows are there in this office?

It isn't a problem as long as I come back into the room right after finishing smoking, is it?

I used to like folk music.

In order to learn from mistakes, we construct a "no blame" system.


We don't want any bad publicity.

We searched for the two boys everywhere, but neither could be found.

It has already happened.

I thought you had taken everything out of the office.

I'll be there as fast as I can.

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Sanjeev is the most intelligent guy I've ever met.

We sincerely apologize for our error.

I haven't yet met the family Wendell lived with in Boston.

Mr White appeared for him in court.

Put your coat on a hanger.

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Shamim is a problem-solver, isn't he?

We are firmly confident of victory.

Now it's our turn.

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Dan testified that Linda wasn't a drug addict.

During summer breaks, I ate dinner at midnight.

It costs a lot to attend this school.

"Do you want to go to church with me, Daudi?" "No, father. I don't want to today. I'll go by myself tomorrow."

It's important to her.

She's not poor.

Do you think I was born yesterday?


Let's suppose that she is here.

I thought we could make it by 2:30.

Pass me that wrench.

Esperanto gives little festive hats to some of its cees, gees, aitches, jays, esses, and ues.

How come I can't see her?

I don't think I should tell you.

You're disrespectful.


Knapper decided he wouldn't go with Rodent.

I don't suppose you know anything about this.

Something is happening in Boston.


I had difficulties interpreting the question.