I couldn't make myself heard in the classroom.

There was hardly any furniture in the house.

We offered to help.

It'll happen.

His sister does not go to America.

She's away on vacation.

We are the people.

We sued the insurance company because it violated the terms of our policy.


A hazy cloud called a coma surrounds the comet's nucleus.


The Pony Express lasted only 18 months.

He is off today.

I love being with her.

I traveled by myself.

Where was the meeting?

There are many jobs available in the computer industry.

Seeing that, he stood up.


We rented a canoe.


I'm surprised you didn't get the job.

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Thanks for the beer.


It is the particular environment that has shaped the Japanese mentality.

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Don't teach me how to live!

Victoria looked like he was going to start crying.

As far as I know, he is innocent.

She blew on her hands to warm them.

I can't believe they hired me!

If something's an android, it's also a robot.

We were only trying to help Subra.

We're busier than we've ever been.

The building on the right side is a school.

I thought I recognized you.

He grew up in Germany.

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Have you seen my pet five-legged lizard?

Strong winds accompanied the rain.

Please fill the bath half full.

Where are you posted?

What did the police want?

Her father won't come, he is very busy.

George doesn't care how much it costs. He still plans to buy it.

There's no such thing.

I like extracted juice.


This is a real surprise.

Who tried to kill them?

This is very inappropriate.


Jussi and Tommy aren't together anymore.

Instead of complaining all the time you could maybe start getting some work done, don't you think?

This is to inform you of my address change. Please update your mailing list.

Is she sure?

I hear from my mother every month.

I like to make my clothes last as long as possible.

Mann asked Darrell to brew some coffee.

Tommy slowly backed away.

Even adults do a lot of stupid things.

About the camp coming up, we'll prepare the food so could you arrange three cars?

Vicki said there was a party at your place tonight.


I share his political perspective.

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The movie wasn't all that good.


I know what needs to be done on Monday.

I hope Emma will come to see me.

The explanation of each fact took a long time.

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He looked at me suspiciously.

This sentence is not in Italian.

I want to make a person-to person call to 212-836-1725.

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It's just that we eat it every day, and we'll end up getting sick of it. I need to get more variety into my cooking.

I like eating Hami melons.

Certain conditions may trigger previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy.

Sometimes I can't help showing emotions.

I got home at seven.

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Coffee gives you energy!

Someone spiked Mott's drink.

Don't support Klaus.

The beautiful princess fell in love with the prince.

Do you see a fox?

I'll go and talk to Dominic.

Aren't you supposed to be at school?

We did write to you.

I should say she is a little angry.

I hope you recover soon.

She just couldn't do it.


She couldn't convince him to accept a personal check.

I'm a friend.

I knew there has to be a better way.

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Tommy sat down at the table with his friends.

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The prisoners fought one another like so many mad people.

He came to pick me up.

He died diving on a cave.

We're competitive.

Ozan is in charge of this year's tennis tournament.

I feel like seeing you.

Drink your milk!


I cannot make Taninna laugh. She doesn't like my jokes.

I created Frankenstein by my own hands.

Why did you become a police officer?

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Would you ask Dieter to talk to Wilson?

He hasn't answered my letter yet.

Dan became more and more angry.


I have just been to Sapporo Station to see my mother off.


It must have been a frightening sight for them to watch.

I returned to the house.

That's what I'd tell Ping.

Novorolsky told Knute to get lost.

History is a branch of the humanities.

Murph is quite drunk.

The space station not only served as a laboratory and living space for astronauts, but also as a support base for other spacecraft which had the ability to dock with the station.

Sanjeev waited for half an hour.

Hector didn't know this.

Do any of you know where he lives?

We'll meet Frank later.


He has a little money.


You men, you're all selfish and heartless, and us women, who are always loving and compassionate, we're forced to obey you!

His music made a deep impression on me.

Vice can't decide what to buy.


When my uncle left for America, many people came to see him off at the airport.

We should call off the search.

Get the meaning of a word from its context.


Life is very hard.

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One of my children was born with some unknown disease.


That's why I'm smiling.


What do you think of my new coat?

You're sneaky.

What kind of gun was it?

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Kitty certainly seems to have learned his lesson.

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Do you have a hunting license?

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We met at two in the afternoon.

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You are free to go home.

I really like her, but I'm not sure that I love her.

Don't pay lip service to me.


I'm not wearing that.

As the grotesque parade passed by, everyone came out of their homes, hypnotized.

Do you want me to spy on Tad for you?

Can you believe this smell?

That troubles me.

Kent dislikes the house he's living in.

The French are known, among other things, for their chic urbanity.


Do you want to do that?

I believe that Jaime is really honest.

Even though he's a policeman, he's afraid of thieves.

How did you know we'd be here?

It was a problem that was difficult to solve.


Rafik's the only one who wasn't at Siping's party.

The cat lay hidden behind the bushes.

Torsten may not be in Boston.

Namibia is an African state.

I want to find my old cracked mirror.

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Charles was well-known and respected in the community.

Dan is a retired deputy sheriff.

Straka isn't very manly.

What are you going to make?

The principal presented each of the graduates with diploma.

Markus abused our trust.

Discover a new world.

Please don't tell Tanaka about our plan.

You have to leave home at six.


He is gifted with perfect wisdom.

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You are stepping over a line now.

Butler asked Syd to teach him how to do the waltz.

The absurdity of the situation was almost comical.


If you are to make a success of writing, you have to work hard.

I just want what I was promised.

Did you know the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary?