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He likes watching baseball games on TV.

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Could you tell me how to get to the Hilton Hotel?


Please answer me by telegram.

I need to be alone.

We tried to stop you.

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You may have whatever book you want to read.


The results of the test were negative.

Can Robin sing?

It goes without saying that camels are very useful in the Middle East.

Each person has a duty to do.

Murat said he didn't believe it.


I'll never forget seeing you.

Of course this is also possible.

I don't know how else to say it.

That is my little sister's camera.

There are a lot of beautiful songs on these records.


She was good at mathematics in high school.


My greatest ambition is to be an opera singer.

We want peace in the world.

Is that the plan?

This used to be my room.

This has been great.

I am mostly indifferent to politics.

Do you need a break?

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I'll begin doing the job right away.

After his death, his paintings were hung in the museum.

Everyone thinks the same way.

They arranged for the picnic.

This was a bolt from the blue.

Mat was lying in bed.

Kitty called me a scumbag.

They were drinking.

What does that poster mean?


They slept under the stars.

Why do people say that?

Because I live near the school, I come home for lunch.

We don't have the space.

It was impossible for me to answer this question.

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Quit making such a sad face.

Thank you for taking such good care of Francois.

But Dad won't like it.

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I'm not Darth Vader.

Be careful! There's a cow in the road!

I know it means a lot to her.

He was summoned to appear in court.

What does this machine do exactly?

Sons of God, we are divine seeds. One day, we will be what our Father is.

How's your business going?

Did you have a good night last night?

His grades took a big jump.

Can I pay with a travelers check?

No one threatened him.

If you are tired, go to bed.

I'm not sure where I should put this.

It would be a mistake to do that.

I will eat a Hallowen Blue Berry Jelly Dessert.

I'll never forget him as long as I live.

I desperately need to touch up my makeup.


But that's not the real problem.

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I know that Claire's upset.


Take a bath and then go to bed.


He can swim.


The boys do not sit on benches in the garden, but lie on the soft grass.

"Who can best do the job?" "No one other than Ning."

We're back home.

Do you like the frame on this painting?

The policeman asked the girls if that car was theirs.

The government prohibits us from carrying guns without a license.

He was head of America's Naval War College.

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Search harder on Google!

Tell me what you really think of me.

This is an unusually long sentence.


When will the winners be announced?

Patty bought a hybrid.

The comic books were piled on the desk.

Carl's children can't speak French.

This seems expensive, but it's so durable it will pay in the long run.

We made friends with them.

Rogue was right next to me the whole time.


He did me a kindness when he got me a job.

Go through the market.

Isn't there something we can do?

I wrote a letter to him.

Renewable energy is energy source that can not be exhausted.


It's probably true.


I think you shouldn't invite Bert to your party.


Nguyen's car was going southbound on Park Street when it was broadsided by a car that ran a red light.


Jussi made a bookcase.


Claude didn't say anything to me.

Tharen's patience has finally run out.

I gave Byron what he asked for.

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This laowai, how classy!

Kathleen is saving up money so he can go to Australia.

I didn't know you didn't like Ravindranath.


There was no electricity for two days in the aftermath of the typhoon.

Man has the gift of speech which no animal has.

His answers were caustic.


Man is as fickle as autumn weather.

I probably should've asked Carter that question.

His hat isn't on straight.


It is crazy of him to leave the door open.

This photograph reminds me of my childhood.

The children were barefoot.


It is still as cold as ever.

What are we supposed to do here?

I, too, am not a student.

After he had finished his homework, he went out for a walk.

He works under me.

Lori decided that it wasn't necessary to take the medicine the doctor had given him.

We just got this.

We've located him.

She is not a woman to break her promise.

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Raphael jumped back just in time.

Many friends came to see me off.

Dewey caught his breath.

Panos asked us for our opinions.

I love Theo and I always will.


Monica met Victoria on his way to school.

Let me go talk to her.

We have to react faster.

You should play golf.

Botany is the scientific study of plants.

Since I hadn't seen Martha for several months, I went to visit her yesterday.

Nikolai was the only one not sitting.

How much actual experience do you have?

If you'd been there, we would've had a good time together.


You can't smoke in this room.

Huey and I'll do it together.

Julia felt like crying after she heard that news.

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He designed the car.


Vincenzo tried to look through the keyhole, but couldn't see anything.

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It is an open secret that he deals in weapons.


Where should I throw away this empty cup?

We'll explain.

She was overwhelmed by the sad news.


I can't walk any further.

When she came to Berlin to study, she was still very young.

I'm still the boss around here.


Grace told his wife he had to work late.

To our relief, he came back safe and sound.

Tanaka asked me why I was smiling.

I don't know how that got there.

Nichael told Old that he had been abducted by aliens.


Tell your friends they have to leave.

I have to let Randell know what he needs to do.

Galen doesn't mind walking.

I was not going to keep up the family tradition.

I definitely remember seeing a picture of you and Robbin together.


Rolfe pulled out his notebook and pencil.


I was enchanted by the performance of the group.

Carsten heard Hohn's car drive off.

You brought yours, didn't you?

Tell her thanks but no thanks.

Why are you so insubordinate to your boss?

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I can assure you that's not true.


I want to get there early so we can get good seats.