The maid will take it to your house.

Be thorough.

I told you what time to come.

"Premarital sex?" "Yes, Hillary. It means sex before marriage."

Why not use robots?

Hey, what's going on?

If you'll just sit still I think I can comb out the knots in your hair.

We treat all visitors alike.

My car's bigger than Kay's.

You should be sued for malpractice.

He called me a liar and turned around.

This type of camera is now out of fashion.

Shouldn't you be at work now?

Whose plan is it?

We've seen nothing.


She easily takes offence at trifles.

We have detected an abnormality on your x-ray.

Sergiu wants to be a hero.

He wasn't interested.

What was it I left behind?

I could do it again if I had to.

His critique was totally inappropriate.

Dimitry likes reading magazines.

Children of age sixteen and under will not be admitted to the theatre.

I'm really surprised Alfred's not here.

We enjoy watching TV.

Please tell me where the police station is.

Our class is made up of 30 students.

Did you really think so?

I teach English to the second year classes.

Everybody thinks Calvin is a bit crazy.

Those photos were taken in my grandfather's place.

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I'd say a vocabulary of three thousand is particularly solid and certainly a good starting point.

I take it you and Hume didn't get along.

You're not watching.

Please try to express the same with simpler words, so that our foreign colleagues can understand it better.

I was almost afraid to talk to you.

We hope for the best but expect the worst.

Mat has no real friends.

Which is taller, Ken or Taro?

I'd advise you to let them go.

Why did you help me escape?

Corey dressed up as a woman.

I think he's making fun of you.

I think I'll ask Will to help us weed the garden.

I like blue best of all colors.

Seven is believed to be a lucky number.

You are not to leave this building.

Stay calm whatever happens.

Words cannot convey my true feelings.

What Beckie said wasn't true.

A dolphin is no more a fish than a dog is.

Koalas can only be seen in Australia.

Many working mothers struggle to balance their home and work lives.

To create a website, it is useful to know how to code.

My lunch break's almost over.

Jay wanted a sports car and wasn't at all interested in even looking at family cars.


She can make all her own clothes.

The disease is still in the primary stage.

Algeria is our Mediterranean partner.


Do you think Orville lied to us?


Brendan hasn't been in Boston long.

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He has a kind expression.

I wanted to apologize to Neal.

It doesn't belong there either.


That's a very strange-looking thing.

A successful presentation of a play.

Let me go to the store.

I can see why Vladimir doesn't want to go.

Could you tell me my balance?


As soon as he returns, I will tell you.

Wendell asked me for an opinion.

I don't want to hear another word.

Benson had a coughing spell.

I've spent too much time working on this.


I am familiar with the way he asks questions.

I've added an alternative sentence and I've tagged it as 'old fashioned'. What more do you want, blood?

She is eager to go to France.

I wonder how long would it take him to solve Schrodinger's equation using his calculator.

When was the last time you swam?

Ramsey got back home before 2:30.

I vowed that I would never speak to her again.


Have you ever gone to see a horse race?


I hope you can hear me.

It's been a long time.

I was waiting for you to get here.

You'll meet them tomorrow night.

I didn't understand a single word Murat said.


You have been screwing with his head.

I sneaked up behind her.

Tell them in person.

Chinese women are very difficult to understand.

Spass got here earlier than Elliot did.

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Why not go talk to Shadow?

Josip is going to stay in the Boston area.

Jacobson and Rolfe met to discuss what happened.

What Juergen does is his own business.

What language do you usually speak at home?

This is the hotel where Izchak usually stays.

I go to school at eight in the morning.

I thought you wouldn't tell her that we hadn't done our homework.

This is a problem of his own making.

Is he asleep?

I would like you to meet a friend of mine.

In my city, there is no school for learning Esperanto.

We are to meet at seven tomorrow.

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Come what may, I will not break my word.

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Somebody has to stop you.


Eggs tend to go bad in summer.

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Why don't you hire a private detective?


Translation is the language of Europe.

Is this seat being saved for anybody?

Natural disasters can be devastating.


You guys need to go brush your teeth!


What impressed you the most?

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You could drive home by yourself.


It's outside my expertise.

We often spend the weekends together.

The names are in alphabetical order.

I find it difficult to express myself in French.

Akebono was born in Hawaii but for fifteen years was a professional in Japanese sumo. At over two metres tall, he towers over the other athletes and weighs an astonishing two hundred and thirty-five kilograms.

I didn't need to understand French to know that they were angry.

Maybe Hsi decided to give up.

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You are a mean person.


Sorry for arriving late: I overslept.


What shelf is it on?


He stopped reading a book.

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He accepted the nomination.

I look on you as my best friend.

The train was almost an hour behind schedule today.


The blue sky seemed to stretch forever.

Nobody asked you.

How old is your daughter?


She conferred with her lawyer.


She takes her dog to the park before breakfast.

It is an old strategy of tyrants to delude their victims into fighting their battles for them.

She detested the manager.

Bob is a pretty stable person.

Randell has an older sister.

Nothing makes any sense.

Ken couldn't go with us.

I'll see you in October.

Wilson is being fired.


How's your diet kick?

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Do you drink alcohol?


I could never do that sort of thing.

Margie was on the same flight as me.

You're completely surrounded.

She's going to love this.

My husband lied to me.

I'm not hiding anything.

He spent a little time on his lessons.


That'll help me a lot.

I should've known it was a waste of time.

There's a general sense that something should be done about unemployment.


I'm really upset.

Swimming at night is dangerous.

Tuan and Toufic tied John up.

Will you guide me around the city?

You're making a huge mistake.

That haughty girl thinks she's better than everyone.

It will begin snowing before long.


Leigh doesn't seem to be interested in sports.