I never turn my back on a friend in need.

You don't think he has many faults?

Dion can play the piano well.

Regardless how many times I try to solve this nasty problem, I always end up failing.

The wife stood up from her chair. She then looked at the door.

Don't hang up yet, please.

I'm not the trendy type.

Sonja helped Daniel buy everything she needed.

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Do you want to talk to me or not?

It's very unlikely that Nguyen's children inherited anything from him.

Joyce knows the man Sandy came with.

We grow wheat here.

Heresy was a crime for which people were sometimes sentenced to death.

Men can not exist without air.

All of the boys were wearing gloves.


I left the rest to him and went out.

Have some tea.

I decided to ask Peter out.

The post office is half a mile away.

You have the right to consult a lawyer.

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It feels as if it's going to be a nice day today.

On your mark! Get set! Go!

"I lost my wallet," lamented John.


I shot the horse because it had bad breath.

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Good evening, Madam.

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Your shirt has a button missing.

Saint Peter's Square is crowded.

The term neural net was traditionally used to name a network or circuit of biological neurons.

Sometimes the old landlady would come by and said "That child doesn't cry", but it was that my babysitting was godly.

He was mortally wounded.

They filed off the identification number so the engine could not be traced back to the original car.

Thousands of migrants try to cross the Mediterranean every month to reach Europe.


That's not how I feel.


I know you tried.

I assume you know what this is about.

Let me practice.


Many people find that their superannuation is not sufficient for them to live comfortably after retirement.

Mother transplanted the flowers to the garden.

Maria asked Roy to read him the letter she had gotten from John.

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I'm not quite done here.

It's as lovely as a rose.

You should make an effort to stop smoking.

Is this what you wanted me to buy?

The nation recently declared its independence.

Remove battery from smoke detector.

Only the person who becomes an adult while staying a child is a human being.

Can you help us find them?

My watch may be advanced by one or two minutes.

Lum left his dog at home.

I'm doing this for Rolfe.


Someone's standing in front of the gate.

I'm going to stay in the pool a little longer.

We'll go home.

I'm genuinely happy for her.

The temperature now is minus ten degrees.

Deborah took a labouring job, but he just couldn't hack it after a few days.

Ben doesn't look particularly worried.

It's beautiful.

These are gorgeous.

Send me the tracking number please.

I told Jeanne to ignore it.

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Sekar told me you liked going to concerts.

I didn't mean to disturb you.

Now that you are an adult, you should know better.

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Mom, I have not taken my medicine.


Do not drink water!

Claire hasn't given up hope.

You'll need a flashlight.


This is all I need.

Oh, nothing special.

His sister and I will be good friends.

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Would I kid you?


Everyone was tense.


Why do it this way?

I have kidney trouble.

My father is as busy as ever.

A beautiful valley lies behind the hill.

When is Axel arriving?

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Morris was taken hostage.

Basketball is a lot of fun.

You crushed your enemies.

Do you want to see my new car?

Alan has been suspended.


I love your spirit.

Toufic and Sugih won't be back for a day or two.

The people crowded round the injured man, but they made way for the doctor when he reached the scene of the accident.

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The garage is at the side of the house.


An awareness of international relations is more important now that it has ever been.

I was burnt by the iron.

I just thought that you might want to have this back.

Can you prove that?

He recovered the balance of his mind.

I want to show it to Emil within the hour.

The election was unanimous.

I support you a hundred percent.

Are you planning on staying in Boston for a long time?

She's a good friend of mine and she likes you a lot, so try to let her down gently.

June is the month when we have a lot of rain.

What's the name of the film which you like the most?

You are comparing apples and oranges.

My friend has no interest in marriage.

Do you understand what Marie is saying?


A trebuchet is a siege weapon similar to a catapult.

Can we create something out of nothing?

Do you know what that thing was?


He and his wife had eight children.

Take it all.

As far as restaurants, canteens, cafeterias or similar things are concerned, "feedback" may be the wrong word.

It's so lovely a day.

Hello and bye! I'm Nonong.

He is as good as gold.

I asked Vladimir what he was drinking.

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You had better consult the others.

I agree with your opinion.

Can I have a cookie?

You already know, don't you?

Not everyone has as much money as you.

He lives at the top of this hill.

What you've done is absolutely inexcusable.

Do they know that we know?

The stomach connects to the small intestine.

You can't have left it at the airport.

We had what Sidney wanted.

Darryl nearly died after eating some raw liver.

I'll have to check with her.

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I finally met her today.


I'm recommending you to Shirley.


I made an apple pie for dessert.

I saw what Tran wanted me to see.

I started going to the gym.

He studied the harder because he was praised by his teacher.

Is Huashi awake yet?


What did you do with Nils?

Do you like Korean food?

They got it.

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Pull out and put down.

It's really hard to tell.

Help Ami out.


I am very glad school is over.

Her eyes sparkled like diamonds.

Ozan never goes anywhere without his dog.

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This was the highlight of my day.


The doors were left unlocked.

What with the wind and the rain, our walk was spoiled.

I'm a fan of Uruguay's president.

I feel like I've already seen this movie.

Due to the thick fog, the road was difficult to see.

He was welcome wherever he went.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

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Dan has been a friend of Linda's family.

Antonella didn't even attempt to kiss Griff.

You're the only one.


Alexis always gets home at about 6:00.

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Lynne drove fast.

I'm very hungry. What time will the food be ready?

I can go there, wherever you want.

I went to Lanzarote last year.

He made a clean break with them.


Don't you very often surf?

These are called shoes.

Lanny thinks there is something wrong with some politicians.

Say nothing but good things about the dead.

How much more time do you think this will take?