I'm sure Sanity appreciates all your help.

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My dream is to become a teacher.

We have a medical emergency.

In the first place, fashions change very quickly.

Don't close your eyes.

Fuck your old mother!

"Where does Norm get his ability in French? He's never set foot in a French-speaking country, and he has no French-speaking friends, either." "I believe he watches a lot of French movies on the Internet."

Thank you, I finally understand.

I'm bushed.

To teach young children is not easy.

Kate helped Jakob when she was in trouble.

You needn't come.

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I knew him personally.

Scientists regard the discovery as important.

Music is well said to be the speech of angels.

Everything's just like it used to be.

These scissors don't cut well.

I suppose we're a little too indulgent to the dog.

It was a good and interesting night.

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I went to the library to read books.


Did you speak to them yesterday?


Don't mix ammonia and bleach together.


The train is made up of seven cars.

Ssi can swim almost as fast as Deb can.

The more I get, the more I want. The more I want, the less I get. The less I get, the less I want. The less I want, the more I get.

It's dark out.

Shaw forgave Dalton for killing his dog.

Where does she work?

Alastair doesn't drink much beer, but he sure drinks a lot of wine.

Try not to make any noise.

Unfortunately, the store was closed.


We threw her out.

Is Brigitte your friend?

Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?

Why did you run away?

Amigo could have gone camping with you if you'd let him know you were going.


Nobody is ferpect.

What does Nicolette have to do with this matter?

Vishal and Sofoklis went skating together.


His face registered fear and anxiety.

If you want to go, then go. If you don't want to, then whatever.

Raphael believes in the supernatural.

He stole her watch.

Walter was skeptical at Briggs's story.


Art is a lot like John.

What will the weather be like tomorrow?

I'm here for the card game.


They're friends of yours, aren't they?

It was really exciting.

For your own safety, just stay here.

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Andrew opened the envelope and took out the letter.

Try meditating a few minutes a day once in a while. Honestly, it helps me a lot.

Where have you two been?

We'll paint it.

Please let me stay.

Mother objects to smoking cigars.

Who's going to give me a ride?

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The audience members noted that the speaker looked tired.


Who's looking at me?

Don't hesitate to give me a call!

Abbott killed Rabin.


Renu made a decision.


Perry had to cancel his trip.

She was injured in a fall.

It has been easier and safer to meet someone on the Internet than in person.

It was a satisfying meal.

It was a shock.


We need to keep spending under control.


My father was committed to a psychiatric hospital.

The woman cried when she heard the bad news.

Gideon forgot all about us.

That feels good.

The road to Nagano is closed to traffic.

We only make Uighur food.

Rajiv was well-known and respected in the community.


Geoffrey thought that Kimberly didn't want to play chess with him.

I hate hypocrites.

We didn't know.

Where's the pharmacy?

I took it for granted that he would stand by me.


I hear you're rich.


We can't say any more at this time.

See you at two this afternoon.

Knowledge of computers is fundamental to all sciences.

Senator Kerry was considered a liberal.

The judge was grave and forbidding.

I thought Sanity would want to see this movie.

You should always think before speaking.


Subra became pregnant at the age of 14.


Brenda likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

I can't believe I made him cry.

I don't feel so well.

Not really. I like hiking better than fishing.

Some of the 2016 Olympic events will be held in a neighborhood called Deodoro.

I will definitely go to your funeral.

Someone's in the house.

What're you working on?

Can I come to your office now?


This lawn mower runs on petrol.


I'll look around.

I'm not looking forward to this.

What are you really worried about?

Marian is afraid of my dog.

I shut the door, but I haven't locked it.


His daughter is able to recite a lot of poems.

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I'll tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself.

Why didn't somebody stop us?

I admit this isn't an unambiguous answer.

I can't hear you.

May I look the house over?

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All we can do is wait for him.

Sandip couldn't remember what he had done.

Doing that will only make things worse.

Here's an even better idea.

I remembered it.

Stanly could be dangerous.

We wash lettuce.

I am married to your mother, but I am not your father. You are my stepson.

Bradley wants to live in Boston.

Have you packed your trunk yet?

This child is likely lashing out because his father went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back.

Letters are delivered every day.

Vampires live forever.

Send the telegram at once.

He felt severe pain in his back and legs.

She probably knew who I was.

I told you not to touch me.


Everybody is cheering.

When the nobles and other people became rich and educated, they forgot the old stories, but the country people did not, and handed them down.

Trey is too old for you.

He sells radios.

Blood is a juice of rarest quality.

There was no choice but to sit and wait.

It seemed that he was fine.

Franklin earns double my salary.

It is not likely that he did it on purpose to deceive me.

I'm not wearing any underwear.

He digs untiring with his shovel, yet the hole is not deep enough, never deep enough.

It's dangerous to study.

Why do we dream?

How adventurous!

I don't believe she would understand it.

Andreas retired.

Hamilton is a police detective.

Neither he nor she wants to do the dishes, and so the two of them decided to eat out.

He's a bit naive.

I would like to talk with you again.

It's good to be able to concentrate single-mindedly on your work, but you're completely ignoring the people around you.


Serbians and Brazilians really like soccer.


As regards the matter, I know nothing.


Charleen got a bottle of water out of the fridge.

My brother learned how hard working I am.

We are to take an exam tomorrow.

She said no more work.

He didn't agree to my proposal.

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She is a slow runner.

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Moses is from Boston, right?

Your French is coming along well.

Do people ever accuse you of being shallow?

I want to go to sleep soon because I need to get up early tomorrow.

He doesn't seem to be breathing...

I'm thinking we should move.

You should have left half an hour earlier.

In 2013, Jerrie Jackson published a book about the history of shipbuilding.

She herself helped him.