Come on Tuesday, if it's possible.

You bought Jacobson a gift, right?

Most people like chicken.

Don't remember anything?


Don't let Sonny cross the street.

They say someone invented something like Haskell for quantum computers. Okay then, give me a quantum computer and I will learn it.

That popular television series is going to spin off two new shows in the fall.


Thirteen people died in the train wreck.


You must leave.


I like to eat out.

We're serious about it now.

She's obviously in pain.

Pascal must've been home at that time.

Ramneek has helped me out a lot.


It's 50 yen.

Edmund assured Helge that he wouldn't be late for the party.

Gregge flipped through the pages.

Forget about it, OK?

Root has been in this room all morning.

Ronnie's music and legacy lives in all of us!

Dan and Linda retreated to their room to make out.

Have you decided to go to Japan?

I'll just have to risk it.

Clem pointed out several grammar mistakes on Randolph's essay.

Tell me how can I be of service to you.

Yes, that's normal.

End of story.

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Then I walked upstairs to the dressing rooms.

Let me say goodbye to her.

Know yourself.

Can we come with you?

You can't eat the money.

It was done before.

I didn't even know what had happened.

A person who suffers before it is necessary suffers more in life than is necessary.

Linley might not have missed the last train.

I just want to say I'm glad you're here.

Daren dropped out of the tournament.

Is there anything else that you want to know?

Can I have something hot to drink?

Only God can safely be omnipotent.

How did you fall into the swamp? Someone shoved us.


What's likely to happen?

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I see you every now and then.


Sangho is in the next room trying to get some sleep.

At what time will you be leaving?

Do you want a puppy?

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I have no choice but to follow those orders.


He pretended to be a doctor.

He's learning to swim.

The hostages were bound and gagged.

Did something happen?

Hwa likes his school a lot.

I hate living alone.

This is my notebook.

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I bumped into them.

Living isn't easy.

I'm going to go out on a date with him.

Kill them all. Spare no one.

I've never heard such a story all my life.


Barcelona is the heaven of Catalan cuisine.

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We can't do this ourselves.

It's so good to take a rest after a long voyage.

I know that this is the first time this has happened to you.


Angus promised Paul that he would help her.

Put the pliers in the tool box.

Thou art very beautiful.

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Just ask her.

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What a glorious mess!

You know you can tell me anything, right?

Maybe we should go now.

Did I tell you what Melissa said?

She only speaks Finnish in class.


Is this the train station?


I have no time to deal with you.

I want to make something clear.

Just don't stop.

You don't have to be very old to remember that event.

The novel can be read in five languages.

You have to choose your own path in life.

I apologized.

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I came into the room to find him watching TV.


Bradford has to take it easy.

Robin lied about his age, so Alexander thought he was much older than he really was.

He asked her to marry him, and she accepted.

The thief admitted his crime.

Have there been any updates on this issue?

Let's discuss this later.

You have to believe in yourself.

We've only got thirty minutes.

Lorraine saw him.

Dan mailed wedding invitations to all of his friends.

I was just playing basketball.


I didn't notice the imperfection.

We needed that.

Maria slipped and fell.

I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

I'll stand by you no matter what others may say.

Which do you prefer, apples or bananas?

As is quite common for teenagers aged from 13 to 19, she's conceited.

He's my best friend. It's like we are brothers.

I want to minimize the chances of another accident.


I was just talking to Carole.


People are very hospitable here.


As is often the case with him, he left his textbook at home.


They explored the desert in quest of buried treasure.

She's a nymphomaniac.

I was shot.

We had a test.

We took a back road to avoid the traffic accident.

What's Randell going to do for us?

When did you arrive in China?

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What's Tigger saying?

After cleaning the windows, there always seems to be a visible trace of dirt.

Darin didn't tell Rudolf the entire truth.


I'm considering buying a condominium.

I'll have everything I want someday soon.

I'll go to Boston tomorrow.

Nhan tore out a couple of pages from his notebook.

I don't pretend to understand women.

He beat the dog with a stick.

The lost child was found after two days.


I've already told you I'm busy.

How much money do you plan to invest in government bonds?

Do you know if Stanislaw is seeing anyone?

I have a date with my boyfriend today, so I've been in a bliss since this morning.

Shawn wasn't the only survivor.

I asked my teacher what to do next.

Collective rules are not set straightaway but progressively win recognition.

Why leave me standing here?

The stars are bright.

She ripped the letter to shreds.

Luc brought a gift for Collin.


It's a family secret.

I learned English words by heart all day yesterday.

After the accident, the police told the crowd to keep back.

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I will meet you at the station at 10 p.m.

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It's a pity you can't come.

A year later, he visited the Soviet Union.

I feel like I was born in the wrong time.

His parents go to church every Sunday.

May I be so bold as to request your assistance?

Thalia's my favorite singer.

I'm not used to it, so it's a little tough.

I walked quietly so that they would not hear me.

I'm just stating the facts.

I can't stand this cold.

I heard a loud explosion.

What does this remind you of?

What a beautiful bird!

Don't you have to be somewhere?

That's what we did next.

He is a liar.

I have been taking care of him ever since.

Put on warm clothes, the night air is very cold.

He was lying on his back on the beach.

I'll leave when she comes back.

Kusum asked about you.

We can do more than they can.

You must go to the doctor.


Lenny stirred the spaghetti sauce while his mother set the table.


I don't see him much.

Could you recommend a few French singers?

I still vividly remember the embarrassment even today.

We are bragging about our new boat.

The noise woke me up.