It has been conceived and designed to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions to the common man for travel, money transfer and payment services at a location close to him. EZYONE provides the common man various options (based on price, comfort and convenience), to plan his trip,booking of Air / Bus Tickets, Hotel / Car Rental / holiday tour packages booking, to Transfer Money to any Bank And Branch anywhere in India at any time.
To do Mobile or DTH Recharge, UTI Coupon And PSA.To Make Monthly Payments for Electricity,Telephone,Utility and Credit Card sell onlinenon life insurance policy for travel health and motor .
EZYONE is well known for its innovative products, one of the widest content options for customers to choose from, RobustSoftware, and Comprehensive 24 x 7 Services for the Travel, Money Transfer and payment industries. EZYONE providessoftware solutions for airline internet booking engineAnd reservation system, bus inventory hosting and internet booking system, travel agency software, corporate travel And expense management system.EZYONE group companies provide domestic money remittance and low cost banking (Banking correspondence) solutions to major banks in India.
It will provide rigorous and continuous training to EZYONE CSPretailers. ThisTravel agent softwareis a portal for booking Air, Bus, Rail Tickets round the clock.EZYONE already has an installed base of over 200,000 terminals spread all over India. It is maintained and serviced by our 500 strong people.

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Singup and go with easy integration (JSON/XML/PHP) feature for your web and mobile applications.



We use RESTFul APIs which deliver fastest response over requests made from web or mobile devices.


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Our customer service is best in class and commited to serve you 24x7 for your queries and questions.


EzyOne offers a vast range of services on real-time basis, irrespective of geography, time and mobile operator. EZYONE is constantly innovating to provide a range of unique solutions together with its continuous unparalleled 24 x 7 transactional convenience by the means of a simple SMS, Application and Web Portal.

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API First Platform

We, at ezyone, believe that companies and developer community should be able to deliver customized payment solution to their customers. Imagine, a different payment application basis different income category. For this, Ezyone has made available a set of simple but powerful REST APIs that can be leveraged by any organization to develop their own payment solution.

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Unlimited Disk Space

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ezyone is a simple, easy to use mobile SMS or smart phone application that lets you connect with your money at the push of a button! Using the innovative m-Wallet from ezyone, you can recharge your mobile; pay utility bills; top-up your DTH account; shop for any goods or services; buy travel related serices such as - rail / air / bus / movie tickets.... and even handle banking transactions… all from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Using ezyone is very easy. To activate SMS services you will send an SMS to to register and then you are ready to use the services of ezyone; For GPRS all you have to do is download the application to your mobile phone, register for a customer account, update your bank and/or credit and debit card details and start making payments with merchants that accept ezyone.

The ezyone payment platform and all the transactions through this service follow the guidelines laid down by PCI-DSS in terms of security. This means the highest possible level of encryption of your personal and bank details as well as of all transactions carried out through the application. The transactions are protected by two factor authentication through MPIN and TPIN. The customer need to enter the MPIN to login and TPIN for authorizing any transaction. The MPIN and TPIN are stored at the server side to prevent misuse of customer data in an event of mobile device theft/loss.

New services, service providers and merchant outlets are being added to the MoneyOnMobile network on a daily basis. At the moment though, you can use the following services with ease:

Recharge your mobile phone

Top up your DTH account

Purchase rail / bus / air / movie tickets

Buy goods and services at partner establishments and outlets

Pay utility bills including electricity / gas / telephone

Recharge the data cards

Pay your bills for the data cards

Domestic Money Transfer


E-puja anytime, anywhere


subhojit’s focus for the last 10 years has been on identifying growth opportunities in new markets, devising winning strategies and implementing them from the ground level up. Extensively involved across diverse business sectors,Subhojit has formidable experience in the Value Added Services business in the Telecom sector, which makes him a key driver in the mobile payments vertical.

Mr. Subhojit Sadhukhan Managing Director

J.Sadhukhan, Director

S.Sadhukhan CEO

Senior Developer