Shirley is trying to keep his weight down.

Why do women want to sleep in a man's embrace?

This happened to me about a year ago.

I didn't even see it.

Louiqa told me that he won't come to school tomorrow.

It seems like summer is finally here.


Death never surprises a wiseman: he is always ready to go.

It is necessary for you to see a doctor at once.

I guess I'm not all that busy.

Can you predict the future?

My mother's bad mood is transient.

We are facing a violent crisis.

I meant to ask you about it.

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Del was sitting in the front of the bus.

Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.

What strikes me here is people's friendliness.

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Wait until I finish eating.

Rayan was in the center of the room.

Is that what Sho suggested you should do?

We were so close.

John has been painting the door.

Shutoku started to unload the sacks from the truck.

I've been trying to find them.

I forgot myself.

Nathaniel slept soundly.

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I should've kept that secret.

I won't tell anybody what you just told me.

Only then did I see the danger we were in.

You should understand, this is serious.

I want to take the test now.


You took your sweet time.

Do you want to give it a go?

Do what you think is best.

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I must warn her.

Rand invited Bill to his home.

This is bulky, so I'll send it by home delivery.

The wind has died down.

I think that Japanese students are very good at gathering knowledge.

I'm so fat.

Roberta needs a driver's license.


I'm getting curious.

Cris told us he wasn't allowed to help.

Vilhelm is very gregarious while Sonny is quite antisocial.


She prefers staying home to going out.

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Monica doesn't study a lot.

They say they cannot compete with low-priced foreign products.

My students are always studying.

You don't need to tell Ima how to do it. He already knows.

If you wish.

Darci is completely nuts.

She deserves to be jailed.

Lisa just got back from Australia.

He said that he takes a walk in the park every morning.

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You're the real racist.


Give a hug to your parents before you get far away from your hometown.

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The only sound to be heard was the ticking of the clock.


Don't tell me you're quitting.

I hate violence.

The word "impossible" isn't in the French language.

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I suddenly became dizzy.


Maths was Sandip's weakest subject at school, but this didn't stop him getting a job as a financial adviser.

The lawyer was expecting him.

We should place much value on the environment.

Best to let him rest.

The teacher warned us that the test would be difficult.

I wasn't allowed to see her.

Old said that he wanted to go with us.

Give me that knife.

What did I write in the introduction?

I saw her for a moment, but then lost sight of her in the crowd.

The door of the meeting room is open.

I told Deborah.

I'm a poor carpenter.

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Tell her to be careful.

I didn't know she was that old.

She spoke loud and clear.

I don't need favors.

He is still young.


She resembles her sister in character.


You had better leave it unsaid.

Mr. Jordan is the chairman.

Nicolas told me I didn't have to talk to you.

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Do you approve or disapprove of my project?

If you just put a little bit of cumin on the kebab, it'll be really delicious.

Am I safe now?

Sandip is going to sing us something.

I hear he has been ill since last month.

What did you give me?

Seenu is not a real person.


Could I get your autograph?


Van takes yoga very seriously.

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I set one free.


There were 3 in the bed!

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The neighbors are noisy.

Honestly, I don't believe it's a matter of plagiarism.

My house stands by a tall tree.

Neither is beautiful.

She measured the length of the room.

Antonella isn't studying French now.

Don't be embarrassed, Spike.

Mother gets up earlier than anybody else in my family.

Religion is too important a matter to its devotees to be a subject of ridicule. If they indulge in absurdities, they are to be pitied rather than ridiculed.


Now you know it wasn't my fault.


Thuan is deeply in love with his wife.

You are afraid that Latinate languages exude sexuality, to which you are not accustomed.

Everyone's laughing.


Tell me more about your trip.

I want to have a girl and I will name her Yagmur.

We cannot avoid cutting down our living expenses.


I'm really happy to be here.

Cleopatra was Julius Caesar's lover and they had a child called Caesarion, or "little Caesar".

Give him everything we've got.

Let me get you a tissue.

The media are not reporting these stories.

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She orgasmed repeatedly.

Pedro looked at the horse.

On this tree, there is an apple on every branch.

Give Emet and the others a call.

We are learning Spanish.


I can get you out of here.

My shift's almost over.

I want to minimize the chances of another accident.

Alberto isn't babbling, is he?

He didn't so much as greet us whenever he met us.


Money can't buy life.

Your jacket and tie don't go together.

I was having a bad day.

He is playing over there.

How would you know that, Sundar?

He didn't say in which year he was born.

Fred wrote Hwa's name as the cheque payee.


How does Facebook make money?


Can you climb up that tree?


He did his homework.

Xiaoming has really poor self-control.

Wash the shirt in soapy water and the stains will come out.

The pool is full of clean water.

We're just good friends.

It was cold yesterday.

Are you able to read the book attentively?

How will we pay our debts?

Now I'm scared.


It's hard for my father to give up drinking.

I never could get that straight.

I can't blame her.

Can you move it?

I ate as little as possible.

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We're available.

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Her skin burns easily.

Something strange caught my eye.

Our train arrived on time.

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I didn't think you were still alive.

She goes to aerobics once a week.

We are better off than we used to be.

You're a very good teacher.

He gave her a kiss on the hand.

I don't want Sundaresan to know how much money I make.

What can I say, I'm irresistible.

I sometimes meet Ariel at the club.

Leonard hates Halloween.

Frances's mood changes markedly from day to day.

Pedro has come a long way.