To point out the flaws of others while forgetting one's own is ignorance itself.

Novorolsky closed the venetian blinds.

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She came even though the weather was bad.


She didn't try to hide the truth.

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He opened his eyes and looked at me.


Let him bark like a dog.

Our departure tomorrow is contingent on fair weather.

Kenn left Mariou behind.

Dory gets up at six.

"Be quiet," he whispered.

I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon.

I hear his business is on the verge of ruin.


I love this time of year.


The earth is a tomb.

The girl talking with Jim is Glen.

I think Marshall probably knows about it already.


Let's make it three o'clock.

Ping asked Case where she was from.

Did you ever show Peter that letter?


I thought we agreed to consult each other before we made any major decisions.

The dog will bite whoever's last.

He is much better at sports than me, to say the least.

I allowed her to go to the party.

I wonder if they'll let us go home early today.


I got an A on my essay.

Can't you work things out through dialog?

Thank you in advance.

That hotel serves good plain food.

It's a tremendous deal.

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I'll never forget visiting Paris last summer.


Hiroyuki doesn't have any enemies I can't think of.

In 1983 Chandra was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the physical processes involved in the structure and evolution of stars.

I bark like a dog.

Lorraine doesn't have the courage to ask Randell to lend him her video camera.

The bird flew up into the blue sky.

Don't forget to clean behind the refrigerator.

You say the bridge is safe; I will take care all the same.


This plant is critically endangered.

All her motions were graceful.

I've been studying English for three hours.

She is a gifted artist.

Both houses of Congress approved Jefferson's proposal.

Her biggest interest is strength training.

I want every day to be as good as this one.

I can't risk it.

How many cows are there on this farm?


Nobody said anything.

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Shannon accidentally put Radek's mobile phone through the wash.

The Middle East is still considered a powder keg.

They were buying time.

There's a tolerance for different accents.

They say the landlord used to be well off.

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You taught me that.


I rarely get visitors.

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We make the total about $50.


This dish is delicious.

Why aren't you helping him?

Kurt doesn't live far from here.


Peter is a good boy.

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I think Sylvan is still alive.

Mr Colcott came to like Japanese food.

I'll deal with them myself.

She's only in it for the money.

Luis is a medical intern.


I don't like thick soup.

"That's the one problem," he said angrily.

Hunter accused the employee of stealing.


What does it mean to have an educated mind in the 21st century?

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That text is open-minded.

Kazuhiro must have a lot of money.

Urs is honorable.


I would tend to agree with that.

My paternal grandmother enjoys tea ceremonies.

She told me briefly what happened.

I can't leave you behind!

You should be on your guard when doing business with strangers.


I can't imagine ever getting a divorce.


Have you ever met her?

You shouldn't have to do that again.

What did Matti think you should wear?

The snow is falling fast.

Why are people so careless?


We couldn't agree on anything.

Henry isn't very funny.

It all depends on whether they will support us.

Who disagreed?

She is used to staying up late.

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I know the photographer who took this picture.


Graduating from university without studying is a victory, isn't it.

They are not married.

Shankar said he can handle it.

Bruno got lost on his way to Srinivas's house.

Maybe Blair can do it.

The race was fixed.

The spell was broken and the pig turned into a man.

What's all the fuss about?

Everyone likes them.

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You will need a key.


Jesus told us to turn the other cheek, love our enemies, and pray for them.

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She left her son a lot of money.

This is not something I am proud of.

Let's take a trip to Australia.

Would you like to go mountain climbing with us?

It's going to explode.

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Her occupation is teaching.


The dispute was finally settled.

What's the reason?

My name is Wang.


I'll always carry you in my heart.

Don't tell me anything you don't want Mat to know.

It's not hard to see what the results of this rise will be.

Hunting game is forbidden in these tranquil woods.

What's the secret?

I'm sorry to call you this late at night, but I really needed someone to talk to.

I'm not sure this is a very good idea.


I don't understand what you are saying.

Can I braid your hair?

It's good that you are coming.

Why don't you adopt this sentence?

We think of the plan as of value.

The escaped prisoners are considered armed and dangerous.

Leonard likes the exercise.


We fight all the time.

How many pills do you have left?

Would you like to come in?


I tried to persuade Sam to give up his plan, only to fail.

It's a very chaotic situation.

I've got other commitments.

The government refuses to bow to public pressure.

If she was displeased, she never showed it.

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How long is an episode of 60 minutes?

I just saved your cat from drowning.

I saw Horst being interviewed on TV.

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Is Jwahar available?


This doesn't change anything.

I'm sorry for being late.

She went to college to learn English.

Please come at 2:30.

Manavendra is too drunk to be of much help.

She's not old enough to get a driver's license.

I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear that.

I was watching a documentary.

What do you know about this?

The nurse is not here.

Terrace farming is widely practiced in the mountainous regions of China.

It is a matter of principle with him to answer your questions honestly.

Dan believed in Linda's innocence.

Luckily nobody got wet.

Sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese sport.

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We had met four years ago.

Give it everything you've got.

I'll have you home in time for dinner.

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Chaucer and Boccaccio are two writers.

Why aren't you going after her?

The bear left no stone unturned in his search for fat bugs under the rocks.

The engine will stop when you push the button.

I wish my grandmother had seen it.