Listing of Development Pages.

• Main Page with Navigation

This page contains the header, navigation, and pages dependent on the navigation framework
- Cards
- Table
- Safety Score

• Behavior Frequency

Behavior Frequency stand alone page

• Behavior Score Tiles

Behavior Score Dashboard Tile

• Coaching

Coaching stand alone page

(225) 289-2731

Coaching Read Only page

• Collision Tiles

Collision Dashboard Tiles

• Dashboard View

Dashboard Simulation with various tiles

• Driver Profile

Driver Profile interactive page

• Driver Score

Driver Safety Score interactive page

• Driver Score Tiles

Driver Score Dashboard Tile (SM View & Coach View)

• Good Driving Tiles

Good Driving Dashboard Tile

• Program Indicator Tiles

Program Indicator Dashboard Tile

• Video Player

Video player and video player full screen page

• Video Preview

Video Preview stand alone page

• Nova Living Styleguide (In Progress)

Living Styleguide for Nova style referencing.

(321) 228-3735

Nova demo with clickable functionality.