I immediately lost my concentration.

Not yet.


He's one of her many lovers.

She tossed a ball to Margie.

Claude was just a lonely exchange student.

Where is English spoken?

What'll Geoff do when he gets to Boston?

I'm allergic to dust.

Alienation is a common theme of twentieth-century literature.

Does that really happen?

I was in Boston three years ago.

Bernie thought about it a moment.

You should show yourself to the doctor.

Real tried, but failed.

It's a delicate problem.

We use public transportation.

I've become smarter.

All the most deadly poisons were in her laboratory.

Einkorn wheat was one of the earliest forms of wheat to be cultivated.


It'll be a busy day.

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I'm not here to arrest you.

I was out late last night.

Please lend me your knife.

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Only by prohibiting nuclear weapons altogether can we stop the arms race.

I'm waiting for something to happen.

I'd like for you to help me.


You can't keep Benson locked in his room.

He is, so to speak, the Japanese Edison.

Anthony knows what the situation is.


How do you think that Britons should vote in the upcoming referendum? What do you think the results will be like?

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I need something else.

Why did you leave your job?

I want to be poor in order to not be unhappy.


Fifty persons can be accommodated for tea.

The villagers serve their own needs by taking turns driving the bus.

He answered incorrectly.

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Going back to South Africa had stirred up some painful memories for him.

Kate talked over the picture with Brian.

Don't call Ginny now.

I brought these reports for you to examine.

Why would you ever want to work on Wall Street?

The color will not go off.

She turned away from me to hide a tear that had begun to fall down her cheek.

I don't think it's Nguyen.

May that be a lesson to you!

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It made me feel better.


Soohong has been suffering from a headache all day.

The baby was sleeping soundly in his mother's arms.

Do you have any questions about what needs to be done?

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Darrell could feel the sun on his face.

He was allegedly seduced by her into giving the key to the vault.

I can't come today or tomorrow either.


Kanthan is not quite as tall as Kristi.

Nobody visits her.

Can I keep one of your pictures?


That concern has been eliminated.


These are my contact details.

Cut the power off.

Our team is five points ahead.

He demanded that I should pay the money at once.

You promised you wouldn't tell.


What do you think of her poem?

Be sure and remember to write a letter.

I wish I had more.

I know every word on this page.

I think we'd better stay inside.

He looked at the cows in the fields.

I've never been more certain of anything in my life.

I got stuck in heavy traffic on the expressway.

What's her boyfriend's name?


I bet all the boys want your phone number.

Her wealth finally allured him into matrimony.

We have to convince Tanya to stay here.

The cat curled up on the soft rabbit fur.

The long rain makes me sick.


This does not look like studying.

Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made from plums.

The budget was narrowly approved by Congress.

I'm an engineer.

I was introduced to everyone else at dinner.


I respect my teacher very much.

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I'll be returning to Boston sometime next month.

This chair needs a few more touches of paint.

Loukas can play tennis better than Matt.

What do you think I should give Julianto for his birthday?

He found Charlie.

You have to be quick.

I'll do whatever I can.

I'll talk to her.

We can't open this yet.

That's not normal.

It is heartbreaking for our family to accept the likelihood of spending a third Christmas without Pieter.

I considered his originality of great importance.

It's not polite to stare.


Jack's adventures are more amazing than those of the hero in many thrillers.

Don't worry. I'll protect you.

Frances has apparently tried to commit suicide.

Peter certainly doesn't seem to mind helping Hunter.

Please put your shirt on.

The couple was quarrelling and Chris knocked Beth down.

I'm Rafik's girlfriend.

Was I really that happy?

One has to do one's best in everything.


There was another guy with him.

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This is our only chance.

I wonder what could have made him change his mind.

It's dangerous to clean the windows of an apartment building.


Samuel certainly makes juggling look easy.

We all change.

The Japanese economy was in an unprecedented boom at that time.

I'm going to head back to the office.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Daniel has never hit me before.

Actually, the problem isn't new.

Crimes sometimes result from ignorance of the law.

Eva needed Drew.

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The history of the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Jews was not always a happy or an easy one. Too often it was written in tears.

Francis, is this yours?

Seymour asked me if I was all right.

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Julie thinks that she will not be able to pay off all of her debts.

We'll take care of this ourselves.

I'm a preschool teacher.

Maybe it would be better to call her "Doctor."

We will study the underlying molecular occurrences of fertilization.

I've done nothing wrong.

It was the first time I walked along the Mogami River.

She missed the train.

You promised you'd be there.

It needs to be perfectly symmetrical.

What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Please wait ten seconds.

Why is swimming not allowed in this river?

Have you ever driven with a standard shift transmission?

Indeed she is not beautiful, but she is good-natured.

Sign this.

The lass is at the window, because the sun is very hot today.

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Christina isn't going to prison.

Excuse me?

He can ski just as well as his brother.

You need to leave immediately.

Slartibartfast is very competent.

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I can't just give you this.

The day is short and there's a lot of work.

I've never seen them so busy.

Would you like to see Emma?

Dan waited in the emergency room hallway to hear the status of Linda's condition.

Neil Armstrong is one of only 12 people that have walked on the Moon's surface.

A river runs down through the valley.

His conduct was nothing short of madness.

Kristian built a ship inside a bottle.

I'm afraid of spiders.

I think you have too many pairs of shoes.

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I am convinced of her innocence.


My father doesn't drink hard liquor.

I think that it was probably Friday of last week.

Casper gave me enough soap to last a lifetime.


If it weren't for modern medicine, I'd be dead right now.

I used to work in an electronics store.

Thanks, Bert. I'll take it from there.

I have a bath every other day.

You need to get her a job.

Don't pull it. Push it open.

Lenny is in Australia right now.

I want to be paid in cash.

I'm paying for everything.

What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?

Two of the soldiers were killed and the rest were captured.

We probably should've applied for a visa much earlier.

They intended to drill for oil.