What kind of beer do you like to drink?


She is my muse.

The pin pierced his finger and it began to bleed.

I know what my weaknesses are.

I think you shouldn't have done that.

You said it was urgent.

Jerrie wouldn't leave without your permission.

Let's get back to the ship.

We need to talk.

Did Barton send you here to tell me that?

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She advised him to go on a strict diet.

I tell him that every day.

Don looks uncertain.

This is the funniest thing ever!

I think Annie's anger is just a defense mechanism; I wouldn't take it personally if I were you.

It was a wonderful evening.

I hate to interrupt you, but I need to say something.

Gregge didn't really want to go out with Joel.

We have time, there's no rush.

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Pierette is very afraid of dogs.


Skateboarding is a lot of fun.

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Hang on everybody.

I cannot hang a picture in my office. It's forbidden.

This holiday isn't much fun - we might as well head back home.

Did the meeting go well?

I'd really like a chance to talk to Moran.

So how did Marsha take it?

Debi turned over.

I'll not forget that.

I don't want charity.

Everywhere in town it's getting dark.

My brother is stupid.

I immediately stopped laughing.

We've come for them.

She was racked with pain.

Their job is to paint cars.


Tim has arthritis.

There are sixty seconds in a minute.

Rising costs are fueling anxieties among consumers.

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I've lost hope.

Do you know how to cook a crab?

You should wash your face.

I think Damon is unpleasant.

The many ruined houses arranged like an old wasp's nest made me think that there had to have been a spring or a well at some point.

They listened to the President making a speech over the radio.

"It's Dima!" Dima exclaimed. "Is your caller ID not working or something?"

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My name is not "you"; it's Ricardo.


He suddenly became very happy.

I'd like to get out of here.

We were surprised when we saw him in the office this morning.


You have stopped smoking.

I don't own a horse.

Please tell me what you saw then.

He did not expect to live so long.

Spike bought Cris a small gift.

I appreciate your taking the time to see me.

Sjouke never even said goodbye.

I love you, Mama.

What do you plan to do after you retire?

Do you have any idea when Uri plans to be here?

There's no need to rush things.

He had too much control over my life.

Gregge was scary.

I'm proud to think that I have never yet been late to school.

Gypsy warned you.

Spass put his seatbelt back on.

There are lots of things in that shop, for example, games, toys, and flowers.

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Giles has work to do.

Hui is doing very well at school.

I don't want Piet anywhere near his classmates right now.

Will she ever forgive me?

He's got a rap sheet as long as my arm.

Can you recommend me a good book?

Cristopher handed Claudia a book.

Wow, you look really beautiful.

That's fun.

It won't happen again.

This is such a dumb idea.

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I hope I didn't wake you up.

What is Jerrie eating?

It's not a pretty picture.

This brush is made from camel hair.

Daniel is diligent in his work.

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She will be the first Japanese woman astronaut.

The tunnel was closed to traffic.

Hal's gone.

Sandra was asleep half the time.

Why is that so funny?

A novel idea occurred to me.

If you'd kiss me, I'd be happy.

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You have to go there, even if you don't want to.

Jesse would be impressed.

Are they really serious?

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Petr is a gentleman.

I was feeling very sorry for myself.

The soup is simmering on the stove and the bread is cooking in the oven.

My brother is consumed with ambition.

I heartily agree.

We sat face to face with executives.

We have to look into the disappearance of the doctor.

This is the project I will be working on.

We've never been to that place.


Allen caught me off guard.

Everything comes to those who wait.

Is it accessible?

She reluctantly went by herself.

Danny didn't have lunch.


It's unlikely that I'll have time to finish this project before next week.

Having finished the work, he went home.

She is coy with everyone.

He tried to speak French to us.

Do you still talk to them?

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I can't believe she did this to me.

Give me a minute.

I assume you know how to fix the problem.

What Donald says is too deep for me.

Kristin made a joke about it.


My life was never the same after that.

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Sometimes guys can be really stupid.

This is the craziest thing I've ever heard.

If you have a chance, please check your mailbox.

He is curious about everything.

You can't enter that bookstore with your shirt off.

Harvey noticed that that man talking to Jared had a finger missing.

Steve told me I should get myself a girlfriend.


We must help him immediately.

Who is Sofia anyway?

Vic didn't show up at the party.

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Say no to drugs.

He was contemporary with Shakespeare.

Cristina didn't want to go to the circus with Brendan.

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She's my stepmother.

This is not a rock. It's a mineral.

May I be excused from Chinese?

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That's happened to me before.

It doesn't surprise me.

She has no less than ten children.

We appreciate your assistance.

I thought that he had already finished the work.

The previous government had bequeathed a legacy of problems.

Mark your maximum efforts.

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The bowl was perfectly round.


May I visit your home one of these days?

How much will you get?

Leila finally got around to going to the dentist.


In the end we decided to ask our teacher for advice.

The TV is off but it is still warm.

My neighbor is a penny-pinching old miser who won't even give you the time of day.

It wasn't long.

How should I answer if she inquires after you?


The teacher wore a harsh expression on his face.

My book is on your desk.

We've got to help him.

Ann is inexperienced and makes extreme statements, but he's not ideological.

Steen and Glenn want to know more about John.

Margot is a better person than I'll ever be.

Srivatsan took heart and, sure enough, on New Year's Eve he was able to hobble along to a party.

Shut your eyes.

I'm going to stay.


Vishal appears unhurt.

Have you spoken about the incident with Janet?

The building's structure is compromised.

I didn't see any tigers.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

It was not a complete victory.

We ignored them.


It may possibly be fine tomorrow.


I live pretty close to her.