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I'll never talk during class again.

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Suddenly, things were very quiet.

Guido put on a pair of surgical gloves.

Wes should be in Boston by now.

He had to answer for the consequences of the project.

Jem's girlfriend saw him with another girl.

Are you looking for work?

Everybody's home.

She made him a cake for his party.

This money is mine.

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I'm assuming it was just a coincidence.


Would you authorize me to record this conversation?

Young people tend to think so.

Valerie is probably over thirty.

Would you like to eat something?

Your impetuous remarks about us seem to have rung down the curtain on our good relationship.


Do you want me to throw that away?

I'm coming with him.

Varda doesn't want me to stay.


"You look very tired." "No, mom, I'm fine."

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

I'm sure Lyndon won't be willing to pay that much.

Glynn has been lying to us.

Conscience is sorrow. Intelligence is deception. Only on the outskirts of life. Can one plant a little illusion.

I'll have to work hard.

Don't force the child to eat.


It is said that he studied law when he was young.

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He was painfully skinny.


I want to get there early so we can get good seats.


Gary claimed he saw a UFO.

What're you going to do during your summer vacation?

It's almost finished.

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Is this a bad time to chat?

I think men can live on the moon.

The example doesn't fall into any type stated above.

Did you kiss Max goodbye?

Hugh reminds me of someone.

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He does not paint the walls but wallpapers them.

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Now we have to create one in two weeks.

I'm worried about what'll happen if Hui wins.

Vladislav bought a very expensive camera.


You let Pamela down.


You are supposed to come at 7 o'clock.

I am an American citizen.

Clark began to pull on his jeans.

Yeah. I think so, too.

It's not there.

I assumed Sergio was working with you guys.

Despite his young age, he did a very good job.

I'd like to visit London.

You'll be staying with Clayton and me.

Jun was complaining.

What time is dinner?

We walked around the pond.

Children don't grow up speaking pidgin languages; they turn them into real languages: creoles.

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I want all the information about the situation you can gather.

Suck my dick!

We did our job.

He stuck his knife into the tree.

The exosphere is the outermost layer of our atmosphere.

Let's give Matthew a lift.

We had to walk home in the rain.

How was it?

I was definitely surprised.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

The painting looks great, but you hung it a little crooked.

She has a screw loose.

Turkeer stared out at the sea.

They really are wise.

That's where I met Sonja.


I have a friend who's a doctor.

Noriko really is a nice person, isn't she?

We've got to find a new babysitter.

We need some now.

Where are you from, Karen?

What's taking her so long? She's been in there forever.

The sun glared down on us.

This place is too noisy for me.

The only thing that matters is that you are alive.


Michel teaches yoga.

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What can they do to us?

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When does it finish?

Please don't stand.

I stopped by your place the other day.

Every time I go there, I meet her.

The mayor will compromise to a certain extent.


I want you to stay away from Knut.

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Do you think that those superheroes are endowed with talents we don't possess?

Do you really care why I quit smoking?

Alberto's baby was three weeks premature.

Christofer's appetite was good.

Kie never got off on older men until she met him.

Men sometimes perceive expressing emotions as a sign of weakness.

I sneaked up behind her.


Can I lick your toes?

I wouldn't take a glass of water in the desert from you.

Hey look, it's Triantaphyllos.

Kirk put a cap on his head.

I don't know where to wait for her.

Women feel that men are often very complicated.

At the same time, he began to run.

Give your whole attention to what you are doing.

Stop bugging me, I'm going to do it!

I always do it.

From the Moon, knowledge.

Construction is already underway.

Bert did that.


She has unruly hair.

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Andries, put the bowl into the microwave.

The new plan was accounted practicable.

Why don't you come over tonight?


What do you think of Edmond's new tattoo?


Did you eat something last night?

Dan repeatedly raped Linda.

Stop here.

It still happens.

Kyle has lost weight.

Eat green fruit and ten to one you will get ill.

I'll go easy on you.

Why did you walk at a late time?

The movie K-9 is showing.

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They deal in shoes and clothes at that store.

I am studying hard so that I can pass the exam.

I hardly have any money.


Some fish are able to change their gender.

I don't have much time. Would you please hurry up?

She can't afford it.

I don't have a favorite shirt.

Someone should tell him.


What sweater do you like more?


My idea is different from yours.


Not everyone hates Bill.

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I expect to take a vacation in May.

Did you have fun with him?

Feast all night and feud in the morning.

The books that I bought haven't been delivered to me yet.

Give him a second.

Have you been working there for long?

Can I touch your boobs?

I washed myself and felt much better.

She lives in the back of beyond.

Take this medicine and you'll feel better soon.

Not a few foreigners like Japanese food.

He said he did not do it.

We've heard those promises before.


Tragedy fell over the town.


Could you teach me Macedonian?


Edith had a knife in his hands.

There's no need for you to stay here any longer.

Ofer told me some things he probably shouldn't have.

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You are completely wrong.

You don't mean that, do you?

Could you help me when I move?

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I presented him with a gold watch.

This refrigerator has an integrated ice and water dispenser.

I thought of making myself a beautiful wooden marionette.

Don't stop on my account.

You're mad at Kevyn, aren't you?

They gave different explanations for the accident.

He was out of breath. He had been running.


Hey, I need to talk to you.